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The Princess and the Dragon Slayer

Chapter 26

A few weeks has passed since that day. First was my battle against Mystogan which it was the day that I kind of reveal myself to the king that I was a dragon slayer and that caused me to be thrown into the cell as I await for my impending doom but that never happened thanks to the twin dragon slayers. They invaded the palace in order to teach the king a lesson about allowing dragon slayers species the freedom so parts of the castle got kind of destroyed by them. Okay fine, I was part of the destruction too but hey, you couldn't blame me since I had to in order to stop them.

So yeah, that was what happened a few weeks back and damn, that week was pretty hectic I got to admit but nevertheless, good things happened at the end. I've never seen the castle so busy before. The people who were assigned to rebuild the castle were almost done with it while the rest were preparing the wedding that's going to take place next week. To be précised, it was going to be mine and Lucy's wedding.

I was so anxious. I couldn't wait to finally be wedded to her as I haven't seen her for so long. I missed her so much. The king was a traditional man. I couldn't see Lucy at all before the wedding so the next day after the battle, the king has sent strict orders to Capricorn and Loki to watch over me while Virgo and Aries watched over Lucy. During that period, the people of the castle were getting us prepared for the wedding.

It was so tiring everyday that I don't get any chance for time to myself until today. I was being taught by each of Lucy's friends and even the king as well of what I need to pick up and learn before I officially rule this kingdom. To be honest, I almost went crazy! I had to read different types of books every day, attend different classes or not it's gown fitting for my wedding and even learning the proper etiquette of eating with several different cutleries.

I stood at the balcony of my new room as I leaned against the railing and watched the night skyline. I couldn't help but to smile to myself when I saw the fireflies gathered together. It was such a beautiful sight that I won't be sharing alone anymore after next week. How I wish there's a way I can contact Igneel to attend my wedding ceremony. I know he'll be so proud of me.

I didn't know I was in my own world until the sound of something being thrown onto my balcony caught my attention. I turned around to look behind me and saw that it was a small rock on the floor. I turned around back to the front when I heard some hissing. I looked down and I just couldn't contain the smile that was spreading across my face widely as I saw Lucy's beautiful face that I've earned for so long.

"Are you going to let me up or not?" Lucy whispered shouted at me. I looked around my room to see what will be the best item to bring her up and that is when I decided to grab my blanket to make it as a rope and threw it over my balcony. I held it tightly as I felt Lucy pulled onto the rope as she climbed up.

Once she pulled herself up onto my balcony, I dropped the blanket and immediately went to hug her. Lucy didn't waste any time to respond my hug back. Judging from that moment, it was pretty obvious that we missed each other's presence a lot. I missed her touch and smell so much. I hugged her tightly against my chest as I placed my chin above my head and enjoyed her scent.

"Okay Natsu, I can't breathe." I managed to hear Lucy's muffled voice so I pulled away from her.

"I'm so sorry Luce." I said before placing one hand over my face. "I just miss you so much that I think I could cry right now."

"I know Natsu…" Lucy pulled my hand away from my face and held onto it instead. "Because I miss you so much too that sometimes I will have a sudden outburst and just cry." Lucy chuckled before continuing. "Hell even Aries and Virgo are worried about me." Lucy paused a while this time and I could see a tint of blush were appearing on her cheeks this time. "They think I might be pregnant so this is why I came to look for you because I couldn't be…right?" Lucy dragged her last word.

I was stunned upon hearing what she just said. Was my Lucy pregnant with our child? I decided to take a sniff out of her again and that is when it struck me. No wonder she smelled a bit different just now.


"Lucy… can I ask you something? I questioned her as I looked on the ground, afraid what her answer might be. I took the silence as a yes so I proceed to ask her.

"Y-you don't want to have children is it?"

I heard Lucy gasped before I felt a punch at my shoulder and that was what caused me to look at her.

"Natsu Dragneel! How could you say that I don't want to have children?!" Lucy screamed and I immediately hushed her. I didn't want the castle to know that we were seeing each other at that moment because hell, who knows if the king might blow up and worst, cancel the wedding.

"Lucy will you keep it down?!" I whispered shouted at her.

"No Natsu I can't! Because I love you so god damn much and I can't wait to have a family with you." Lucy's voice was getting softer word by word and she started to tear up. "Don't tell me Natsu don't want to have a family with me?" Lucy immediately covered her face with both of her hands.

"Luce, did I say I didn't want to have a family with you?" I asked with a smirk on my face. With that, Lucy looked up and stopped crying.

"I was just a bit upset actually that Virgo and Aries didn't tell me their predicament because hell, they were right. Your mood swing are totally weird right now Luce."

I saw Lucy's frown turning up into a smile and that is when she jumped hugged me which I managed to catch her and not fall to the ground this time. We gave each other a long peck on the lips before separating. I couldn't help but to pick her up and swing her around, screaming we're going to have a baby causing Lucy to laugh ever so brightly.

