Hi, everyone! Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to get the other character chapters up before the new Star Wars Movie, but I'll be damned if I'm going to not celebrate by posting the long-promised Elsa VS Starkiller. It seems Starkiller won the most votes, but I decided if you're curious about Elsa's victory, tonight will be a 2-Parter. So you get Starkiller Wins and Elsa Wins. Hope you enjoy! As always, I own NOTHING. This is for Fan-Purposes ONLY, so PLEASE don't sue!

DEADPOOL: And now, taking a break from my awesome internet-shattering trailer, let's take a look at the stats of our competitors!

Elsa Profile:

Age: Early 20's
Place of Birth: Arendelle
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 101lbs
Occupation: Queen of Arendelle

Can create sentient life
Created an innately designed palace in seconds
Unconsciously locked an entire country into an eternal winter
Despite holding back, easily trounced two would-be assassins
By the end of the movie, could easily cast eternal winters of specific size and volume (i.e. creating an eternal storm of cubic foot in volume for Olaf)
It's implied Elsa's powers have no limit, save what she can imagine
Has been ranked as one of the most powerful Disney protagonists of all time
Able to win an Oscar for a well-timed and preformed music number with her powers, but not able to have John Travolta say Idina Menzel's name properly. Is the niece of the Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen's
The Snow Queen (a 17th Century Fairy Tale which Inspired Frozen).

BrenRome: Ah, Elsa… Born with inexplicable ice powers, then Princess of Arendelle Elsa and her little sister Anna were playing together one day when the former accidentally… kinda… sorta…almost nearly killed the latter with an ice blast to the face.

Deadpool: The heart. (Sings) And you're to blame! You give love…a bad name!

BrenRome: Oh, whatever. She got a cool white streak in her because of it, so it couldn't have been all bad.

Deadpool: … Elsa was forced by her parents to suppress her powers and lock herself away from the rest of the world.

BrenRome: Still a princess, though, so what's there to complain about?

Deadpool: Maybe living with a loved one you almost accidentally murdered? It's like my life story!

BrenRome: I'm going to ignore that. Anyways, unable to handle the guilt of doing so, the knife twisting all the further with the knowledge her sister has had her memories altered?

Deadpool: Okay, point, point. But, anyway, so, the plot comes around, Anna accidentally… pffffft… "outs" Elsa as a les- er, I mean, ice… bian…

BrenRome: (Sarcastically) Subtle.

Deadpool: I try.

BrenRome: But, yeah, she runs away, creates a palace to live like the most fabulous hermit who ever lived, and kinda superimposes an eternal crippling winter on the country. Whoops.

Deadpool: You were saying? Events transpire – and I'm not one to spoil, so let's just say things happen, people try to kill Elsa, Elsa comes to accept herself for who she is, reconcile with Anna, and regain the confidence needed to save the day.

BrenRome: … isn't that a spoiler?

Deadpool: What Disney movie ends badly for all involved?

BrenRome: Pirates 2: Dead Man's Chest? John Carter?

Deadpool: Animated Disney movie.

BrenRome: The audience of Cars 2… with the exception of Bruce Campbell being in it. Anyways, so, hey, now we have the introductory backstory and context out of the way, let's get to the meat on this bone!

Absolute immunity to cold temperature and environment
Otherwise, as strong and tough as a waif of her size and build would suggest

Deadpool: To begin with… Elsa is something of a waif. While physically… uh… remarkable-

BrenRome: In terms of pure physicality, she's something of a glass cannon. Yes, she can conjure arctic apocalypses with a mere thought. Yes, she's a powerhouse with ice magic. Yes, she can create sentient lifeforms. But physically she has the strength and durability of a young woman of her build and size.

Deadpool: So she's down if ya whack her with a sword?

BrenRome: I know you do.

(Deadpool snickers)

Deadpool: What about the fact she's kinda… impervious to hypothermia?

BrenRome: Good call. Elsa has demonstrated absolute immunity to sub-zero temperatures.

Deadpool: What with strutting in an ice-cold castle with nothing but a slinky blue dress as thin as a wafer… Mmm…

BrenRome: Don't you dare even think about that.

Deadpool: Aww.

