Chuck vs. the Figure Skater

In honor of the upcoming Winter Olympics, I decided to share this story that has been running around in my head for several months. It is very loosely inspired by the movie the Cutting Edge although the plot is very different and Chuck and Sarah are nothing like the main characters in the movie other than Chuck being an ice hockey player and Sarah a figure skater. This story is totally AU and Charah centric. Yes, I'm a total Charah shipper. There will definitely will be a happy ending and no lover's triangle but will have a little drama, disappointment and angst mixed in. Thanks for reading. It is my first fan fiction and I don't have a beta at this point, so all mistakes are mine. I've really enjoyed reading many fan fiction stories and thought I'd take a crack at it. Thank you to some of my favorite authors like quistie64, Costas-TT, Frea O'Scanlin, BillAtWork, ninjVanish, Kilobyte64 and several others for their stories. I don't own Chuck (other than all five seasons on DVD) or the Cutting Edge (other than on DVD) or the Olympics. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 1

Vancouver 2010

BC Place in the city centre was filled to capacity. The predominately white-clad spectators cheered loudly as the athletes went by from each country. Chuck Bartowski looked around the venue as he walked and couldn't believe all of the flash bulbs going off and the roar of the cheers. Although he could not hear the cheers of his mother, father and sister in the crowd he hoped they could see him. Chuck was living his dream. He was a member of the United States Olympic Team and walking in the parade of nations in the opening ceremony. He looked around at his fellow American athletes walking with him hoping to see a familiar face, one of his teammates on the ice hockey team, or his best friend Morgan Grimes who also qualified for the Olympics in snowboarding. Looking to his right, he spotted a beautiful blonde-haired fellow athlete and thought she was a vision of an angel. He hoped that one day he would get to meet her but thought she was way out of his league.

Although he grew up in Southern California, Chuck was a huge ice hockey fan and followed the Los Angeles Kings since he was little. Instead of Pop Warner football or Little League baseball, Chuck played ice hockey at the local rinks. He watched every game he could and was incredibly excited when he met Wayne Gretzky and got his autograph. Chuck went to every hockey camp he could, practiced constantly and became very, very good. So good in fact, he received a scholarship to Harvard University to play ice hockey and study computers. While at Harvard, he was noticed by a scout for the Anaheim Ducks who was also a selector for the US Olympic Ice Hockey Team. As a result, Chuck received an invite to try out for the team and due to the injury to one of the centers that played in the NHL, he made the team.

Sarah Walker was excited and nervous. She never liked crowds and was in the middle of a sea of humanity walking in the opening ceremony with her fellow athletes from the United States and around the world. She walked next to her partner Bryce Larkin and tried to relax. Walker and Larkin were the United States Pairs Figure Skating Champions and were one of the favorites to win a gold medal having also won the World Championships the previous year. Although they were partners, they were just barely getting along after Sarah rejected Bryce's overtures to be more than just partners on the ice. Sarah saw how Bryce treated the women he dated and didn't want to be just another conquest for him. They decided to remain a team because they thought it was their best chance to win a medal at the Olympics. Sarah's parents were also in the stands and she hoped they could see her walk by. Part way through the parade, Sarah looked to her left and saw a tall brown haired fellow athlete with the kindest brown eyes she had ever seen. She wondered who he was and hoped to meet him.

When she was little, Sarah saw the ice skating events at the Olympics on TV and begged her parents to give her lessons. She was a natural and advanced quickly through the age group competitions and met Bryce at one of them. They became friends and decided to try pairs skating even though they were both very good singles skaters. Both tried to compete at both singles and pairs events but soon they skyrocketed to the top of the podium at junior nationals in pairs and decided to concentrate on that event and give up singles. Sarah was planning on going to medical school at Stanford after hanging up her skates.

When the magnificent opening ceremony ended, Chuck felt his phone vibrating in his pocket and looked at the screen. It was a call from his buddy Morgan Grimes. Chuck answered the phone "Hey Morgan. What's up?"

"This is totally awesome dude! Where are you?" Morgan asked his friend since first grade. He had made the Olympic team as a snowboarder in the half pipe event.

"I'm over by the exit gate in line to catch the bus back to the village. Where are you?" Chuck asked.

"I'm on the other side of the track. Stay where you are and I'll find you. We can ride back together."

Morgan found Chuck a few minutes later and asked, "You see any nice lookin' ladies that you're interested in?"

Chuck said, "I saw one but I don't know who she is and if I saw her again she wouldn't pay any attention to me. She's way out of my league."

Morgan looked at Chuck and said "Dude, when are you going to stop belittling yourself and get back in the game? It's been five years since Jill dumped you and she wasn't even worth it. You deserve far better than her. I say go and find this girl, introduce yourself and get to know her. I bet she's staying at the village like we are and you're bound to see her."

"I don't know buddy. It's been too long," replied Chuck, looking defeated before he even started.

"What does this girl look like?" asked Morgan.

"She's about your height and has blonde hair…"

"And gorgeous blue eyes?" Morgan interrupted. Morgan grabbed Chuck by the shoulders and turned him around and asked, "Is that her?"

