This is my first story plz don't judge and there a sight chance I might not finsh this.

Morning 11.00 am Sonic was going out for a run when he found a letter in his mailboxthe letter said:

Dear all my friends:I have i new envention and i want all my friends to see it,from Tails.

Sonic:This must be big sense he invited all of us.

So Sonic,Knuckles,Rouge,Chris,Cream,Chesse, and Amy went to Tails house

Tails:Hey everyone I'm glad you could make it.

Cream:So what is this big important invention you made?

Tails:You'll have to come in and see he said with excitement.

They all when inside Tails house were they saw a large machine that looked like a frame without a mirror in it.

Tails: This is my inter dimensional portal machine it is purpose to let you go to other dimensions.

Sonic: sounds cool little bro but does it work?

Tails:Well that is the problem i don't know but i need someone to test it.

Sonic:Sounds cool i will do it.

Tails:Thx Sonic and i will go to

(Tails cuts on the blaster) Tails:ready Sonic?


Tails: 3 2 1 jump (both jump into portal) Both:haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Knuckles:So where are they going to end up?

Rouge:I don't know (shurges her shoulders up and down)

Goku:Chi-Chi me and the boys are going out.

Chi-Chi:Remember to be back by dinner time

Goku:Race you to the pool Gohan.


Goku:What is it?

Gohan:I think they are dead.

Sonic and Tails:(groans)