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Mibu's Wolves

Chapter 1: Saitoh Tokio, Beautiful Wife, and Good Cook

"Himura, I said I didn't need your help," said an irritated Saitoh Hajime.

"I know, Saitoh. Demo, you were there during the fight with Shishio, and I feel it is only right that I help you in return," explained Kenshin.

"Yare yare, that's fine, but, did you *have* to bring your little 'group' along?" Saitoh glanced behind them at Kaoru, Yahiko and Sanosuke. "Just seeing them makes me wanna smoke all of these at the same time." He held out in front of him his package of cigarettes, newly opened.

" de gozaru, Saitoh. But, again, during the fight with Shishio, I was away for a long time, and Kaoru-dono really wanted to come this time."

Saitoh smirked. "Naruhodo. You've finally realized how she feels for you."

"Oro? Eh.I don't know what you're trying to say, Saitoh." Kenshin wrinkled his face in thought for a second, then said, "No, really! I don't know what you're saying."

Saitoh put on his unreadable face and replied, "Never mind, Himura, mind."

" , are you sure it's all right for us all to stay at your house?" asked Kaoru from behind.

"Aa. There are extra rooms that aren't being used, and I'm sure my wife will appreciate having company over since it is a rare occurrence."

"I still can't believe he's married.." Muttered Sano.

* * *

Before they were invited inside Saitoh's house, he motioned for them all to quiet down. It was evening, and the sunset made the trees around the house look beautiful. Saitoh sighed deeply and said, "Don't say a word when we come in. I have to apologize to someone."

Everyone eyed each other a little didn't seem like the kind of man to apologize for anything to anyone.

They entered, and stopped a few steps away from the front door.

Saitoh closed his eyes, and quietly, almost like a whisper, said, "I'm home now."

From behind another door, came a woman's quiet voice, "So ka."


"You said you were only going to be away for 2 months. And, you always write once a least. So I know you're okay. But this time.4 months went by. ... nothing. I didn't know where you were, whether you were-" the woman was cut off.


This time, the door opened, and a beautiful, young-looking woman stood in the doorway. Tears were in here eyes. "Urusai!" she yelled as she threw herself into her husband's arms.

Kenshin and the others could only look on in stunned silence.

"Stop, please, Hajime. You don't understand. I thought.I thought you were now you're here, in front of me again. don't say you're sorry. Don't. Just hold me." the woman clung onto the back of his uniform as if she were drowning.

Saitoh's wife must really love Kenshin. This is something I would have never dreamed of.

"Tokio." was all Saitoh could say to his wife, who was still wrapped in his arms.

"I have guests, and I'm embarrassing you. Sumimasen, Hajime." When she pulled away, her tears were gone, and she was smiling.

Tokio bowed to the group behind her husband, and smiled. "Watashiwa Saitoh Tokio."

Saitoh turned around and smirked at the Kenshin gumi, who were all staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the woman called Saitoh Tokio. She was wearing a light blue kimono, and she wore her hair down. Her hair tumbled past her shoulders, and her bangs framed her face quite nicely. Kenshin and his friends had never seen someone so pretty, and her sparkling green eyes only added to her beauty.

"Kiree." whispered Kaoru.

"She's not some fair attraction that you stare at, you know," said Saitoh.

"Eh?" said a dazed Sanosuke.

"Oro?" (Do I need to explain who said this? =Þ)

"Ah, .sumanai.." stuttered Kaoru.

"Heh, she's prettier than you, busu," muttered Yahiko.

"YAHIKO!" Yelled an enraged Kaoru with red eyes.

Tokio merely laughed through all of this. "Hajime, anata, you brought some strange friends home this time."

"Yes, and you've only just met them." He gave a sideways glance at Tokio, "It gets worse, you know."

"Hajime!" scolded Tokio. "I'm sure my husband doesn't mean that. Now, ano.I don't quite know all your names."

"I can introduce them," announced Saitoh. "The woman is Kamiya Kaoru. The brat is Myoujin Yahiko, the rooster-head is Sagara Sanosuke, and the short man is Himura Kenshin."

"Hmph. You didn't have to call me a rooster-head, Saitoh, you know."

"And I'm *NOT* a brat!"

"Well," laughed Tokio, "I can see you all get along very well. Hajime, if they're staying with us for a while, please show them their rooms. I'll get dinner started."

"I can help you, if you want," offered Kaoru.

Not noticing the distressed looks on the men's faces, Saitoh said, "Alright, Himura, and you other boys, follow me."

" ." stammered Kenshin. "Maybe Kaoru-dono should come with us, too."

"Don't be ridiculous, Tokio is going to cook for 5 people other than herself. It's usually only herself since I'm away so much. So, it will be good for her to have some help."

"He's right," interjected Tokio. "I'd ask Hajime to help, but the only thing he can cook is kake-soba. And that's because I got sick of cooking it for him all the time, so he was forced to learn."

Everybody sniggered at this for a second, then snapped back into place as Saitoh yelled at them to shut up and follow him. Tokio laughed and led Kaoru into the kitchen.

At least he can cook *something*. thought Sanosuke.