Hi All! Well, here's a story I've had an idea for recently. I am proud to present to you my Marvel-ized version of last year's best superhero fighting game 'Injustice: Gods Among Us.' This is also my attempt to once again, tell a good Spider-Man story. Why? BECAUSE THE SPIDER-MAN TODAY SUCKS EGGS, AND I FREAKING HATE DAN SLOTT AND MARC WEBB! Seriously! Anybody not already brain-dead (ugh, no pun intended,) from last year's complete FAILURE of the character's fiftieth anniversary. As if the movie last year didn't suck hard enough (and the sequel is looking worst save for the only line I like about Electro killing Peter [to paraphrase the Klingon's in Star Trek; "Today is a good day to die."],) last year, Dan Slott killed Peter Parker, having Doc Ock take his body in a way that is not seen nor explained to us, and have him become the 'Superior' Spider-Man. I use quotation marks because Ock is about as Superior a Spider-Man as George Bush Jr. was a Superior President to his father. Oh, but here's the best part; I figured out what Dan Slott's method of Madness is, and you're not going to believe me when I tell you, I still don't believe it myself, but this is Slott's explanation, and I bet you your jaws are gonna hit the floor when I tell you this. You ready? All strapped in? Okay, here we go. According to Dan Slott; this whole idea of Ock taking over is Slott's big tribute to Doctor Who. Yes. You heard that. This is the reason why Peter Parker had to die in the most insulting, bull****ing, and saddest ways possible. Now, I ask Mr. Slott, with all due respect…did you start drinking paint from a cow's utters? I know it's not intentional to write this stupid, but this is the only way I can imagine you being able to be such an a**hole of a writer. SERIOUSLY! THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO THE TRUE SPIDER-MAN FANS OUT THERE READING THIS! IF YOU REALLY ARE TRUE FANS, TAKE EVERY COPY YOU OWN OF SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, PURGE THEM IN FLAMES, AND REFUSE TO BUY THESE ISSUES UNTIL DAN SLOTT BRINGS BACK PETER! What's that? He's coming back? And from the looks of it, Peter might owe Doc Ock something? Well, here's what he owes him; the chance to rip out Ock's GD heart and then show Ock how black it is before he dies. What?! It's not like Ock's doing anything differently! Seriously Slott; GIVE US BACK THE PETER PARKER PRE-OMD! NOT A PETER WHO MAKES DEALS WITH THE DEVIL, NOT A PETER THAT WORKS FOR A RIDICULOUS COMPANY WITH COMPLETELY IDIOTIC INTERNS ENOUGH TO MAKE JANE FOSTER'S PARTNERS FROM THE MARVEL FILMS LOOK SUBTLE, AND SURE AS HELL NOT A PETER WHO IS CONTROLED BY DOC OCK; PUT PETER PARKER BACK THE WAY HE WAS! Okay, so as you can tell, I'm not exactly a fan right now of the way Peter's been portrayed recently. In fact, I had the chance to see 'Spider-Man: Turn off The Dark' recently, and guess what?! IT'S A GOOD MUSICAL! Seriously, let's all forget about the technical errors that have happened. The musical takes everything that made me a fan of the character in the first place, and transitions them into the musical so well that if I didn't know any better, I was probably still living in a world where Dan Slott and Marc Webb never existed. It's very sad to think that THIS is the closest we get to an ACTUAL Spider-Man story. And don't ANY of you dare say "well Norman Osborn got screwed up!" You wanna talk screwed up, look at Goblin in TASM2 and tell me he doesn't look like the horrifying love-child of Shrek, Billy Idol, and Gollum! Besides, Norman's a businessman; a moneymaking tycoon! They're supposed to be bat**** crazy! Just look at Donald Trump or Bernie Madoff and tell me I'm wrong. Tell me those people don't do the most absolute crazy things that would give even Malcom Tucker or Doctor Cox a hard time to come up with a good insult for. So yeah, point being is that this is me using the concept of Injustice to tell a GOOD Spider-Man story that's a REAL tragedy without any crap about 'Secrets being kept' or 'Let's kill off a famous hero and swap him with a villian!' So with that said, please read and review. Of course, I own nothing. Because if I did, Spider-Man wouldn't suck nearly as hard as he did, James Cameron would be the current film series director, Brian Michael Bendis would be writing the comics, and Dan Slott and Marc Webb would be homeless and living off of rats in the sewers. This is for FAN purposes only, so please don't sue! With that said, enjoy.