BrenRome: Which leads us to…

Can cause widespread nation-wide and above environmental damage
Create sentient lifeforms, sometimes as monstrous guards
Create intricate structures and defenses
Fire ice blasts, icy winds and terrible snowstorms
Snowstorms which she can localize to a single person continuously and eternally
Can cast curses that will freeze a person's internal organs
- can only be cured with an act of true love
Magic has something of a mind of its own, and will act in the interest of saving Elsa from any harm

BrenRome: Throughout the movie, Elsa has demonstrated – in the span of two days, at most – complete mastery of a talent she had kept under wraps for most of her life.

Deadpool: From shooting people Iceman-style to elaborate musical sequences!

BrenRome: With big freaking palaces and giant evil snowmen who can grow ice spikes! Her powers are only limited by her imagination-

Deadpool: Like a Green Lantern ring! (Looking at you, Ryan.)

BrenRome: Spikes, structures of all shapes and sizes, guards, all of these and more can be created with but a thought.

Deadpool: And her ice powers almost seem to have a mind of their own. Elsa didn't even have to see that some guy was about to attack her from behind, her powers raised defenses for her, like they're subconsciously controlled

BrenRome: Meaning her powers are working full-time to keep her safe, whether she realizes it or not.

Deadpool: And you gotta keep in mind, for most of the movie… she was holding back. If this fight takes place post-story, she'll have greater confidence… and the more confident she is…

BrenRome: The stronger her magic will be, yes. Beforehand, her emotional vulnerability and lack of self-confidence resulted in chaotic and unchecked damage beyond her control. But, as Deadpool noted, this is no longer an issue.


Classically educated
Mathematical and geometric genius
Learns quickly Mastered ice magic in two days

BrenRome: She's classically educated, an excellent singer, a creative architect-

Deadpool: And in supplementary material, it's revealed Elsa loves herself some math and geometry, and applied her knowledge in all of her structures – palace included.

BrenRome: Who says math and geometry aren't applicable, eh?

Deadpool: Kids, stay in school. Do your math homework. Some day you'll be able to sculpt the hell out of some ice blocks!

BrenRome: Wait! How would you know about…

Deadpool: (Interrupting): That said…


Once suffered from depression and anxiety attacks, resulting in her powers raging out of control
-No longer an issue by the end of Frozen
Lack of combat experience
Still possesses the same durability and strength of a normal human being

BrenRome: On the one hand, Elsa no longer has to worry about crippling anxiety attacks or fearing her powers might spurn out of control.

Deadpool: On the other hand… she's still a waif with about as much experience in actual combat as the average Xbox Live twelve year old COD fan. So, you know, glass cannon material.

BrenRome: But given what she had accomplished, she might be able to pull this off if she has been fighting the other characters for so long in this game's story and yet nothing has seemed to kill her at this point prior to her meeting with Galen Marek…

Deadpool: (Walking back into the room covered in sharp icicles impaling almost every part of his body) But you'd be surprised what we can like through.

(Elsa: The cold never bothered me anyway.)

Real Name: Galen Marek
Age: 21
Height: 6'
Weight: 180lbs
Affiliation: The Empire, Rebel Alliance (later)
Occupation: Vader's Secret Assassin
First Appearance: "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" (2008)


Defeated various opponents including Algol in Soul Calibur IV

Fought Darth Sidious to a standstill

Became Vader's secret apprentice

Altered path of a falling Star Destroyer

Killed/Defeated various Jedi and Sith

-Rahm Kohta

-Shaak-Ti (killed)

-Kazdan Paratus (killed)

-Maris Brood

-Darth Phobos (vision)

-Darth Desolous (vision)

-Kento Marek (vision)

Took Darth Vader's place (Alternate timeline)

Reincarnated into a clone of himself? (We'll never know. Thanks, LucasArts. Way to sell out to EA.)

BrenRome: In his conquest to annihilate the Jedi Order, Darth Vader found himself on the planet Kashyyyk, the last line of refuge for Jedi Master, Kento Marek.

Deadpool: He was there because he thought Kento was with another master, one with extremely powerful Force capabilities. One could imagine his surprise (or embarrassment, depending on how you look at it), when he found out that it was his six-year-old son who had that power.