Chuck's mouth dropped open and he could only nod his head. Not only was Chuck looking right at her, she was looking back at him…..with a big smile on her face.

Sarah and Bryce were waiting in line for a bus to go back to the Olympic Village. Sarah noticed that Bryce was staring at one of the other athletes, a dark-haired beauty that was on the United States Ski Team.

"Bryce, are you looking at that athlete over there?" Sarah asked. "I know her, would you like an introduction?"

Bryce gaped back at Sarah. "You would do that for me?"

"I may not want to date you Bryce. But that doesn't mean that I don't want you to be happy. I just know that I won't be the one to make you happy, unless it's winning an Olympic medal." Sarah replied. "Come with me."

Sarah grabbed Bryce's arm and practically dragged him over to the other woman and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and her eyes opened wide.

"Sarah!" Carina Miller exclaimed. "It's great to see you. It's been awhile. How are you? Wasn't this great?"

"That it was Carina. I'm doing fine. We'll have to get together and catch up" Sarah responded. Pushing Bryce forward Sarah said "Carina, I'd like to introduce you to my partner, Bryce Larkin. Bryce, this is my friend Carina Miller."

Carina looked Bryce up and down like she was going to devour him and said "Pleased to meet you Bryce."

Bryce couldn't believe his luck at meeting such a beautiful woman and stammered back "Nice to meet you, too."

Carina whispered into Sarah's ear "What's the story with you two. Are you together or something?"

Sarah whispered back. "No, he is just my partner in the rink. He's all yours if you want him."

Carina smiled and nodded her head as if to say she just might take a crack at him. Carina was never one for long-term commitments in the relationship department but thought Bryce might be a fun diversion for the duration of the Olympics.

A few seconds later, Sarah turned and couldn't believe her eyes. Looking right at her and standing only ten feet away was the tall man with the kind brown eyes looking right at her. She couldn't help smiling as she noticed his mouth drop open in surprise. She just had to meet him.

Morgan looked at Chuck rooted to the ground and said "Go Chuck. Don't just stand there. Carpe Diem."

Since Chuck was still not moving, Morgan shoved Chuck in the direction of the blonde beauty and he stumbled, tripped over his own two feet and fell to his knees. Sarah, seeing what happened, rushed over to help him up and make sure he was OK.

"Are you OK?" asked Sarah as she reached out her hand to help him up.

Chuck, totally embarrassed, wanted to crawl into a hole in the ground and cover himself up. Chuck didn't look up and said weakly, "I'm OK. I'm not normally such a klutz."

Sarah squatted down to his level so she could look him in the eye. "I'm sure you're not. Let me help you up."

Chuck turned his head to look at Sarah. She had a look of amusement in her eyes and offered her hand to him. Reluctantly, Chuck took her hand and slowly stood up. "Are you hurt? She asked.

Chuck looked at her uncertainly and answered, "No. I'm just incredibly embarrassed right now. You must think I'm some sort of idiot."

"Why would I think that?" asked Sarah. "I saw your friend push you. You were surprised." Sarah smiled at him again.

Chuck looked at Sarah and gave her his patented Bartowski grin and said, "You are as nice as you are pretty. My name is Chuck, by the way."

"Hi Chuck by the way, my name is Sarah. Sarah Walker."

Chuck laughed and felt much better and more at ease. "Bartowski. My last name is Bartowski."

Sarah laughed and smiled. "Nice to meet you Chuck Bartowski. What sport do you participate in?"

"I am a Center for the Ice Hockey Team. What are you in?"

"I skate too. I'm a pairs figure skater, although my skates have a toe pick. My partner is Bryce Larkin and he is over there trying to pick up my friend Carina."

"Oh. Does he think he's some kind of ladies' man?"

"He sure does. He tried to get me to go out with him, but I turned him down."

"Why is that? He looks like a handsome sort of fellow."

"Do you want me to introduce you to him? Although I don't think he swings that way."

Chuck look shocked and said "No, no, no. I didn't mean it that way. I just thought he might be someone you would find attractive enough to date."

Sarah laughed and said "I know you didn't mean it that way. I'm just teasing. And no, he is not the type of person to settle down with."

"Are you looking for a man to settle down with, Sarah?"

"No, I'm not actively looking to settle down. Let's just say if I happened to meet the right guy I wouldn't be opposed to it. What about you?"

"No, I'm not looking for the right guy to settle down with either." Chuck teased. Sarah punched him in the arm and stuck out her tongue at him.

"Ow", Chuck smirked. " I'm just kidding. I'm like you. Not actively looking but if the right woman came along I would be open for a relationship."

Just then, the busses pulled up to take the athletes to the village. Sarah looked over at Bryce and noticed that he and Carina and hit it off pretty well and headed to the busses together. Sarah turned to Chuck. "It looks like my partner has found a new friend. Care to ride back with me to the village?"

Chuck looked around for Morgan and he couldn't be seen anywhere. He must have seen that he and Sarah were hitting it off quite well and decided to make himself scarce.

Chuck smiled at Sarah and said, "I'd love to. It looks like my bearded friend has found someone else to ride back with. Shall we?"