"Behold! I am the Watcher! Since the dawn of your universe, I and my kind have watched you grow. I have seen your beginnings from the day your kind learned to walk, and I will see your end when your world eventually dies. I have always had a fascination for you and your world. A world which is filled with gods and demons who wage war on each other every day. But in particular, there is one whom I propose a question to. Consider the costumed hero known as Spider-Man. He is a great hero on your world, guided by a sense of responsibility to protect people and those closest to him. But this act of goodness is not always pure. In some ways, it can be corrupted. For you see, dear listener whom I speak to now from my home on the blue area on your moon, as a Watcher I have the ability to see other worlds. Other universes if you will. Ones which rotate around the world you live in and are almost exactly the same save for a difference or two. Sometimes the changes from your world can be different in the slightest sense of someone deciding to walk or take a mild jog, or very drastic in that the fate of your world's governments will go to war with each other or not. There are infinite versions of these alternate earths which are separated by only the thinnest cosmic energy to keep them separate from each other. Ah…but in one, I will show you a world in which a great tragedy will befall the hero known as Spider-Man and change his own destiny forever…"

-Uatu the Watcher, Designated Watcher of Earth Earth-199999616

New York, Earth-1999996167b…

Today should have been an ordinary day. An ordinary day was when a super villain or giant robot attacked and The Avengers or some other hero would come and save everyone. The people of New York always assumed that nothing bad would come to them as a result of a super villain attack, and that they had nothing to fear from any kind of powers.

Today was the day that everything changed.

At 6:15 PM Local Time, there was a giant flash of light that came from Queens. The area of Forest Hills had been vaporized in a nuclear explosion.

Countless millions were murdered, and the names were still coming in.

May Riley-Parker-Jameson.

J. Jonah Jameson Sr.

J. Jonah Jamerson Jr.

Eugene "Flash" Thompson

Elizabeth "Liz" Allen.

The names kept pouring in as rescue workers along with the help of The Avengers and other various super humans attempted to pull whoever was still alive out of the wreckage.

But in the gathering of all these heroes, there was still someone missing.

The Raft…

Johann Shmidt felt the red-gloved fist smash his face in as he was forced down into a chair. He smiled sinisterly. It was too late to undo what he had done. His plan had gone perfectly, and everything would almost be completed.

The figure of Steven Rogers, Captain America, leaned on the desk, looking at the Skull with a face demanding answers from him.

"THE NUKE!" Steve yelled, "Where'd you get it?!"

"Do you want one as well, Herr Captain?" The Skull asked sarcastically.

Steve was furious right now for two reasons. One was that The Red Skull had finally managed to commit genocide unlike anything the United States had seen before. But also equally upsetting was the cause of this had been at the hands of someone whom Steve had felt was almost like a second son as Bucky was to him.

"You made him murder his wife, Skull." Steve said, through grinding teeth, "You made him murder his unborn child and took his home away from him. WHY?!"

He brought his fists down on the desk hard as the Skull sighed.

"It's simple, Rogers." The Skull laughed, "I did it to prove a point."

"This has always been between you and me!" Captain America said, grabbing the Skull by his jacket, "Why'd you do it to him?!"

"I wanted to win, Captain." The Skull explained, "Every time we have crossed paths, you have always defeated me. Your spirit is too strong for me to break. But the spider…ah! Herr Parker was an easy soul to manipulate and crush his dreams. That's why I took his wife and implanted the trigger to that warhead I stole. And with the Symbiote I stole combined with actor's hallucinogenic gas, I nullified his Spider-Sense so he thought he was fighting that red alien monstrosity the whole time. And he murdered his own wife and unborn daughter. As I said, Rogers, you are too strong to break. But the Spider finally knows what true pain feels like. He knows the harsh reality of the world as you once did."