BrenRome: Vader took the boy under his wing and secretly trained him in the ways of the Sith. The training was so brutal and so demanding that it suppressed the boy's past memories and caused him to forget his name.

Deadpool: Don't worry, for he went under a codename that was much more awesome; "Starkiller".

BrenRome: And he's called that for a reason…

Deadpool: Because it used to be original surname of the protagonist in the first George Lucas Star Wars Draft? (Seriously, guys. Check out The Star Wars by Dark Horse.)

BrenRome: Um…yes and no. He's codenamed Starkiller because he's an absolute BEAST in battle. His weapon of choice is a combination of two things that nerds adore; a sword and a laser. This weapon is simply known as a lightsaber.

Deadpool: The lightsaber can shear through metal and flesh with ease, and reflect/repel lasers and electricity. And why stop at just one? Everyone knows you're truly a master of the sword if you can use two as effortlessly as just the one! At least in the sequel. Sorry guys, Starkiller only has one to tango with in this battle here.

BrenRome: There are a few things lightsabers can't cut, though. These include other energy constructs, like lightsaber blades and energy shields, and some lightsaber-resistant metals and materials.


Traditional weapon of Jedi and Sith

Almost 6' long (blade extended)

Plasma blade cuts through just about anything

-Exceptions: Certain metals, other lightsabers, energy constructs

Can deflect blaster bolts and electric blasts

Originally carried only one lightsaber.

Starkiller wields two in the sequel. (For this, and continuity's sake, he'll only have one during the battle.)

Good throwing weapon in hands of a Force User

Deadpool: But what good is a weapon if you can't use it properly? Starkiller is master of three forms of Lightsaber Combat. Forms III, V, and VII.

BrenRome: Form III Lightsaber Combat, also known as Soresu, is a defensive art that is so finely tuned that the user doesn't move his blade any more than he has to. This stems from its effectiveness of blocking blaster bolts, making the art swift and precise in both offense and defense (more defense, though).

Deadpool: Form V is far more aggressive than Form III. When used against projectiles, Shien maintains a good offense while keeping up offense and counterattack capabilities. When used in lightsaber duels, Djem So relies on heavy and swift blows, not giving the enemy room to counter and making blocking a very difficult art.

BrenRome: But the fighting style you REALLY need to watch out for when facing him is the Form VII style known as Juyo. This form of fighting involves the use of unpredictable, swift, and powerful strikes, seeming to strike from every conceivable angle while keeping your enemy on the ropes. There is a risk to it, though…

Deadpool: BrenRome's right. Both forms of Form VII have to be used with care, especially from Jedi. These styles of combat require the user to give in to his violent and aggressive tendencies (rage, hatred, the works) and doing so brings them dangerously close to the Dark Side. Hell, Juyo is considered by many to be a Sith Art. Long story short, you're not going to turn out well if you use this style of fighting too lightly.


Form III

-Known as Soresu

-Known practitioner(s): Obi-Wan Kenobi

-Primarily defensive

-Useful against many opponents armed with blasters or single, quick striking opponents

Form V

-Two classifications: Shien and Djem-So

-Known practitioner(s): Luke and Anakin Skywalker

-Shien: Focuses on defense while maintaining a strong offense and powerful counterattacks, used to deflect blaster bolts

-Djem So: Focuses on powerful strikes and leaving the opponent no room to counter or strength to block, used in lightsaber combat

Form VII

-Two classifications: Juyo and Vaapad

-Known practitioner(s): Darth Maul (Juyo), Darth Vader (Juyo)

-The most vicious form of Lightsaber combat to date

-Reliant on swift, heavy, and unpredictable strikes

-Believes a good offense is a good defense

-Brings users dangerously close to the dark side

Deadpool: You forget that this is NOT the best weapon in Starkiller's arsenal. His games aren't called "Force Unleashed" for nothing.

BrenRome: The Force is a mystical and mysterious energy that-

Deadpool: No, no, no. According to the latest retcon, it's drawn from microbes in the human body.

BrenRome: Oh, right, midi-chlorians…yeah, that was lame of Lucas to pull that off.

Deadpool: Amen to that.

