I had an idea to do something like this, so here it is! Just letting you know, this is not Snotstrid. This is Snotlout's POV of his relationship with Astrid.

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He sat there with his dragon, watching the sky. The sun was setting, beautiful evening for flying. That is why he was out here. He waited and watched the sky, until he saw her. The evening light shining on her, making her hair glow like gold and eyes sparkle like a jewel. There was a big smile across her face as she flew past the horizon on her Nadder. He smiled seeing such a beautiful girl on such a lovely night.

"Snotlout? What are you doing?" He suddenly was snapped back to reality, and turned to see Fishlegs and Tuffnut next to him. They all heard a cry of joy, as Astrid zoomed past on her Deadly Nadder Stormfly again.

"Oh, I get it." Tuffnut smirked teasingly. "Is Snotlout watching his girlfriend?" Fishlegs chuckled as Tuffnut made a derpy face at him.

"You guys don't understand!" Snotlout growled. "Astrid is everything most girls around here aren't! She is beautiful, powerful, kind… well… most of the time. But all she ever does to repay my kindness to her is punch me and get her dragon to pin me to walls with its spines."

"Hold on a second… You actually like Astrid?" Fishlegs asked, sitting down next to him.

"Yeah, but she doesn't care! She just ignores me." Snotlout huffed, looking away. "I had a chance with her, before."

"Before what?" His question was just answered, as Astrid zoomed past again, but this time there was a black blur next to her. Along with a familiar voice laughing happily.

"Why couldn't he have just stayed a mistake?" Snotlout hissed, watching the two flying together over the sunset.

Just a reminder, this is not snotstrid. (or however that paring goes.) I don't do SnotloutxAstrid. This is simply Snotlouts POV of his relationship with Astrid. And the ending with the "Why couldn't he have just stayed a mistake?" thing is Snotlout's thoughts, not mine. I would never have wanted Hiccup to stay a mistake.

Thanks for reading, and reviews greatly appreciated! Let me know what you think!

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