He paused to see Steve was still looking confident that Peter would recover from this.

"What do you think it will do to him, Herr Rogers?" The Skull asked, "You were made knowing the world was broken, but the Spider was optimistic. He was a naive fool who believed the world was right as long as he was in it. Now that he's murdered the people closest to him, how do you think he will react now?"

"It won't work, Skull!" Steve declared, "Peter will grieve, yes, but he won't break. He'll remain the hero that I've seen him be for a while now."

"Is that so?" The Skull asked, as he heard the sounds of guards screaming as footsteps began moving closer to the cell they were in, "Let us put that to the test, shall we?"

With that, the door flew open, and in stepped the figure of Spider-Man. Steve could see his fists were clenched tight together, and could hear the angered breaths underneath his mask.

Peter slammed the door shut behind him, and webbed it up, preventing anyone else from coming in.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM." Peter demanded, anger clear in his voice.

"I'm handling this." Steve told him.

Peter approached The Skull who leaned with one elbow on the table to hold his head up.

Peter then threw the table into the right wall, breaking it. With just as much speed, Peter took the skull by the neck and slammed him into the opposite wall.

"YOU DRUGGED ME!" Peter yelled, "MADE ME…"

He looked at the ground defeated.

"Mary Jane…" He said, sadly, "My daughter…"

This wasn't supposed to happen. It was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. He had discovered his own wife was pregnant with their daughter before she was kidnapped and experimented on by The Skull and his daughter, Sin. He found her with the help of the Avengers in a blimp, only to find Carnage was waiting for him. Desperate to defend his family, Peter tackled Carnage out of the blimp, and repeatedly beat him as they fell down to Manhattan bellow, Peter attacking Carnage with all his might to make sure he could be easily subdued.

It was only when they landed on top of the Chrystler Building that Peter realized he had been tricked.

He hadn't been fighting Carnage at all.

Instead of the villainous symbiote, it was the broken, bleeding, and dying body of Mary Jane Watson-Parker that he stood over. Then his Spider-Sense kicked in as Mary Jane and her unborn daughter died. Seconds later, Peter could see the blast that had gone off from his home in Forest Queens. His Spider-Sense had been on fire, but he didn't hear any of it. Not when he carried the dead body of his wife outside the place which had been his home for the past few years. Not when Captain Marvel attempted to comfort him. Not when he learned that The Red Skull had been taken in and was facing interrogation. Not when he took off instantly to get here despite his fellow Avenger's protests.

All he could think of was that The Skull had done this and if Peter had acted sooner, he might have had a chance to save everyone.

"First your Uncle and now your entire family." The Skull smirked, patting Peter's right shoulder, "People you love tend to die because of you, don't they?"

Peter growled as he raised a fist up to punch the Skull in his face.

"Peter don't!"

Peter punched the wall just inches away from the Skull's face as he smirked, continuing to goad the young hero.

"That's what I think is so fascinating about you, Spider-Man." The Skull laughed, "You're much more gullible than him."

He motioned to Cap as Peter threw the Skull into the opposite wall. At the speed The Spider had thrown him at, a normal person would have all the bones in their body broken, but years of prolonged experiments to keep him from aging allowed the Skull to recover albeit with some pain in his back.

"You think you can have a family." The Skull pointed out, "That locking me up in here will somehow magically reform me. And the people you love will be safe."

He pulled his chair back up and sat back down in it.

"Typical American Optimism." The Skull laughed, as Peter approached him, "Now leave me. I have planning to do to kill even more the next time I break out."

Peter had finally taken all he could from The Skull. He already killed so many of Peter's friends and Peter was not ready to let The Skull do this to him or anyone else again. There was only one way to do it and Peter didn't care about the consequences any more.

He took The Skull by the neck, ready to do what was nessecary to save millions.

"THAT'S ENOUGH." Cap declared, stepping up to stop Peter.

Peter just flung him back with the swipe of a hand as Cap hit the back wall hard.