BrenRome: Regardless of whatever the heck it comes from, the Force is an energy that Jedi and Sith can tap into to either use it as a tool or use it as a weapon. Some examples of this include enhancing sensory abilities and giving a sort of early warning system. It allows Starkiller to sense the presences of people and sometimes form a vague physical image of them…even if they're invisible, camouflaged, or under the effect of a cloaking device.

Deadpool: Shh! My Jedi Sense is tingling!

BrenRome: Right…

Deadpool: Don't forget that he can also use it to increase his jumping ability, give him short bursts of speed, cushion even extremely high falls, and influence the minds of others with the iconic Mind Trick.


Cushions falls

Heightened speed

-Short bursts only

Mind Trick

-Influences minds of others

-Works only on the weak-minded

Force Sight

-Can see invisible/camouflaged enemies

Force Sense

-Can sense ill will

-Early warning system

Enhances strength

-Part of Form V lightsaber combat

BrenRome: But Starkiller's greatest use of the Force is using it as a weapon, with which he can manipulate objects with just a flex of his mind.

Deadpool: Whether that object is something as small as his lightsaber or something as massive as a damn Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, he has moved it. He's even lifted an AT-ST Imperial Walker into the air and crushed it like a tin can. With what, you may ask? Nothing more than his MIND.

BrenRome: Starkiller is also well-versed in more Sith-style arts and actually combines them with traditional Jedi abilities. Such abilities include the use of the infamous Force Lightning.


BrenRome: Shut up.

Deadpool: Kay.

BrenRome: Anyway, fueled by hate and fury, Force Lightning slowly burns away at a person's life force and racks their body with pain. He can also use it to power up or short out electrical devices.

Deadpool: He can also use the force to push objects and enemies away, create shockwaves in the ground, pull objects closer and actually combine them all for different attacks.


Force Lightning

-Primarily a Sith Art

-Fueled by rage and hatred

-Burns away a person's life

Force Push

Force Repulse

-Draws in energy, then releases it outward

-Similar to an explosion

Force Maelstrom

-Draws in vast amounts of energy and releases it with equal strength

-Weak enemies and nearby objects levitate towards user

Force Grip

-Telekinetic hold on enemy

-Levitates enemy, making them vulnerable to attack

-Creates a pulse-wave around the user's body

-Can draw in enemies

Force Choke

-Crushes enemy windpipe and strangles them

-Used only by Sith

BrenRome: Combo attacks include electrifying his blade with Force Lightning, turning enemies into lightning-charged projectiles, battering gripped enemies with objects, and turning Force Pushes into lightning-charged torpedoes of death.

Deadpool: But you really need to watch out for Starkiller's ultimate forms, Force Unleashed and Force Fury. These forms heavily amplify his already-impressive skills in the Force. He can pick up AT-ST Imperial Walkers with ease, his Force Lightning can actually vaporize enemies, and his strength, durability, and speed double.


Electrify Lightsaber via Sith Lightning

Turn enemies into projectiles

Batter Force-Gripped enemies with nearby objects

Create shockwaves in ground and air

Sith Seekers

-Forward-going lightning-charged rockets

-Combination of Force Push and Force Lightning


Heavily amplifies combat ability

2x strength, speed, and durability

Quickens reaction time and speed

Force abilities increase dramatically

-Effortlessly tossed away an AT-ST walker

-Incinerates enemies with Force Lightning

BrenRome: Starkiller is far from a perfect warrior, though. He, at times, can lose control of his rage and focus almost entirely on what's in front of him (as is the way of the Juyo style). And while Force Fury is his greatest weapon, it may be his biggest weakness. Once it subsides, it can leave the user with terrible internal injury and massive fatigue This move is NOT to be used lightly. Last but not least is that Starkiller relies more on offense than defense (using Soresu as a fallback if things start turning ugly).


Heavily offensive fighter

-Falls back to Soresu in a tight spot

Force Rage has side-effects

-Weakening and leaving vulnerable after use

Deadpool: That being said, Starkiller is still a resourceful, strong, and swift fighter. He has defeated the monstrous Gorog (well, at least his clone did), a towering creature capable of tossing the infamous Rancor like it was a tennis ball and defeated legions of battle-hardened warriors ranging from Stormtroopers to killer droids to even some of the most powerful Jedi and Sith to ever live.

