Hey everybody!

So I have this MAJOR case of Writer's block, and I am totally OUT of Ideas for ANY of my fics.

SOooo...The search for Plot Bunnies begins! Got any ideas you wanna see turned into fics, but just can't write them yourself? Got any ideas for anything you want to see as fics? Either PM me your Bunny or push that little button down there. Contrary to popular belief; it actually DOES do something! And every single bunny WILL be turned into a fic or my name isn't Wickedly Hope Pancake!

What you should include when sending me your bunny:

*Name of your bunny & brief description

*your story idea or half-written fic

*Your name (so that when I publish the fic I can give credit where credit is due)

*category that your bunny would fall into (ex: parody, romance, humor,)

*MUST be Wicked-based. (if it didn't have to be, I would have published it somewhere else.)

So...this fic will be officially turned into the first ever Wicked Plot Bunny Adoption Center!

So start sending those bunnies!

Oh, and if you see a bunny here that you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to write about, PM me and I'll put you in charge of writing it! :D

Thanks a million guys!

- Wickedly Hope Pancake :)