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April 5, 2019 late afternoon

Alex and Martha moved to the sunroom with their coffee. They chatted about little things, looked at the ocean and sat in companionable silence at times. After a dinner of sandwiches and fruit salad, they each carried a glass of wine to the den and sat on the sofa. Alex draped his arm around Martha's shoulders. She rested her head on his shoulder, and they both reveled in the sensation. Around 8 pm they hear the car pulling up in front of the house. They rise to greet their son and his family at the door.

Rick walks in with a sleeping Ian against his shoulder. Kate is right behind him. When he sees his parents together and smiling, Rick smiles nervously in return. Kate is a little more reserved and stays close to her husband. "I'll take Ian and tuck him in to bed. Why don't you and your parents talk? I'll be just a few minutes," Kate tells Rick as she reaches for her son.

Ian stirs a little with the transition. He opens his eyes and sees his grandmother. "Gams, kissy," he mumbles sleepily.

"Good night, my sweet boy. Here's your kissy. You sleep tight," Martha rubs Ian's back and places a kiss on his temple.

"'Night, Gams. Daddy, kissy," Ian mumbles as he tries to stay awake for his kiss.

Rick kisses his son and murmurs his good night and an "I love you". Kate takes the little boy up the stairs.

"So, Dad. Mother said you're retired," Rick starts the conversation as they enter the den. He drops his coat on a chair.

"Yes, I've come in from the cold. I plan to keep a low profile for whatever time I have left on this planet, but I want to have some kind of a relationship with the only family I have. Your family," Alex responds.

"Will that put my family in any danger?" Rick looks his father straight in the eyes.

"The powers that be believe that I can lose myself in some less populated area and not have any problems. I tried to convince your mother to join me in the wilds of the west, but she said no." Rick raises his eyebrows and looks at his mother in response to his father's statement.

"I told Alex that I would not move away from my grandchildren and my son. I'm not just running off with a man that I barely know, even if he is the father of my son," Martha pointedly tells Rick.

Rick looks at the floor. He is so tempted to make a snarky comment, but decides that his mother does not deserve it right now. "Since she won't move, and obviously my family is staying in New York, what are you going to do?" he asks his father.

"I haveā€¦." Alex begins, but stops as Kate joins them. "It might be easier if we go in the breakfast room where I have the paperwork that I showed Martha," Alex continues with a smile directed at Kate.

They all go to the kitchen. Rick grabs a beer from the fridge and Martha pours the others each a glass of wine. They take their refreshments and sit around the table. Kate notices the pictures on the table and examines the one that shows the outside of the cabin. "I recognize this cabin. It's not too far from Dad's cabin and sits lakefront. It was built to replace a cabin that burned. They were building it while I was at Dad's cabin that one summer. Dad recently told me it was for sale. I think he was hoping we'd buy it," Kate looks at Rick as she finishes.

"I placed a bid on it today. I bid above their asking price, so I feel confident I'll be successful. My previous employer has created an identity for me to use in my retirement. I'll be James Alexander Craig once again. My cover story is that I worked around the world doing whatever I could for the past decades. I will be retiring to the Adirondacks. I've asked Martha to help me decorate and remodel the place. She wants your input, before she makes a decision," Alex finishes and looks at Rick.

Martha opens her mouth, but Rick speaks before she can utter a sound. "What assurances do I have that we won't have a repeat of Paris? I will not allow you to imperil my children."

"Richard, according to the my former employers, any person who might have the interest and the wherewithal to come after me has already gone to meet St. Peter. I have the means to retire anywhere on this planet that I wish to. My pension from Uncle Sam goes into a Swiss account. Any withdrawals that I make, I am quite careful to have them bounce around the globe before they land in one of my internet based bank accounts. I doubt that any relatives of my deceased enemies would expect me to retire to a cabin in the woods," Alex explains to his son. "They might expect me to retire to a tropical island, but not to Lake George. It's not where any of them would go."

"Mother, what do you want to do? You've always followed your heart, and the results have not always been what you'd hoped," Rick cautions his mother.

"I hoped for years that your father would come and rescue us from the tough times we had. It never happened. I am not agreeing to move in with him exclusively. If you are comfortable with the arrangement, I would like to spend some time with him at his cabin periodically. He hopes to remodel the 2nd floor of that cabin to accommodate visits by your family. Since Katherine's father's cabin is so close, perhaps that is an unnecessary action. I feel sure it would be unwise for him to spend any time with us in New York, since Detectives Ryan and Esposito might want to arrest him," Martha surprises everyone with her well-considered thoughts. Martha looks at Alex, "We had magic once upon a time. I'd be lying, if I said I didn't long to recapture that magic."

Kate speaks up as the elder lovers stare at each other. "I understand your feelings, Martha. That magic is a powerful thing." Kate looks at Rick. "My concern is that we not confuse Ian. He is too young to keep any secrets that we may have to keep. My request would be that he not address Alex as'Grandpa', unless Martha and Alex get married. I'd also like Rick to refrain from calling Alex 'Dad' in Ian's presence. When Ian is older and can understand why we want to keep this secret, then he can be told the truth."

"I can do that, Kate. No problem. Is that acceptable to you," Rick spoke first to his wife and then to his Dad.

"Richard, I will do whatever you two feel is necessary. I gave my country the best years of my life. I just want the opportunity to spend the last years of my life with my family," Alex looked from his son to his daughter-in-law to Martha as he spoke.

The baby monitor that Kate had brought down from Ian's bedroom came to life. Ian called out to his father, "Daaadee, firsty. Daaadee, drinky, Momma."

Rick rose from the table. "The consequence of being Mr. Mom is that he calls for me first. I'll go and get him. It's time for him to meet Gram's friend, Alex."