1 week later

I was in my room as the maids were currently helping me to put on my gown for the wedding. Capricorn and Loki were my best men and I was proud they were. Those two guys had helped me so much when I first came into the castle. Okay Capricorn wasn't really helpful at first but he came around at the end.

"Alright sir, you're done." One of the maids announced and that was my queue to take a look at myself. They left my room so that I could take a time for myself before the big moment.

I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. To be honest, I was actually marveled by my own reflection. I've never pictured myself to be wearing such a glamorous outfit. Hell, I've never ever picture myself to be ruling a kingdom actually. No scratch that, I never ever picture that I could finally have a normal life, where dragon slayers were not a danger to the kingdom any more.

"Natsu?" I heard knocking on the door before Loki's muffled voice through the door.

"Come in." I replied them back and Loki came walking in looking smarter than usual in his attire today with Capricorn as well.

"Woah Natsu, never ever thought you would live to see this day huh?" Loki commented and I could see through the mirror that he took a seat on the chair that was by my bed.

"How do you feel Natsu?" Capricorn asked as he stood beside Loki.

"I feel like a king now." I answered both of them before turning around to face them. "I'm ready to go out there now and be bestowed upon." I chuckled before scratching the back of my head. "Though I hope I won't screw up anything out there."

"Oi Natsu." Loki said before standing up and placing one of his hands into his pocket. "You won't alright? You've been waiting for this day to finally take Lucy's hand didn't you? And you've practiced hard for it too. But well if you do think you will screw up, you got our backs right Capricorn?"

Capricorn smiled and nodded at me.

"You're right." I smiled back at them but this time with more confident before turning back to look at the mirror. "Let's go. Don't want my bride to be waiting for me do I?"

I exited my room with Loki and Capricorn following behind me as we walked down the hall that will lead us to the main hall where the wedding was being held at. All the royal families from the different kingdoms were going to be present for this event and I couldn't help but to feel a bit nervous as I thought about it.

We finally reached our destination and we stood behind the big doors as we waited for Sagittarius to announce for my entry. When the big doors started to open slowly, I think my heart almost stopped as I saw how grand the place was and the faces of everyone looking at my direction but I managed to calm myself by taking a long breath before walking down the aisle.

I stopped once I was in front of the king as he sat at his throne. I kneeled down on one knee with one hand placed on my other knee, remembering what I was taught with Loki and Capricorn kneeling behind me as well. Sagittarius announced and that is when the king stood up and walked down the steps with a sword in his hand. Once he stood in front of me, he positioned the tip of his sword just above my head.

"I bestowed Sir Natsu Dragneel with all the righteousness and the acceptance from this castle that he will be the next ruler for the kingdom of Magnolia. Do you" And with that, the kingdom moved his sword to my left shoulder then to my right. "take your oath that you will do your part to protect the country and its people will all due respect?"

"Yes, your majesty."

"With that, please welcome our new king." I heard clapping and I took this opportunity to look up at the king. The king handed his sword over to me whom I was taught that the sword was a symbol of this castle and with that I took it from his hand. "Please rise the new king as we will now bestowed the princess for your hand in marriage." The king announced before he went to stand at the side. I turned around to take a look at everyone who was present in the hall now before putting the sword into the side of my belt. I was shocked and surprised when I caught Igneel sitting with the audience and I couldn't be even happier as he smiled at me proudly.

Loki and Capricorn stood up and made their way to stand at my side and that is when the music started to play. The door opened and revealed my beautiful bride in her white gown. I couldn't contain my excitement and happiness as she walked down the aisle towards me. I could see Virgo and Aries were walking behind her as they held her train. When she finally stood in front of me, I could see she was giving me a sweet and nervous smile behind that veil of hers.

I didn't know when the pastor came but he started to read out phrases from the bible. I was spacing out as I stared at my wife to be in front of me. I started to remember the first moment we met to the times we started to get to know each other and to the time when I realized we both were in love with each other.

"So do you Sir Natsu Dragneel, take Princess Lucy Heartfillia to be your wife and queen?"

"Yes I do." I said as I slid the ring into her finger.

"And do you Miss Princess Lucy Heartfillia take Sir Natsu Dragneel to be your husband and king?"

"I do." And Lucy did the same for me as well.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride, sir." The pastor looked at me with a smile.

I flipped Lucy's veil over her head and held her face in my hands. I brought her face closer to mine for the kiss that will seal our marriage. I could hear cheers and clapping as we kissed in front of the whole crowd. We broke the kiss and both of us couldn't help but to smile and giggle.

I grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to the throne as I know we still have one last thing to do before we could celebrate. I stood in front of my throne whereas Lucy stood in front of hers.

"All hail to the new king and queen!"


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