Voldemort is at it again when he has the corrupt MoM pass a new marriage law which forces every muggle born witch or wizard to marry in hopes of 'breeding out the filth'. When Hermione is forced to marry Snape in secret, per Albus' suggestion and lack of options, will it be an unbearable marriage or one full of surprises?

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Halfway through another school year, Severus Snape sat in his desk chair at the front of his Potions class before the final class of the day started. One he had been dreading all day, for so many reasons. Albus Dumbledore. He was by far the most meddlesome and plotting man to ever walk the planet, and yet was his friend and mentor. Severus had had a hard life, and Albus Dumbledore was the only person who ever seemed to care at all about him, even though he did manipulate his life like a potter with clay. And yet soon Albus would no longer be around to mentor him and offer advice. Soon the fool's (or genius' depending on who you asked) plan would officially be coming to a close and along with it a grand finale of shit hitting the fan and a Dark Lord down. Severus sighed, the reality was no joking matter, but he could either turn to depression and anger or keep a mask of depression and anger. He chose the latter as his friend Albus had taught him. He sighed again as he thought back on the conversation that had transpired earlier that morning and would change his life forever.

"Severus please do come in and close the door."

Severus merely raised an eyebrow as he shut the door and took a seat in front of the headmaster's desk.

"Severus, I must ask you, how badly do you want to protect others from Voldemort?"

Severus did not even hesitate before he answered, "More than anything."

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows and looked at him seriously, "Even more than the chance to control your own life?"

Severus looked at him, calculating before saying, "Since when have I ever had control of my own life?"

Dumbledore nodded sadly before replying, "I'm afraid Tom is at it again. The ministry has approved a marriage law this morning forcing any muggle-born witch or wizard, and a handful of what I'm assuming he considers 'blood-traitors', into marrying either a half-blood or pure-blood witch or wizard. Look at some of the addendums and notice who's few specific names are there," Albus said as he placed the law in front of Severus.

Severus read the names and noticed two that stood out clear as day, Harry Potter was supposed to be forced to marry like the muggle-borns, and Hermione Granger who was not allowed to marry a former or current student of Hogwarts from the House of Gryfindor. Oh honestly, they could not be more singled out. He wondered who added the Gryfindor bit. That went above what he expected the Dark Lord to limit to her.

Severus looked back at Dumbledore, "I see members of the Golden Trio singled out, but what does this have to do with me sir?"

Looking over his half-moon spectacles, "Severus, who do you know who could be trusted to marry Miss Granger, a lifelong binding, and allow her to help Harry, while protecting her and not simply using her as a breeding mare, all while not being in the house of Gryffindor?"

Severus opened and closed his mouth about three times.


No one.


Severus felt dread when the old wizard opened his mouth again, "Exactly Severus. Hermione needs to marry someone we can trust to keep a secret and protect her. You know the time is coming soon when I will no longer be here, and you will be chased out like a traitor. The three of them will have to leave and she must go with them. This law would prevent her from going unless she married someone whom I could trust and whom would allow her to leave. It must be you Severus." Severus had only seen Dumbledore so strictly serious a handful of times.

Severus swallowed, "Surely there must be someone else, I mean I am nearly 20 years her senior! I am over twice her age!"

"Actually Severus you are only 18 years her senior, only twice her age. She used the time turner so often her third year, it has registered her with the Ministry of Magic as older."

Severus sat there shocked. "How do you expect me to convince her to marry me? She hates me and believes I hate her. At the same time, how do you expect me to convince her to 'visit' me just to have sex while she is on the run and I am at the beck-and-call of the Dark Lord after I murder you!? We will both be ousted from wizarding society, if we aren't first tortured and murdered by the Dark Lord or thrown in Azkaban Prison!" Severus, voice raised, had stood and finished his tirade with his hands thrown in the air before plopping back in his chair with a huff.

Albus smiled at his show of frustrated emotion. Very few got to know the real Severus Snape. "Severus, perhaps if you showed a bit of your true self, in privacy of course, she would not reject the marriage proposal I am telling you to make. Secondly, I do not believe she hates you, just as you truly do not hate her. As for the 'visits' you mentioned, I am not sure yet. It could be disastrous if we tell her of our plan, and disastrous if we don't. Perhaps a small amount will be enough to convince her, since the 'visits' are required by this law. And you will not be murdering me Severus. I will die with or without your help, but with it, it will be painless and make my death for a worthy cause, rather than a careless mistake." Dumbledore and Severus had had the conversation of murder vs. mercy killing numerous times. It was a difficult pill for Severus to swallow; how would you like to kill your only true friend, even if they were dying?

Severus sighed. "When do we need to get married?" Severus knew he had to do this. Dumbledore was again correct, there was no one else to be trusted with keeping Hermione's where-about a secret while not asking questions of why she had to go, and still fulfilling the blasted law.

"Tomorrow evening at 7pm after dinner."

Severus froze. Tomorrow? Merlin's Beard how the hell was he supposed to convince her by then?

Dumbledore cleared his throat, "Perhaps it would be best if you went to go get rings now? I would suggest some sort of invisibility spell until it is safe to reveal your marriage. In fact, as a sort of marriage present, if you get the rings, I will place the protection charms over them."

Severus leaned forward and put his head in his hands. Breathe in and out Severus, and get your act together he berated himself. Clearing his throat he stood, "as you wish, headmaster." With that he turned and left, disguised, to go buy some rings.

His memory ended as his first student, Hermione Granger herself, entered the classroom. He sighed; this was going to be interesting.