BrenRome: He has also grabbed TIE Fighters with the Force while they were still in mid-flight and has survived impalement by lightsaber, the vacuum of space, and taking a few blows from Jedi, Battle Droids, and giant monsters alike. There even exist two timelines depending on his choice to walk either the path of the Jedi and the Sith. One timeline involves him founding the Rebel Alliance while the other involves him killing Vader and taking his place at Palpatine's side.

Deadpool: In short, Starkiller might be unorganized and undisciplined…

BrenRome: But don't get too cocky when you fight him, and especially not if you've trained him.

(Darth Vader: I have trained you well, but you still have much to learn.)

(Starkiller: You have nothing left to teach me.)

BrenRome: Okay, the combatants are set. Let's end this fight once and for all.

Deadpool: It's time for a DEATH BATL…

BrenRome: (Cocks Boomstick Shotgun).

Deadpool: (Sheepishly) Proceed…

BrenRome: Thank you.


Avengers Tower:

Elsa walked into the strange building. This land was so strange to her. She didn't even know how that portal had brought her here, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time. She had just been crowned the new Queen of Arendelle, when Anna announced her love for a man named Hans whom she had previously met that morning. Needless to say, Elsa was quite displeased and demanded her sister not go through with this. A disruption broke out ending with Elsa's glove being removed and her powers accidently freezing Arendelle.

Elsa had went into the mountains to try and seek refuge when some sort of portal opened up which brought her to this strange land. There were castles which reached to the heavens made of glass and concrete, carriages that didn't need horses to move and could drive faster than them…and much to the young queen's surprise, there were actually people who possessed many abilities that were just as strange as her own.

Unfortunately, they weren't as friendly and tried to arrest her despite her protesting about being a queen. As she soon discovered, this was a strange land where a former champion known as 'Spider-Man' had lost his wife and unborn child. Elsa felt bad for the person but suddenly realized that this had pushed him over the edge and turned him into a tyrannical dictator who was attempting to subdue crime by force without consent for anybody bellow him.

Elsa knew that people would be talking about her and if a portal could open up to her world, this Spider-Man could find a way to return there and use the people of Arendelle as leverage for her. It brought nightmares to her mind. She pictured Spider-Man holding Anna by the throat as she begged him to stop, while he only just smiled at her in sick pleasure.

Despite what had happened, Elsa couldn't let her kingdom go like that and decided she would fight to dethrone the self-proclaimed King of this universe. She managed to steal a pill she had found out about which now increased her stamina and strength. She had managed to endure a blast from a knight in some kind of black and gold armor who fired strange energy blasts, a man dressed in red with two blades who wouldn't shut up until she dropped a giant ice structure on his head, and stood her own against a giant green monster with breath that was worse than whatever the Duke of Weselton brushed his teeth with.

As she waited for the Spider-Man to come by after following the incapacitated heroes she left behind, she suddenly heard a strange sound. It sounded light flames being ignited, and she quickly brought her hands up in a defensive stance, the snow magic dancing around there. Elsa stood sternly as a new person revealed himself. It was a young man around 18 Years Old. He was a fair-skinned man with dark shaved hair and brown eyes, appearing a little bit taller than Elsa. She noticed he wore some kind of a tattered combat uniform featuring many bands of fabric tightly wrapped around his limbs and fingerless gloves topped off by dark combat-like boots. Elsa also noticed he some kind of thin metal cylinder grasped in his left hand and held behind his back. The spehere also seemed to be giving off some kind of red light making it look like a sword.

After looking the Snow Queen Over, the man gave what appeared to be the slightest hint of a grin and pressed a button on the cylinder. Instantly, the light from his cylinder retreated inwards with a swishing-like sound and soon it was completely gone.

"Impressive powers you wield," The man complimented, "So far, all I have had to go on is a woman with red energy blasts, a man with some kind of hammer which controlled stormy weather patterns, and a short man dressed in yellow and blue who could recover miraculously from any cut I gave him. Though I left him…impaled for the moment."

