I know this one is short, but I hope you enjoy it! I like Astrid when she gets worried about Hiccup doing something either crazy or stupid.

HTTYD (c) Dreamworks

"I can't believe you did it again!" Astrid complained, as she helped Hiccup tie up a splint for his arm.

"We've done it a million time; I don't know what went wrong!" He pleaded, sighing as he watched her finish warping his arm.

"Sure, you jump off of Toothless' back midair above either the raging ocean or cold hard ground. It scares the heck out of me… and everyone else to see you falling freely like that. But I never thought you would be stupid enough to try it on a day like today." She complained, as she tugged hard on the fabric she was using before sewing it down. "One of the windiest days of devastating winter. You're lucky the snow bank broke your fall when you were blown to far from Toothless to re-attach. And even more when you only broke your arm and were knocked out, rather than dying. AND that Toothless takes crashes easier then you do." She motioned to the black, scaly, creature curled up in the corner of the room. Obviously seeming to be in a little pain, but nothing broken or sprained. But his prosthetic was a little beaten up.

"I promise I won't do this on such a windy day again Astrid." Hiccup moaned, rubbing his broken arm.

"Ha, you say it like I would let you."

Nothing really to say here, other then good luck pulling stunts any time soon Hiccup.