"I know it's soon…." The Skull wheezed as Peter focused his attention back to the former Nazi, "But…do you think you'll ever love again? Perhaps….Perhaps next time you won't end up killing your next family."

Peter drew his fist back.

This was the point of no return and Peter Parker had made his decision in the name of the greater good.

Steve Rogers looked up just in time to see Peter punch the Skull in the neck. The punch, however, was so hard that upon impact, The Red Skull's head was decapitated from his body, as it rolled onto the floor, while blood began gushing from the neck.

Johann Shmidt was dead.

And worst of all, Steven Rogers, who had lived through the second World War, and fought in some of the most prominent wars in this day and age knew that this was only the beginning of another battle.


"After the death of this reality's Red Skull, Peter Parker secluded himself in his home, reflecting on his decision for two weeks. Meanwhile, this world's government decided that S.H.I.E.L.D. was no longer able to keep the peace it had worked so hard to do. It was dismantled as The President turned to Spider-Man for help, deciding that since the hero had been personally involved with the Destruction of Queens, the chance of Redemption might better himself.

Unfortunately, upon hearing of an attack by Mardipoor, Spider-Man finally left his home and against the rules of the land there, captured the President of that land, and dethroned him personally. Captain Marvel, whom had decided that this would be the time to support the man who had lost his family, helped him prepare a speech in which Peter Parker revealed his identity to the world before accepting his position as head of his own new peacekeeping organization W.E.B.S.; The Worldwide Enforcement Ballistics Super-Force. This organization began forcing various nations to never start a war again, and even recruited various Avengers such as Anthony Stark; The Iron Man, and Thor Odinson. Additionally, they gained the support of one of this world's veteran scientists, Norman Osborn. I see the troubled looks in your eyes, readers. The Norman Osborn you are familiar with is the villainous Green Goblin, who in your world murdered countless individuals including Parkers' first love Gwen Stacey, and at one point took control of your World Security. In this world, however, Osborn has not suffered from insanity as the divergence between this world and your is that Osborn's wife Emily was able to live through giving birth to their son, and thus was there to stop Norman from making his formula that granted his abilities as unstable as he did in your dimension. So instead of being a villain, Norman actually serves as W.E.B.S.'s chief funder and close friend and role model to Parker.

But there were those who knew that W.E.B.S. and its new Director were unstable, and so with the help of Nick Fury and what remained of S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America gathered an army of Avengers who did not see Parker's reign as a force for good. The Team originally consisted of Rogers, The Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones.

But then came the day when the resistance learned of Parker's latest weapon; an endurance pill that boosted the user in strength and gave them half the speed and agility of Parker's own powers. The team was split into two. Fury, and Barnes would lead a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into battle as a distraction, while Rogers, Barton, Romanov, Strange, Jones, and Cage would mount a break-in to The W.E.B.S. base and steal this endurance pill for an analysis. Unfortunately, they found that Emily and Harold Osborn were visiting, and as they were close friends to Peter as Norman was, Peter realized what was going to happen and ruthlessly murdered Fury by snapping his neck while Barnes was killed by this reality's Rick Jones with a shot from behind.

Parker returned to his organization's Helicarrier, as Barton created a wall between him, Romanov, Cage, and the remaining Secret Avengers.

Barton originally attempted to hit Peter, but the hero's senses had improved following his ruthless descent into madness, and he managed to deflect the arrow into Harold Osborn's arm by mistake.

Now out for blood, Romanov was able to toss the pill to Cage, and tossed it to Barton, who attached it to an arrow and shot it out of the Helicarrier, along with his tracer, which allowed the Secret Avengers to retrieve it.

Unfortunately, Barton, Cage, and Romanov were all killed. Cage was killed by an experimental lazer blast from an incoming Osborn, Romanov was webbed up and suffocated, and Barton himself was beaten to a bloody pulp by Peter Parker's own hands.

It was only when Emily stopped him that Spider-Man saw the handiwork that he had done.

Electing to stay behind and buy more time to stall Parker, Strange left to go back to try and calm the former hero whilst Rogers sent Jones and the remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to another of Nick Fury's secret bases while he attempted to scan and upload the pill so they would be able to manufacture more for the resistance.