Elsa put her hands down and looked at the man as they circled each other, still acting cautiously. She knew she couldn't trust nearly anyone on this world, and this guy looked like the last person she'd trust.

"Who are you?" She asked.


"Nice to meet you then, Nobody." Elsa said sarcastically.

"You speak with arrogance which suggests you might be from a royal bloodline." He noted, "Tell me, have you heard of The Empire?"

"Which one?" Elsa asked.

"I must admit you do have a way of being difficult." The man said grinning a bit, "A pity if I would have to destroy you before my master has the opportunity to inspect your body to discover how that power of yours works. I imagine he'd allow me to assist."

"So you do work for this Spider-Man!" Elsa declared, "What could possibly make you want to join up with someone as cruel as he is?! I know the man lost everything, but that doesn't give him the excuse to enforce an entire world against its will!"

The man laughed lightly.

"Oh no." He said, "I don't serve this Spider-Man. He is not a worthy teacher at all. No, I am like you. I come from another universe where I have studied under the guidance of a great powerful lord…Darth Vader. He taught me in the ways of the dark side of The Force."

"The Force?" Elsa asked confused.

"It's a gift I have," the person explained, "I am a Sith Apprentice. I therefore have the power to preform amazing feats."

He concentrated and to Elsa's surprise, the furniture in the room began to raise slightly up off the ground. Soon, it returned to normal.

"So what do you want?" Elsa asked.

"An offer," The Apprentice told her, "My master sent me to this dimension to try and find items of interest. It is obvious that Spider-Man, and this entire world for that matter, will not give it to me so easily even if I do defeat their dictator. So why be against me, when you can join me?"

"Join…you?" Elsa asked.

"I can bring you back with me, and we will initiate you in the ways of the dark side." He said, "You can learn to control your power and…"

He paused. He looked at Elsa as if he were figuring out how she worked.

"And perhaps you can avoid freezing your entire kingdom." He added.

Elsa gasped. Instantly, she began to fill up with doubt. That and the other thing that this man could be implying.

"You're not suggesting your master can…"

"Show you how to control your powers permanently?" He finished, "Perhaps even take them away? It's not that difficult, Elsa. Join me, and together we can end this dictatorship and then begin your training."

Elsa looked at her hands as the snow magic danced along her fingertips. The cold never bothered her. It was her own thing. She had spent years being told she couldn't change it and now someone was telling her it could be done, but…

"It's not what Anna would've wanted." Elsa said.

"Forget what your sister wanted." The Apprentice said, "Tell me what you want!"

"I…I want…I want…" Elsa said, the words getting stuck in her throat each time.

She looked down and realized something. She couldn't change who she was. Even if she took her powers away, she was still a good person, and she wanted to help others. This 'Dark Side' thing seemed like it didn't care about family or friends so it was a no go for her.

She looked at The Apprentice.

"I want you to get out of here now before I force you out of here." She declared, before correcting herself, "Not that I would know what this force is…"

The Apprentice looked taken aback at first but then glared at her when she made that last comment.

"Do you know what happened to the last person who turned against me?" The Apprentice questioned, outstretching his left hand as his blade instantly flung to his open palm and ignited, "You're about to find out!"

"We'll see how tough you really are!" Elsa declared, bringing her hands up as the snow magic danced around her fingertips.

"You don't know my true power." The Apprentice retorted, swinging his blade around and holding it behind his back.

The battle began. Starkiller threw his lightsaber forward, but Elsa managed to duck and the blade returned to his hands like a boomerang. Starkiller brought his fists back and to Elsa's surprise, Electricity sprung forth and hit her in the chest. She screamed as she felt a million volts coursing through her body. It felt as if she was going to be ripped apart, but Starkiller suddenly stopped and Elsa took advantage of this.

Using her powers, she created a giant ice structure above Starkiller's head and dropped it on the apprentice. Starkiller groaned in pain as he was sent to the ground. Getting back up, he pulled his hand back and pushed it forward as Elsa found herself pushed to the ground by an unseen entity.

That Force thing. She figured.

Starkiller then charged at her, but Elsa simply waved her hands upwards and he found himself frozen within a sheet of ice. Elsa noticed that despite how powerful her magic was, small cracks were beginning to form from Starkiller's frozen body, indicating it would take a while to take him down.

