He likes the way she rattles on about random facts as she just prattles on and he doesn't understand a word that's flying from her mouth;

He just likes to watch her lips move.

He's so...adorable.

He's got that clueless quality that makes him so absolutely ridiculous but so desirable at the same time, and she just wants to wrap him up in her arms

And make him stay there forever.

She's so...snarky.

She's sarcastic and a realist and sometimes he thinks she sounds absolutely emotionless

And she's so uncreative

And can just sit there for days and work for hours on end on some other project that he doesn't understand at all.

But he likes to just sit there and watch her fingers move and mumble to herself and brush shiny curls from her face.

Of course, he likes it better if she'll just turn around and kiss him.

He's so...dense.

Sometimes she sits there and twirls a lock of hair around her fingertips and flutters her lashes like Silena taught her, feeling absolutely ridiculous

But Silena insists and there's no way to resist Silena.

Sometimes, after she looks away, Annabeth will break out her laptop and let her fingers frantically run over the keys.

Then Silena will take away her laptop for the next week.

But sometimes, as she sits there,

She wishes Percy will stop being so dense and just look at her.

She's so...ugh.

Sometimes he doesn't even want to look at her much less listen to her lecture him

On and on

Again and again.

Okay, so maybe he's not the most tactful person on the planet.


Okay, and maybe he doesn't always understand the ridiculously long words flying out of her mouth -

Scratch that, he never gets the ridiculously long words flying from her mouth.

So fucking kill him!

She's just so...ugh.

He's just so...ugh!

And Annabeth hates using sounds instead of words but today she has no words for him except for how ugh! he is.

He never understands anything.

It's like all the fascinating facts racing around her mind make no sense to him at all and he doesn't even bother trying!

She just wants to scream at the sky and wonder, why-oh-why, does she have to fall in love with the most dense person on the whole wide fucking planet!


She's completely livid.

Now, maybe he feels just that little bit bad.

He knows how important her confusing scientific facts are.

He, personally, thinks they get in the way of his time alone with her.

The few minutes he has away from the rest of camp are filled up with dozens of little facts that fill up her stupid little mouth

And she won't let him kiss her.

But maybe, he's gone a little bit overboard this time.

When arms wrap around her waist from the back she can't help but smile.

Then she covers it up with that infuriating scowl of hers.

But he kisses it anyways.

Forget about ugh, he's just so fucking adorable.

At least

Until he decides it would be a good idea to hide her precious laptop and drag her into the middle of the sea - far away from the beach

And pretend to kidnap her.

So he just wants a little alone time.

Sue him.

Percy is so dead.



At least...

Until she can escape from the son of Poseidon.

In the middle of the sea.


She's going to drown that pretty little head of his if its the last thing she ever does.