Chuck offered his arm to Sarah and she took it as they headed off to the buses for their trip back to the Olympic Village where they would be staying for the next two plus weeks.

Once on the bus, Sarah and Chuck sat next to each other. As the other athletes got on, the noise level rose, making it difficult to carry on a conversation. Chuck couldn't believe he was sitting next to the most beautiful woman on the planet and she that she was nice, too.

Chuck leaned close to Sarah's ear and asked "When does your event start?

"In two days" she replied, leaning close so he would hear. "The finals are the following day."

"That means you will be done competing early on. Are you going to be staying to the end? Are you going to be in the closing ceremony?

"If we win a medal like we hope, we will be participating in the skating exhibition at the end. So we are planning to be here for the entire games. Besides, will you ever get the chance to compete in the Olympics again?"

"I suppose not. Our first game is the day after your finals. If we make it to the gold medal game, it will be played on the last day. Even if we don't make it that far, I'm planning on staying to the end."

Chuck and Sarah were enjoying their conversation but were a little concerned about having any distractions during a competition. Sarah knew that she would be finished early on, but that Chuck could be competing for almost the entire time. Still…

Chuck was having a hard time believing that this gorgeous woman was not only sitting close to him but seemed to enjoy his company. He definitely wanted to spend time with her and get to know her better, but didn't know how much time he would have with the games and practices he had. Still…..

The bus they were riding in pulled up the Olympic village and the riders embarked and started toward the entrance. Chuck and Sarah showed their ID badges to the guards and headed inside.

Chuck turned to Sarah and asked "Where are you staying?"

Sarah smiled and said "Why do you ask, Chuck? Do you need a place to stay?"

Chuck, looking horrified said "No. No. No. No. I'm over in G building with Morgan. I was just wondering if you would like me to walk you there."

Sarah chuckled and said "You sure are fun to tease Chuck. And you're a perfect gentleman. You don't meet too many men like you anymore, sad to say."

Chuck, looking relieved said "I hope that's a good thing. I was beginning to wonder if all the beautiful women only wanted to hang around the bad boys for fun. I'm sorry, I just think women should be treated with respect."

"You think I'm pretty, Chuck?"

"If you don't mind me saying so, yes. Very. And you're really nice, too."

"Why would I mind that, Chuck? You're not so bad yourself."

"Right. I'm terrific."

"Yeah, you are. I would like it if you would walk me to my room, Chuck."

Chuck offered his arm to Sarah and asked "Where to m'lady?"

Sarah replied "C building, room 222." Chuck and Sarah headed in that direction.

"I'm in room 432 in G building."

"Are you expecting me to bring you coffee and donuts in the morning, or something?" Sarah smirked.

"No, not donuts. Although I really would like a blueberry muffin" Chuck smirked back.

Sarah filed that information away for future reference. "What is your schedule like tomorrow?"

"I have practice at 2pm at the Canada Hockey Place for two hours. What about you?"

"I have practice at the Pacific Coliseum from 1pm to 3pm. I'm pretty much free for the rest of the day."

They arrived at Sarah's door a few minutes later. Chuck, after working up his courage, managed to stammer out, "Sarah? W W W Would you like to eat dinner with me tomorrow night?"

"Why would we do that?"

"Oh, I thought you might get hungry and need to eat and might enjoy some company and sparkling conversation." Chuck responded.

Sarah regarded him for a minute and wondered how far she should tease him. She really wanted to have dinner with him but he was so nervous she couldn't resist. "What, like a date? Like a real date?"

Chuck, petrified that he had pushed to far said "No, I didn't mean it like that. Just as friends. Unless you want it to be a date."

"Do you want it to be a date, Chuck?"

Chuck looked at Sarah closely and finally noticed the amusement in her beautiful blue eyes. She was teasing him and flirting with him. Two can play at that game he thought. "I was concerned that you wouldn't want any distractions right before your competition."

"You consider yourself a distraction, Chuck?

Chuck realized he wouldn't win at this game and just decided to be bold and honest. When would he ever get a chance with someone like Sarah ever again, he wondered.

"Look, Sarah. I think you're great and are probably way out of my league. But I really would like the chance to get to know you better and I thought having dinner with you would be fun and a way to do just that. I'm sorry for being so presumptuous." Chuck, looking down, slowly started to turn away.

Sarah stopped him. "I think I like you, Chuck and I would like to get to know you better, too. Sorry for teasing you so much, but you are so much fun to tease. Yes, I would like it to be a real date and I hope you will tell me what happened in your life to make you so insecure around women."

Chuck smiled, relieved. "Great. I will pick you up at 6pm. It won't be anything fancy."

Sarah smiled back and said "Good night, Chuck. See you tomorrow."

"Good night, Sarah." Chuck answered back and he headed back to his room feeling like he was walking on air.

Unknown to both Chuck and Sarah, two people stood in the shadows and watched them from a distance.

A/N – I'm not sure how long this story will be yet but it will be several chapters. The time in Vancouver is mostly for background. Thanks for reading and it would be cool if you let me know what you think.