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It had been a month since the wedding, and Amu had settled into a dull routine. She would wake up, be tended to by the maids, walk around the palace, maybe read a book in the library, walk around some more, then go to bed. Of course, she would find time to have her meals between her riveting daily activities, but she did not enjoy them. Why, you may ask?

"And so I told him, 'I'm the king! I can do whatever I what!' That shut him up pretty quickly." Ikuto boasted across the table to his wife.

"That's nice, Ikuto-sama." Amu replied.

"I'm telling you, anyone who does not believe in the divine right of kings has obviously never been one."

"That's nice, Ikuto-sama."

"That aside, has your day been pleasant so far?"

"That's nice, Iku – wait, what?" It was the same thing every day. Ikuto would gloat while Amu faked her attention, then he would shock her out of her daze by asking about her day. "Ehm, I suppose it's as good as any other day." Honestly, she should have caught on by now.

Ikuto frowned. "Tell me, how much of this great kingdom have you seen?"

Amu had a reason to be shocked this time. Not once had she been asked about her tourist habits, or in this case, the lack thereof. "Um, I'm afraid that it was dark when my… escort… and I arrived. Even if the sun had been up, it was pretty much a straight shot to the palace, so I'm sure there would not have been much to see anyway."

Ikuto waved his hand in a dismissive manner. "Yes, yes, but what about after that?"

Amu gave him a look of confusion. "What do you mean? I've been here at the palace."

He sighed and set his silverware gently on the side of his plate. "Amu. You're my wife, not a prisoner. It is important to me that you realize that you are free to leave the palace at any time given you have suitable protection. If there's a problem with the guards, I can assure you that they will not harm you. I'm sure they would be delighted to escort you anywhere you wish to go."

Now what was Amu supposed to say to that? She had always thought of this situation as a prison sentence. At least, that was what Tadase had always told her on their journey to this land. She couldn't think of what to say, so she opted to remain quiet for the time being.

She didn't have to wait long for a sound, however, as Ikuto continued with what he wanted to say. "I don't suppose it matters now, anyway. I've accomplished more work today than I'd thought, so I was able to free up some time for us tomorrow to go on a proper date."

That did it for her. Amu choked on her food and started coughing uncontrollably. Ikuto quickly called for the doctor and rushed to her side. "Amu! Are you alright?" He grabbed her glass of water and placed it in her hands. "Here, drink this!" Seeing the genuine concern in his eyes made her cough even harder, but after a few sips, the coughing subsided, leaving only an annoying tickling feeling in the back of her throat.

"I'm fine now. Thank you." Amu touched her hand to her neck and messaged it lightly to assuage her discomfort. "I'm just pretty shocked is all."

Ikuto smiled in relief. "Well, I figured that since we're married, I might want to know a bit more about you. Plus, I finally got some time off, so like, what else am I gonna do?"

It was then that Amu noticed how uncomfortably close he was to her. She cleared her throat and got up out of her chair. "If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go lie down for a bit."

Ikuto backed up a bit. "Yes, of course. You do that." He walked back over to his place setting and looked at his plate before deciding that he was done anyway. He moved to exit the dining room when his physician Kairi ran in. "Where were you? I called for you like an hour ago. It's no matter now, you're too late." With that, the young king made his way back to his study.

Kairi's eyes widened. He began to frantically search the room for the body of the queen that he was too late to save until he was nudged by one of the guards. He placed a firm hand on the doctor's shoulder and shook his head, his eyes giving away the king's meaning. Kairi's expression changed from fear to annoyance with his ruler, and he stomped back to his office, grumbling all the way.


Ran and Su were ecstatic about getting their queen ready for her first date with the king. Amu was less than enthused. She didn't even bother to see what they had dressed her in. She didn't much care what she was wearing and had trouble imagining that anybody else would have strong feelings about it either. Either way, Ikuto seemed impressed when he saw her.

He smirked at her and held out his hand. "Shall we depart, my lady?" Amu took his hand, and he lifted it gently to his lips. If this had been in the earlier days of their acquaintanceship, she would have had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. However, since he did this nearly every time he saw her, she guessed that it was an effort to appear "gentlemanly", she had gotten used to it.

Amu was surprised, yet grateful, when they set out on foot rather than in a carriage or on horseback. There were a couple of guards following at a distance, but other than that, it was just the two of them. They even took a shortcut through the woods to get to the market. It was … actually kind of nice.

Ikuto had learned in the first few weeks of their marriage that Amu was not impressed with most material things. I mean, sure, she was grateful, but even a blind man could tell based on her reactions that it just wasn't her thing. He figured that she might appreciate a walk in the woods more. One look at her awestruck face told him that this was a good idea. The way the light shone through the trees and caught on the little dust motes floating on the breeze held a beauty that made Amu nostalgic for the woods where she roamed as a child. She was so enraptured by her surroundings that she didn't notice the genuine smile that graced her husband's face.

Before they knew it, they were in the town, watching the peddlers and merchants set up their goods for the day. They spent the better part of the morning just aimlessly wandering around the marketplace. She didn't buy anything, but Amu felt at ease nonetheless. It felt like home.

Ikuto was only slightly frustrated when Amu showed little to no interest in the wares that all of the different stalls had to offer. He was planning on getting her something special that she would genuinely enjoy. At this point he just sort of gave up on that happening, but he was more than content with just watching her enjoy herself. He smiled softly at the back of her head while he reminisced on the previous month of their marriage. He hadn't seen much of the fire that she'd shown him the first night at the palace, but he was hoping that this date would help crack that shell that she had formed around herself.

In his daze, Ikuto nearly ran right into Amu. She was staring intently at something in the stall in front her. He had to look over her shoulder to see what had captured her attention, and he was a bit shocked at what he found. It was a couple necklace set with a lock and key respectively. They both sported a gemmed four-leafed clover that sparkled brilliantly in the now midday sun. At first glance, it didn't seem like something she would like, but after a bit of thought, Ikuto could see its appeal. Amu hesitantly moved away, leaving Ikuto with an opportunity to purchase the trinkets and catch up with her.

Once she had stopped again, he smoothly moved the lock necklace in front of her and clasped it around her neck. Startled, Amu looked down at the necklace before turning to smile at Ikuto. "Thank you, Ikuto-sama! You really didn't have to, though." She cradled the lock in her hand as if it was the most precious thing on earth.

"Please, what kind of husband would I be if I did not get my wife something meaningful while on a date? Besides," he held up the key that he had claimed as his own. "I think that it's fitting. As long as you wear this around your neck, you can rest assured that I will stop at nothing until I unlock your heart." He smirked at a secondary implication of giving her the lock while keeping the matching key for himself. "However, I can't very well do that unless you work with me. That being said, while we're here, could you tell me of your life before coming here?" He absent-mindedly slipped the key around his neck.

Amu's eyes widened slightly. She debated in her head the pros and cons of opening up to him. There was nothing particularly interesting about her former life, but it was still her life, and she wasn't entirely certain she wanted to tell him about it. After a few seconds, she decided that it couldn't really hurt. She shouldn't be here very much longer if Tadase had anything to say about it, and it's not as if she had a secret that would reveal her fatal flaw to Ikuto hidden within her life's story, so it should be relatively harmless to indulge him at this moment. "Alright, I guess. So, once upon a time…"

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