"I really hate Georgia," Reid commented sourly to no one in particular as the team looked over their newest case while on the jet heading towards Albany, Georgia.

"I second that," JJ agreed, leaning back against the seat beside Reid where she sat.

"I think we all hate Georgia at varying degrees," Emily said from the other side of the table, leaving that Henkel was the reason unsaid. "But I try not to connect areas to the cases where they were; it makes going back there easier if the need ever arises."

"Are you telling me that there's no place that you avoid going?" Morgan asked from where he sat beside her.

"No, of course not; I just don't have an aversion to any particular state in the US. I still avoid Italy like the plague."

Rossi glanced down at her from where he stood behind Reid and JJ. As the only person on the plane who understood the story behind her statement, it had obviously surprised him. Emily bit her lip, wishing that she could retract the statement. Thankfully, no one else on the jet seemed to think anything of it, and the team turned their attention back to the case at hand when Hotch came back from getting a mug of coffee.

"Who in the world does something like this to teenage girls?" Emily asked, flipping through the pictures of dead girls that Garcia had uploaded to their tablets.

"They each had their uteruses cut open postmortem," JJ read off of her own tablet.

"They were all three pregnant but had recently had abortions," Hotch added.

Reid sat back, thinking out loud as he asked, "Maybe we're looking for someone who wants a baby so badly that they would kill an expectant mother to get to that unborn child and just don't realize that the pregnancies have already been terminated?"

Emily shook her head, refuting, "If that had happened only once, then maybe I'd buy it, but not three times. Besides, none of these girls were far enough along for the baby to survive outside of the womb."

"The unsub appears to have stalked these girls, so he would've known all of that," Rossi said.

"Hey, here's something interesting," JJ commented. "All three girls underwent the abortions within a week before the date that they were killed."

Emily bit on her thumbnail, her thoughts going to the idea of an angel of mercy unsub, someone who believed they were performing mercy killing. Considering the emotional toll that Emily knew from personal experience an abortion had on a woman, perhaps there was something to her theory. If the unsub – it would have to be a woman, if Emily was correct – had gone through an abortion herself, she might be trying to save these teenage girls from going through the same emotional pain that she had experienced once they had underwent the same procedure.

The problem was that Emily didn't know how to voice her thoughts without letting her own personal experiences slip out along with it, and that just wasn't something that she was willing to let happen, so she kept her mouth shut as they prepared to land.

Sheriff Brandon Gentry met the team as they walked into the sheriff's department.

Hotch stepped forward and shook his hand, saying, "I'm Agent Hotchner; we spoke on the phone."

A quartet of deputies stepped up behind the sheriff as Hotch introduced the rest of his team.

"These," the sheriff gestured at the four deputies. "Are the guys that I've had working on this case so far. Corporal Adam Mitchell, Lieutenant Nathan Hayes, and their partners, David Thomson and Bobby Shaw. I'm afraid that I've got so much to do right now that I'm going to have to leave you all in their capable hands."

After the regular round of handshakes, they got down to business.

"Everything that we have on the case is over here," Lieutenant Hayes said, leading them back into a side room of the department. "We cleared this old room out and set this all up when we heard that you Sheriff Gentry had taken my recommendation about calling you here." He further explained, "I worked as a cop back in Atlanta a few years ago, and I'd heard of some of the work that you did there, so when this happened a third time here, I thought of you guys."

Hotch nodded at the man and continued their conversation as the rest of the team went over to survey the boards that had already been set up and to add their own information to them. As they worked, Emily looked at the four deputies out of the corner of her eye.

The corporal was above Lieutenant Hayes in rank, but he seemed ready and willing to let the other man take over leading this case. The other two guys – Thomson and Shaw – both looked like they were fresh out of the academy, although Thomson had gotten over the jitteriness that Shaw had – the mark of any inexperienced law enforcement office. The former had probably been on the job a little over a year, and the latter was too young to be anything but as green as you could get. Poor kid; this probably wasn't the initiation into his job that anyone had been hoping for.

Well, maybe they could catch their unsub quickly and then get out of dodge – or Albany, Georgia, as it were – for all of their sakes, before this really started getting to any of them anymore than it already had. As it was, Emily already had a feeling that this case was going to bring things back up that she, at the very least, didn't want to think about.

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