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The light of the full moon shone upon the palace as two shadows approached the gates. Tears glistened as they streamed down the cheeks of a girl whose freedom was about to be stripped from her. The blonde beside her removed a handkerchief from his tunic and gently dried her cheeks. "Amu, don't worry. I'll come for you. It'll take time to make the proper arrangements, but I will rescue you from this fate."

The pink-haired girl looked up at him in sadness, "Tadase, this is the palace! Even if you found a way in, they would still notice my absence!" Amu whisper-shouted.

"By the time they realize what happened, we'll be out of this wretched country." Tadase spat.

Amu sighed. "We're getting a bit ahead of ourselves, are we not? I'm not even sure he'll approve of me."

"Of course he'll approve of you. You're beautiful." Tadase cupped her face in his hand. "I tried not to fall in love with you, but my efforts were in vain."

Amu leaned into him, but just as their lips were about to touch, he pulled away. "You must preserve yourself." He said bitterly.

Time seemed to speed up for Amu as the gate opened and she was taken into the palace. The next thing she knew, she was before the newly crowned king, clothed in a beautiful gem-encrusted, floor-length, white dress. Tadase began his pre-prepared announcement. "Your Highness, it has come to the attention of the king of [Name and Address Withheld] that you are yet unmarried. He wishes to send you a gift in the form of Amu Hinamori to be your first wife."

Anyone could tell that he was sad as he said it, but the king wasn't paying attention to him as he walked over to Amu and inspected her. Amu, too, was inspecting him. he had midnight blue hair with eyes to match. He was gorgeous, but she didn't love him. He gave her a satisfied smile, looked into her honey-golden eyes, and said, "Hello. My name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto, King of Seiyo. And tomorrow, you will be my wife."

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