This was the time of the white walkers, the era of the long night, the eternal winter. The age of the Seven Kingdoms had come and gone. Humans were the minority and yet they had not gone without a fight.

But on this night, at the highest point of the world,atop the great Wall itself in the far north. Stood two figures. Perhaps the last hope, a daring reckless hope.

"If we start from scratch, then according to the old crone this place will be erased". the young woman said,in the heavily blowing snow her long red hair stood out.

The man next to her said nothing ,but kept his face turned to stare in the distance, at the southern lands still covered in the thick eternal snow.

"Everything will be different, we will take the place of our younger selves.". the woman continued before turning to glance up at her longtime companion of so many years. "Sandor,you've been with me since the start and I cannot ask this of you-"

But he interrupted her with grunt before pulling her close and safe in his arms.

" Little bird..lets go".

They stared at each other, took a deep breath and then.
Together they jumped off the Wall.

There was a flash of jumbled colors, a harsh painful feeling
The timeline was being destroyed as they returned to the past.

Years earlier...

The arrival of King Robert Baratheon to Winterfell was a large affair as the horses came into the courtyard, and the Stark family that was lined up to greet them

Eddard Stark had just finished his laugh with the King.

"Aghh" Sansa Stark the eldest Stark daughter let out a wail of pain ,and sunk to the ground as the family reacted in distress around her.

Then came a loud clatter as The Hound ,Joffreys sworn shield fell off his horse and also began to scream in pain. There was a great flash of light that obscured each of them and then.

First to stand amid loud gasps of shock was Sansa, and where before there was a little girl now there was an older women whose red hair had grown all the way to the waist,her outfit was heavy furs. The most shocking was a scar that went from left to right of her face crossing over her nose.
The second to stand was The Hound and instead of his amor he to was dressed in the heavy furs. He to was older and had a few grey hairs now.


Ok this is it, I have no idea what to post next I just liked the idea of sansa and sandor time traveling from the end of the world due to white walkers. this is open for anyone to take and try their hand at