When Strange spoke to Parker, he summoned the man's dead Aunt and Uncle who tried to convince him that what he did was wrong. However, all Peter Parker took away was that Steve Rogers lead them into this death because he was too stubborn to change. Despite the pleas of his adoptive parents specters, Peter refused to listen and instead went after Rogers who was already uploading the pill for analysis…"


The Helicarrier…

Steve Rogers was thankful for times like this when some technology was easy to understand. Nick Fury had shown him how to use the synthesizer before they left for this mission. It had cost the lives of Fury, Cage, Barton, Natasha…Bucky, now dead for a second time…no. Steve had to focus on the task at-hand. He had to complete the synthesizer. Strange wasn't going to be able to hold Peter for long. Peter was no longer the man that they knew him to be anymore.

Uploading the code, Steve watched at the progress bar appeared on one of the nearby monitors. Steve held his breath and prayed that this would not take too long.

Suddenly, an image appeared on the screen. It was grainy, but there was the outline of a figure on there.

"He's coming!" A voice declared.

Steve didn't recognize the voice. It sounded like someone who was in their early 30's, late 20's, and from the sound of their voice, they sounded really panicked about the situation.

Steve looked back to the loading screen. Only 6% of the upload was complete.

"I can't leave." Steve said, "It's not finished yet."

"HE'S COMING!" The voice repeated.

"No." Steve corrected as he heard a familiar 'Thwip' behind him, "He's already here."

Peter Parker, Spider-Man, looked at Rogers who still had his back turned. Peter was unaware of the screen showing the upload sign and Steve had to keep it that way so that the resistance could get the formula.

"Can I help you?" Steve asked.

"I put away all the criminals in New York." Peter said, in an angry tone, "But I left the cause. The hypocrite who believes he's doing the right thing by promoting a country that wasn't perfect to begin with yet he kept letting the REAL evils of the world live over and over again. It's over, Steve. You had a chance to join, but it's all over now."

Steve sighed, the screen read 18% completed.

"You're delusional, Peter." Steve told him calmly.

With lightning speed, Peter grabbed Steve by the neck, lifting him up.

"BE CAREFUL HOW YOU TALK TO ME." Peter said through gritted teeth.

"Why are you here, Peter?" Steve asked.

"I'm here to end this." Peter answered, no longer gritting his teeth but still using a serious tone to his voice.

"No." Steve corrected, "If you were here to end this, you would have killed me already. You could have used your new Helicarier to launch a missile at me, or have Stark cook up something. If you were going to end this, you wouldn't need to be here."

Steve looked at Peter's hands, noticing there was still blood on them.

"Is that Clint's blood on your hands?" He asked.

Peter stopped applying a hard pressure to Steve's neck, but made sure it was enough to keep Steve restrained. For a moment, Steve could see the regret in his old teammates eyes.

"I…" Peter tried to say.

"He was the most compassionate friend we ever had on The Avengers." Steve said, "Go ahead, Peter. Justify his death. Justify Natasha's. Cage's. Fury's. Bucky's. And I'm assuming you took out Strange now too. Go ahead and justify the many lives you've taken. Tell the world why these people had to die for the 'greater good.'"

Steve took a quick glance behind him to see that 37% of the upload was complete.

"I know why you're here, Peter." Steve reasoned compassionately, "I've seen this before. You think I can stop you, and I believe somewhere deep down inside you want me to, son."

Upon hearing this, Peter whipped his head back towards the Super Soldier and threw him into the wall behind the new World-Leader.

"SHUT UP!" Peter demanded.

Steve hit the wall hard, and groaned as he got back to his feet, taking a quick glance, he saw the upload was 54% complete. He had to stall for just a little while more so that the formula could be finished with the analysis and upload.

"That would be easier, wouldn't it?" Steve asked, "If I just shut up? If I just got one of Stark's suits and repeatedly blasted you, over and over again?"

There was no response.