She pulled her hand back and slapped Starkiller in the face, just as he broke free from the ice. In any other circumstance, Elsa's slap would not be that much, but thanks the enhancement she had stolen, the hit was hard enough to send Starkiller flying all the way through the room and bursting out of the stone wall until he hit some kind of platform which was perched outside the room.

Starkiller felt as if he had been hit by a Rancor or an AT-AT. Even his grueling training with his hologram-battle-droid PROXY never felt this damaging, and Proxy could mimic and replicate the force powers from every-known Force User in the galaxy!

As Galen stood up, he suddenly noticed that he was not alone. Flying a few feet above him were a mixture of different robot-like devices which seemed to be a cross between the old CIS Battle Droids and The Empire's Modern Clone Trooper Armor (or Stormtroopers as they were now called.) Before Galen could react, they all came at him faster than even he could anticipate. One of the metal figures, which was gold and looked very large, slugged him in the stomach sending him upwards. Then another armor which was gold and red with some blue chest piece in the center of the body punched him in the face sending him towards an armor which looked like the previous one, but with silver shoulder pads. This one head-butted him towards the ground before all the armors got together and formed a beam of energy from their chestpieces which engulfed Starkiller, sending him crashing through the floor and into another room in the building.

This one was filled with what appeared to be landspeeders, but without the hoversystem and had wheels on both sides of the front and back. Elsa suddenly arrived to see Galen forcing himself up off the ground. She smirked and flicked her hair back a bit. Unfortunately, before she could react, Galen dashed at her with uncanny speed, igniting his blade and hitting Elsa in the right shoulder.

She screamed in pain. It felt worse than the electricity from earlier. In any other circumstances, she felt that might've taken her whole right arm off, but it came close to feeling like it had anyway. As she dropped to the ground, Galen leaped behind her with tremendous agility and power and slashed Elsa's back with his blade. Elsa cried out in pain again, unable to imagine what would be happening had she not taken that enhancement pill. Then Galen charged his lightsaber full of electricity and slammed it into her back. Once again, Elsa felt tremendous pain, but she wasn't dead.

She tried to get up but felt a little woozy and ended up dropping to one knee.

"You learn your place." Starkiller smirked.

C'mon, Elsa. She told herself, If you don't stop him, who will? This guy's too cocky, and…

That's when it hit her! He was too cocky! His arrogance, the way he fought. He was a warrior who charged into battle instantly and without any restraint. It happened with the lightning he shot out when she got her second wind! She just needed to wear him out and then hit him hard to subdue him!

Alright, Elsa thought, Let's see if this gets him riled.

As Starkiller attempted to punch her, Elsa grabbed his fist and pushed back.

"You know," Elsa said, "For someone who claims to be the best in terms of power, your master and father sure had a funny way of showing you what to do with it."

Galen felt his blood boil as he shot daggers at Elsa, holding his blade behind his back.

"I have no father." He said, his voice somehow managing to be colder than Elsa's power.

The two ran at each other. At the last second, Starkiller swung his lightsaber down towards Elsa, as she fired a shot upwards into his face. (Starkiller finishing move and win animation here.)

Satisfied, Starkiller strode past the fallen Princess and walked up towards the balcony of the building. Gathering his force lightning energy, Starkiller sent out a large burst of energy into the sky, towards the flying machine that seemed like a much-older version of the Imperial Star Destroyers. Once he heard a thwipping noise in the distance, he smirked.

Having defeated so many people from this dimension and one from another, Starkiller suddenly realized he had more potential than his master could hope for. He felt now that after he took care of this world's dictator, he would make himself master and seize control for himself. He no longer needed his master to kill the Emperor and perhaps he never did. But now, Starkiller knew his whole potential and was ready to fulfill his destiny on his own.

He turned around to see the so-called Spider-Man standing before him.

"Who are you?" Spider-Man asked.

"Me?" Starkiller responded, igniting his lightsaber, "I am your death. I am the death of everything. I. Am. Sith."

