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Chapter 22

Beca and I play some Jenga and just sit there and talk to each other. Beca's friend eventually IMs back and asks about her leg. I want to see it, but she seems a little on edge from what her friend said, so I don't want to ask right this moment.

I lean over and get the folder and look through some of the pictures again. When I come across a picture of her in physical therapy, I think to myself can I see it but I must have said it out loud because I see Beca tense.

I look up at her, expecting her to say no, and what actually comes out of her mouth surprises me.

"Are you sure?"

I hesitate and say "Yeah, I'm sure" in the softest voice I can muster without showing her the fear I possess inside.

She nods, says "Okay", and leans down to pull her pajama pant leg up.

She carefully undoes the orthosis, looking up at me more than once to make sure I still want to do this, and as she starts to pull it off, she stops. She looks up at me once more and I nod at her.

"Go ahead." I say, and she pulls it off slowly. What is underneath is heartbreaking.

There's a leg with barely any meat on it, that is scarred up that is almost beyond recognition. I can't decide if it's a sob or bile running up my throat, but I swallow whatever it is so I don't scare Beca off. She just looks to the ground, ashamed, and her posture looks like she's expecting me to run away.

I do want to run Beca, but not for the reasons you think. I just don't like seeing you hurt, because it hurts me too.

I keep myself planted, look up at Beca with tears in my eyes, and look back down at her leg. I trace every scar with my finger, being careful not to hurt her, even though subconsciously I know she can barely feel it. She looks up at me with a look in her eyes that I can only place as shame. I've never seen that on her face before.

She catches my eyes just as a tear starts to fall. She brings up her thumb and wipes it off. She then does something I don't expect. She reaches her thumb up to my left eyebrow and wipes off the makeup covering my scar.

She gives me a sad smile and says "There, now we're twins." I let out a tiny chuckle and look back down to her leg.

As more tears start to fall, she pulls me into a giant hug and that's when my walls fall down. I sob into her shoulder, getting her shirt wet nonetheless, and she pulls me out of the embrace.

"Hey, what's the matter? I'm fine now. You don't have to worry about me leaving you."

I wipe away some of my tears and say "I just don't like seeing you hurt, Beca."

She rubs my arm and says "It doesn't even hurt, I can barely feel it, you know."

"Not what I meant, Beca. I'm just not used to seeing you so…vulnerable. You've always been the normal one that has kept me rooted. You have always been the super cool, super chill stone wall that has held me up for so long. I just don't know why I never thought that you could be vulnerable too, because you were always the strong hearted one that didn't care what others thought about you."

Beca looks up me and grabs my hand to get my attention.

"If I didn't care about what people thought of me, why would I have kept this a secret for so long? Especially from my best friend. I wanted to be normal too, just like you, but now we can be crazies together."

Beca pulls me into another embrace and we stay that way for few more minutes.

Beca pulls away first and says "Okay, enough of this mushy-gushy stuff. How about we watch The Hunger Games? You can make as many Beca/Peeta references as you want, and I will be sure to point out your scar when Katniss gets cut by Clove on her forehead!"

I chuckle and say "I didn't even think about you being like Peeta that way until you said it, and I'd much rather watch something else. What about something like Gattaca? Do you have it?"

Beca gives me a huge smile and scoots herself over to her bookshelf since she doesn't have her orthosis on.

"I've been wanting to show you this movie for years."

She then holds up three versions to me, "Blu-Ray, DVD, or Extended Cut?"

I point to the last one and say "Extended Cut, duh!" I toss her the orthosis and she puts it on.

We go downstairs and watch Gattaca. We laugh and cry and it feels nice to be all nerdy with her. When the movie ends, we go upstairs to her room, because it's 10 o'clock, and get ready for bed.

Beca sits on her bed, takes off her orthosis, and crawls under the covers. I make sure all my makeup is off, and lay down on the trundle bed.

Beca says "Goodnight Chloe, thanks for a fun day."

"Goodnight Beca. And thank you…for everything."

Even though I can't see her, I know she is smiling to herself. I push my side-bangs aside and run a finger over my scar.

The relief I am filled with tells me that every story might just have a happy ending after all.