"I'm sorry to be so anticlimactic, Peter." Steve apologized sarcastically, "Especially after all you've done, and everyone you killed, but I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to fight you because I don't think there's a way to beat you without killing you."

He pressed a keypad behind him with another combination. Another distraction set up by the late-great Nick Fury in case this happened.

"And I'm not like you, Peter." Steve said, "I'm not a murderer."

Suddenly, a voice began playing over the speakers from a time Peter knew all-too-well in his life.

"Do you, Peter Parker take this woman, Mary Jane, to be your lawful-wedded bride?"

"This woman is very special to me, and she knows the risks she's getting into. And yet she still loves me. How can I turn down something like that? Do I take her as my wife? I do. I promise to love her, protect her, and honor her until the end of time."

"Then by the power invested by me by the sovereign state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife!"

"Stop it." Peter demanded.

"Protect and Honor." Steve's voice called out.

Peter was distracted by the recording of his wedding day that he wasn't focused on Steve and only realized now that he was now out of sight.

"You can't hide from me!" Peter yelled, "I won't play your games, Steve!"

"You failed to protect her."


From up on the scaffolding above, Steve could see that the analysis was now 83% done.

"And honor?" Steve asked, "Do you honestly believe you're honoring Mary Jane by doing this? Is this what you honestly think she'd want?"

"I'M DOING THIS FOR HER!" Peter declared.

"No." Steve replied, taking out his final gift from Fury, "You stopped doing things in Mary Jane's honor the moment she died. When that happened, you lost your humanity completely."

"I'm done being lectured, Steve." Peter declared, "Time to stop hiding and face me now."

Steve glanced again at the screen.


Steve looked at the final thing Fury had imparted on him before the mission. A single remote for the final weapon against Peter in case of this.

"You're right, Peter." Steve agreed, "But first, let's even thing up."

With that, he pressed the button.

"Let's give you what you wanted."

Peter's Spider-Sense began ringing, but suddenly, a louder buzzing noise began ringing in his ears. The buzz became high-pitched, and ultimately too much for Peter as he fell to his knees in pain. Steve jumped down from his hiding place, looking at the screen.


Steve made a lunge for the pill as the now-speeding upload reached 99%.

His hand went for the pill…

Only to be caught by Peter's hand.

"No." He said, taking the infamous shield of Steve's right arm and throwing it to the ground.

Peter then punched Steve hard in the face. The Living Legend of World War II could hear the bells ringing in his head, as Peter then tore off Steve's mask, exposing his face.

"You're right, Steve." Peter told him, raising him over his back in a torture hold, while webbing Steve's shield up with one hand and catching it on his knee, "I'm not here to kill you. But I can't have you in a position where you can hurt me or end up making decisions that harm the world anymore."

"PETER DON'T!" Steve begged, "PET-"

Steve Rogers got no further as Peter slammed Steve's back down over his own shield. Steve screamed in pain and anguish as he felt his back snap at the hands of his own legendary Vibranium shield.

Peter then let Steve drop to the ground as he looked at the broken hero.

"I'm sorry." Peter apologized, "But you're just too dangerous, Steve."

Steve forced himself to look up and saw that the upload was completed. He smiled to himself. The Resistance would now receive this and they could fight back against Peter.

"Stay down, Steve." Peter said, "I made sure to put all my might as I could to break your back. I'm honestly surprised that you're still conscious. But it makes no difference."

He stood over Steve, looking down at him seriously.

"I'm putting you away with them, Steve." Peter told him, "You're going away with all the other villains. Accept it."

Peter could Steve was ignoring him and instead tried to push himself up.

Sighing, Peter placed one boot on Steve's back, and applied pressure to it.

"STAY. DOWN." Peter said, causing Steve cough up blood as a result, "Stop trying to fight me!"

"I wasn't…I wasn't trying to fight you." Steve grinned, despite the immense pain he was in, "I was trying to distract you."

Peter turned back and for the first time noticed the analysis table with the screen reading 'Analysis Complete. Files have been sent to uploaded location per-instructions.'

"What…" Peter asked horrified by what had happened, "What did you do?"

