Chapter 1: Anna

"Elsa, your coff-…"

"Yeah, yeah just set it down over there"

Yup. She hates me. For sure. Two months I've been working here, bringing her coffee, printing her documents, and not once have I heard so much as a thank you. I mean yeah I've made a couple of mistakes in my first week but all in all I've caught on pretty quickly and yet she still treats me like I've set fire to her house when truth be told all I really want is to set fire to her loins...wait what?


Oh no. How long have I been standing here?

"Anna..? Is there something else?"

Well what are you waiting for, say something, doofus!


Way to go! I said say something, not fucking grunt like a baboon. Do baboons even grunt? Come on, Anna focus!

"N-no, Elsa…sorry I'll go now"

"Oh and Anna, don't forget to hand me the documents for the meeting this afternoon"

"I'll get them right away, Elsa"

I'll get them right away, Elsa. Jeez, why do I even take this treatment from her? Oh right, because she's gorgeous as fuck and I want nothing more than to get in her pants. I sure know how to pick 'em don't I?

The one thing she did allow of me (and only me) was to enter her office without knocking. Apparently she "simply doesn't have the time to politely say 'come in' 823762819 times a day". I stepped into her office as quietly as I could knowing how annoyed she'd get with any unnecessary noise. She was busy typing on her laptop, her platinum blonde hair bunched up messily into a bun, face puckered in concentration. Adorable.

Click click click click click click click click click

Her fingers were effortlessly flying off the keys which naturally got me wondering what else those fingers were capable of doing. Also by naturally I mean inappropriately, and by inappropriately I mean honestly it's what runs through my mind 60% of the day which makes up to about 14.4 hours spent thinking/daydreaming/fantasizing about the possible finesse of my boss's perfectly manicured fingers.

"Elsa, here are the documents you asked for"

Without even bothering to look up at me, she gestured to the corner of the desk with her hand.

"You're welcome" I mumbled under my breath.

Her head shot up so quickly I was surprised her neck was still attached to her body, "Excuse me?"

Cripes. Good going, four for you, Anna, you go, Anna!

"If you have something to say to me, Anna, now's the time to say it"

It's not like she had exceptionally big eyes, but she was widening them now which made them seem huge to me. Her irises (which are as blue as the fucking ocean by the way) were wholly visible now, and though this made her 100 times more attractive, it was also scaring me shitless.

"I…it's just that…well…what have I done wrong, Elsa? I mean I do my work, and I do it well enough but nothing seems to please you! I'm not really asking for much, just a thank you now and again, or a 'hey Anna, you're not that big of a screw up' would be nice too! But nooo! Day in and day out you treat me like I'm dog poop you stepped on in the morning. Why is that…?!"

Dead silence. Uh-oh you've done it now, Anna. My heart was in my throat and my stomach was where my heart used to be. I don't know where I was getting all this courage from to firstly, say those words, and to now be staring straight into those pools of blue piercing right into my very soul like daggers. Then as if I wasn't in enough shock from my random burst of fearlessness, Elsa's lips curled into a smile.

That's perfect. Not only is the object of my infatuation a scary-ass lady with so many pet peeves it would come in several volumes of books if published in written form, she's also completely insane!

"Take a seat Anna" she motioned to the chair in front of her desk, still smiling.

I cautiously took a seat waiting for the bomb to drop. She shouldn't be this calm. This doesn't make any sense.

"Finally, Anna! I've been waiting for this moment!" That confirms it then; she's batshit crazy.

She stood up from her chair and smoothed down her pencil skirt. Jesus fucking Christ, it should be illegal for anyone to look that good in a pencil skirt and blouse.

"I haven't been mean to you because I think you're incapable, Anna. You're the best personal assistant I've had…ever!"

She plopped herself up on her desk, her long smooth ivory legs just hanging over the desk before me as if screaming, "HEY ANNA TRY TO FOCUS WHILE STARING AT THIS LOL!" Her skirt only rode up to her knees but damn those were a sexy pair of kneecaps.

"In hindsight, I realize now that it wasn't the kindest or smartest way to do this but I've only been tough on you because I wanted you to know that this is the real world, people are going to be hard on you, demand things of you and not everyone is going to be kind and appreciative about it…but you just have to blah blah blah…"

I knew she was speaking, but her words slowly became muffled when I realized how sheer her white blouse was and how close she was moving towards me. Standing up, she reached out and placed her hands on the wooden armrests of my chair.

"Anna? Are you listening?"

Her face was just inches from mine now and her breath smelled faintly of coffee and mints. It took me a while to realize I had stopped breathing; the duration of which I had stopped breathing, however, was unknown to me.

Some demon must have possessed me at that moment in time (I highly suspect it was Asmodeus) because I found myself pulling Elsa in and catching her lips with mine. Before I could over analyze the situation and regret my actions, Elsa parted her lips and inhaled deeply, the sound of it causing butterflies in my stomach to go completely berserk.

Leaning in closer, Elsa deepened the kiss and I felt her warm tongue in my mouth. She pushed me lower into the chair as she brought her legs up and straddled me, her groin pressing against mine. Holy shit this feels so good. I broke the kiss and traced kisses along her jaw, moving towards her neck. I nipped at her neck lightly at first but then a soft guttural moan came from Elsa and that was when I lost all self-control (well, whatever minimal self-control I had left at least).

Digging my fingers into her hips (oh those hips) I pulled her in even closer, feeling the warmth of her center on mine. My hands traveled further down south to find the hem of her skirt and pushed it up, exposing Elsa's creamy white thighs. I teasingly caressed her inner thighs hoping to elicit that beautiful moan from her again; what I got was even better.

"Oh Anna!" she whimpered next to my ear, "Please!"

Wow, how did I get from worrying why this woman hated me so much to this? The better question is why am I even thinking of ironies when I have a gorgeous blonde who would put Aphrodite's beauty to shame straddling me and...

"Do you like that Anna?" She growled in my ear, playfully sucking on my earlobe, "And are your hands just going to stop there?"