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The Princess and the Dragon Slayer

Chapter 2

I was now in one of the rooms in Lucy's gigantic house. I have to say it looked like a castle. Right now, one of Lucy's friend was doing up my injury. She had it washed, followed by applying some cream before wrapping it in a proper bandage. She let go of my ankle once done.

"Thank you." I said as I put my foot back on the ground. She stood up and bowed down to me?

"Anything for hime." Hime? Hime means princess right? Lucy said she will get one of her friends to fix me up so but this purple hair lady in front of me was calling her a princess. Don't tell me she is the princess of this kingdom? If she is, I got to go.

I stood up and turned around to walk towards the door. Before I could open it, somebody on the other side opened it and the person clashed against my chest. It was Lucy. She entered the room while she was talking to someone down the hallway, causing her not to look in front of where she was walking.

I had to grab her shoulders this time. Didn't want her to be falling down another time right?

"Oh Natsu." She hard heartedly laughed. "Sorry, I didn't see where I was going."

"It's alright. Thanks for fixing me up. I'm leaving now." I dropped my hands to my side.

"So soon?! And I just got my chefs to cook for us some hefty dinner." She crossed her arms. "I bet you're hungry even." She looked at me with a raised eyebrow now.

"No I'm fine-" My stomach just had to growl. Lucy slapped her hand on my shoulder as she laughed.

"Yeah right… Come on, I'll lead you to the dining area." She went behind my back to push me out from the room. "Anyway thanks Virgo! Come over when you're done alright?"

"Yes hime." I looked over my shoulders and saw she was bowing down to Lucy. So she is the princess?! That means these are her helpers and not friends right?

We were now sitting at her huge ass dining table. She sat beside me as she grabbed some food and placed on my plate.

"Hime, please let me do it." Virgo was it the purple hair lady, came beside Lucy with a hand on her chest.

"Nah, it's alright Virgo, tell Loki they all to come eat with us as well. Anyway didn't I tell you to stop calling me hime?!"

"Sorry hime but I'm just used to it." Lucy just shrugged it off as Virgo walked off. I guess she was going to call Loki they all?

"Sorry Natsu if you got a bit uncomfortable there. Please ignore Virgo, she's too polite and respectful."

Is this the best time to ask her who she really is? "Nah, it is alright. By the way, thanks." Why didn't I bring the question up?

"It's fine Natsu, please dig in! We have too much food for the number of people who lived here anyways."

We started to dig in when more people came walking in. There was a guy whose hair was orange, he was standing in front of the whole group where Virgo was standing on his right and another lady with pink hair was standing on his left. Behind them, there was a tall lady with fine blue hair, holding onto a dude with red and white hair? I presume they were a couple judging by how clinging she was with him. Lastly, there were two people who stand out from the rest of the group was the goat like face man and another man wearing a horse costume. Seriously?

Lucy looked up from her plate and waved. "Hey guys! Come on! Let's eat together." The group cheered as they reached the table. Lucy stood up. "Oh yeah by the way, this man here is Natsu." She said as she used her thumb to point at me sideways.

Everyone said hello or hey there towards me and I replied back by giving a wave and smile. Okay they were awfully nice; I thought people living in the kingdom were usually strict and fierce. Maybe Lucy is not a princess after all.

Two more people came out. Okay so the goat and horse man were not the only weird ones. Now a cow and a dude with pincer like hair approached the table as well. They had aprons and chef hats on. I believe they were the cook to our delicious meal.

"Come on Taurus and Cancer. Please take off your hats and aprons as well. Join us. You were the wonderful chefs to our food. You have the right to enjoy it." Lucy said with a smile plastered on her face. Okay I was right, so they were the chefs of this household.

Everyone took their seat and started to dig in.

"Lucy nice body! So what do you think of our food?" The cow guy had his hands clasped together in front of him as he shifted in his seat and if I was not wrong, I saw hearts popping out of his eyes.

"Taurus!" I saw Lucy was blushing. She quickly calm herself and pouted to her side as she plopped her left elbow on the table so that she could rest her face on her knuckles."Anyways, the food is good." I swear she looked cute when she did that.

"Milady, how was everything today?" The orange hair dude was speaking now.

"It was bad." Lucy now looked towards the orange hair guy who was sitting directly opposite of her. "I didn't even manage to write one page before it started pouring!"

"You can continue to write in your room later my dear." He was giving her a cheeky smile. I didn't like the way he was looking at her. Was he one of her helpers too?

"There's no inspiration in there Loki!" Lucy replied back. Okay so this is Loki. Didn't she mention his name just now when he asked Virgo to call them in for dinner? He couldn't be her partner or some sort…right?

"Tsk. No inspiration? Then what do you got yourself beside you now? Did you like finally get yourself a boyfriend?" Okay, the blue hair lady helped me cleared my doubts. She was using a spoon to point at me as she talked to Lucy.

"No Aquarius. I found him in the forest. He got lost and injured. I just couldn't leave him there right?"

The blue lady or do I mean Aquarius, is what Lucy called her tsked at her. Does she have a problem with Lucy?

Conversations were going around the table and I just loved hearing Lucy talked to her helpers. The way she talked to them was more like they were her friends than her helpers.

"So Natsu was it?" Okay I was brought into the conversation now. I turned to the person who called for me and it was the goat like person.

"What were you doing in the forest?"

"Erm sorry, you are?" I had to know who he was before I answered anything that comes out from a stranger right?

"Sorry for my rudeness. The name is Capricorn. I am Lucy's bodyguard." Lucy interrupted in.

"I don't need protecting…" Lucy sang the sentence out instead of saying it out. It sounds as if she's mentioned this lot of time to him.

"But Lucy, you're the Princess-" Lucy slammed the table as she stood up facing down. Capricorn and everyone suddenly became quiet. "I do not need you, Capricorn, to remind me that so please, can we just have a normal dinner over this table with friends?" She looked up. I was shocked. I could see tears were on the verge forming as her eyes glistened.

"I'm sorry Lucy." Capricorn apologized as Lucy sat back down and grabbed a napkin. "No, please don't apologize." She wiped her eyes. "I should be the one saying sorry to you Capricorn for my sudden outburst." Silence filled the air once again before Lucy cutting it. "Sorry guys but would you please excuse me, I would like to get some fresh air." Lucy said that as she got up from the table and walked away.

The table atmosphere was different now. It was livelier when Lucy was around.

"Hime is always so nice to us but we always treat her differently."

I couldn't help but to question Virgo back. "What do you mean differently?"

This time the pink haired lady answered. "She's the princess of Fiore so we always treat her with royalty but she doesn't like that." She looked down to fidget for a while before continuing. "She always reminded us to call her Lucy instead of princess and stuff but some of us are not used to it. Maybe she just got sick and tired."

My eyes were wide open. So she IS the princess! I thought the princess will be scrawny and bitchy but she, Lucy Heartfillia was different. She didn't wear long pretty dresses. She was wearing a simple t-shirt and shorts. I'm in deep shit. This is the kingdom that wanted to get rid of all dragon slayers. I can't stay here any longer but I can't leave Lucy like that too.

I had the feeling someone was looking at me so I decided to turn and saw the orange guy, Loki was it, looking at me.

"Are you going to follow her or not?" Immediately my senses took over and I stood up.

I walked away from the table to go search for Lucy. What the hell am I doing?

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