The battle against Spider-Man was fierce and powerful, but in the end, Starkiller ultimately won. Now certain that he could defeat those who were even called gods on this world, he searched for more power that would help him overthrow the Galactic Empire as well as Vader and the Emperor. After much searching, the young Apprentice found what he was looking for and returned to his universe, ready to seize control.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Palpatine rarely felt doubt. However, it had been a full week since the last report from Lord Vader. When he had heard of the tear in the fabric of their reality, he had imminently sent Lord Vader to gather any information and see if this would lead to greater opportunities. Vader had only been in radio contact for five months, and on the second month after reporting this tear lead to another universe, Vader had gone to check on what lay there. His final report had said that there was nothing worth of any value yet to Palpatine, much like his other reports before. After that, Palpatine hadn't heard back from him.

There was a possibility that Vader might've died and that somewhat angered Palpatine because he wanted to cast Vader aside when the time was right. But for the most part, this was where Palpatine's paranoia began. He could not foresee a future where anyone other than himself or the possible children of Skywalker (if they were even still alive) killed Lord Vader in combat.

As he tried to meditate to see the future once more, he suddenly heard explosions and screams from outside. Curious, Palpatine rose from his desk, remembering when the Jedi Order had tried to execute him so long ago. There were rumors of a rebellion forming against him, but it was still too early to tell and even if there was a rebellion, the carnage sounded nothing like what a collection of people who didn't agree to his rule sounded like.

Suddenly, the doors blew open and two Stormtroopers flew past Palpatine, crashing through the window behind his desk, and falling to the ground far below them. Then, out of the smoke, a young man appeared. He seemed to be no older than 20, and had cropped brown hair. His outfit confused Palpatine as it was reminiscent of the suit he had made for Darth Vader after he had failed to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi except there were no mechanical parts on this suit. Plus, while Vader's suit had been completely black, this man's suit was a dark crimson red, almost like Palpatine's lightsaber.

"Can I help you?" Palpatine asked, sarcastically.

"Yes." The young man said, with no emotion, "You can die."

Palpatine cackled, clapping his hands.

"I am to assume you are the one who is responsible for delaying any communication with my apprentice?" Palpatine asked.

"I am." The man said, snapping his fingers.

As soon as he did, a woman with short white hair and red Sith-like eyes entered, holding a black box. She was dressed in a sleeveless black leather shirt and long black leather pants, and had a lightsaber attached to her side which Palpatine recognized as Master Yoda's.

"Where is he?" Palpatine demanded.

The man nodded to his female attendant and she opened the box, revealing the severed head of Darth Vader inside.

"Impressive." Palpatine acknowledged, looking at the man, "I assume you have come to ask for his position as my apprentice."

"No." The man responded, igniting a red lightsaber, "I'm here to destroy you."

"You may try." Palpatine smiled, "But you will die."

With that, he held his hands up, unleashing a barrage of force lightning at the man. However, the man raised his hand up into a fist and somehow, the Sith lightning was blocked.

Palpatine was shocked. Nobody should have been able to deflect an onslaught of lightning like that without a lightsaber without being in tremendous pain. Yet, even as Palpatine continued his onslaught, the man was still calm as he walked forward. Suddenly, a compartment in the man's hand opened revealing six gems; green, orange, purple, blue, yellow, and red. However, these were not the same as those used to power lightsabers, and Palpatine felt a power radiating from them that even he had not felt before.

Smirking, the man simply stretched his hand out, and Palpatine suddenly found his own Sith Lightning redirected straight into his body, sending him into a shockwave of pain. Before he could recover, Palpatine suddenly felt himself lifted upwards by a power that seemed to feel like a mixture of the Force and that of the strange power these gems were giving off.

"Now, I shall fulfill my destiny and take your place as Emperor of the Galaxy." Starkiller declared.

Seeing the raw power in this man's eyes, Palpatine felt fear for the first time in many years and did something he never thought he'd do again.

He begged.

"W..wait…" He said.

But Starkiller ignored him and made a fist with his gauntlet hand. Palpatine then felt his spine snap and then he was dead forever. The Dark Lord of the Sith and the Supreme Emperor of the Galaxy was no more, and now the Galactic Empire would fall under the reign of Emperor Starkiller, and his new apprentice and wife; Juno Eclipse.

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