"I did what I always do, Peter." Steve smiled, "I gave us a fighting chance. Now we can make more of that durability enhancement for ourselves. We don't have to be afraid of you, Peter. Not anymore."

"Tell me where you sent that data." Peter growled slamming his palm into Steve's back and applying all the pressure he could, "TELL ME!"

Steve screamed in pain again, but remained vigilant as he spoke to Peter.

"I want you to remember this moment, Peter." Steve declared, "I want you to never forget this moment. The day when you resorted to torture for the 'greater good.'"

Peter took his hand back and looked at him shocked.

"I didn't…I didn't mean to…"

"No." Steve interrupted, "That's right, Peter. It's not your fault. You just find someone else whom you can easily stick the blame on. You're no longer a hero, Peter Parker. You're just some punk who works within the government now, that wouldn't understand the first thing about ACTUAL war like I do."

As Peter backed up, he suddenly felt a hand grab his shoulder.

"Peter Parker?" A voice asked.

Peter turned around to see a newcomer standing behind him with a very disappointed look on his face. He wore polarized sunglasses, and a fancy black-and-white tux with a red tie. His hair was short, almost a buzz cut and orange. Peter had heard of this guy. He came in a few weeks before the disaster that had cost millions their lives.

"Agent Coulson?" Peter asked.

Peter then looked behind Coulson and saw the enhancement pill was gone.

Before he knew what was going on next, Coulson grabbed Peter by the neck of his costume, and slammed his head into Peter's face. The result gave Peter a pain unlike anything he had felt before, giving off a 'KOOM!' sound. Coulson pulled away to look at Peter. Spider-Man was dazed, his nose broken and bleeding from both nostrils.

Coulson poked Peter in the chest with one finger, and the corrupted hero fell to the ground with a 'THUD.'

"I'm VERY disappointed in you." Coulson stated, as he got down on his knees and pounding Peter in his face.

"Never again." Coulson declared, "YOU HEAR ME?! YOU DON'T GET TO HURT MY HERO ANY MORE!"

When he was finished, Coulson got up and knelt next to Captain America.

"Steven?" He asked, "I'm going to have to carry you. I'm sorry. This is going to hurt."

He grabbed Steve, who groaned with pain and quickly ran out of there.

Parker could only groan as he watched Coulson escape with Steve in his arms. Peter tried with every ounce of strength he could to push him up, but instead fell back on his back before blacking out. When he would awake later, he would be severely pissed off.

"Thus, The Manhunt against Steven Rogers and Agent Coulson begins. Jessica Jones, unable to cope with the death of her husband and fearing what the resistance will potentially turn her into quits Roger's Secret Avengers, and is given amnesty by Parker's forces. Thus, on this world, only two individuals with no real powers fight a war against unlimited technology and power. However, there is only one play left that Rogers and Coulson have; it is known as 'Operation: The Gauntlet.' A final play by The Nicholas Fury of this Earth in the event that any hero step out of line; Nicholas secretly had a way of bringing together the legendary Infinity Gauntlet as well as the Infinity Gems, so that the user could use the gauntlet. However, this plan was made with a device that could only be used by the heroes of Roger's Secret Avengers team; most of whom are dead, and the only one alive on the wrong side of the battlefield. Fortunately, with the help of the mysterious benefactor, Rogers and Coulson were able to find help from the most unlikely of places. Another reality. Mine to be precise. And that, privileged viewers, is where our story begins…"

-Uatu the Watcher, Designated Watcher of Earth Earth-199999616

So there you go, everyone! Hope you all enjoyed Coulson being as badass as I did writing it. I swear, every time I read this, I can hear the 'halleluiah' church choir singing as Coulson beats down on Spidey. I think now I can be bold enough to say that I might have even out-written the great Joss Whedon, but don't let him know I said that! Anyways, hope you're all ready to join me for this fanfic now. Next chapter will see the heroes of this Watcher's Reality dealing with the daily supervillains, and our favorite red-white-and-blue Super Soldier of that reality doing what he does best; kicking some major ass. ('Merica! **** Yeah!)