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Eighteen months, eleven days, two hours and fifteen minutes after her big brother was born, Lisa Marie Bartowski came into the world with a healthy cry to two very happy parents and four very happy grandparents, not to mention Ellie and Devon. She had her mother's gorgeous blue eyes, a little tuft of blonde hair and she had her daddy wrapped around her little finger from the moment he laid eyes on her.

"She's gorgeous Sarah. She looks just like you." Chuck said as he held his daughter in his arms. Lisa's mommy just smiled while she lay there in her hospital bed, exhausted. Little Charlie walked unsteadily into the room holding the hand of his Aunt Ellie. "Mommy!" He cried out and held up his arms, wondering why his mother was in a hospital bed. Ellie picked him up and put him on the bed with his mother. Sarah pulled her son close to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Look Charlie, daddy's holding your little sister. Are you going to be the best big brother to your sister?"

Charlie squirmed in his mother's arms before nodding. "Yes mommy."


Chuck brought Lisa down to where Charlie could see her. "Look Charlie. Here's your sister Lisa. Can you say Hi to her?"

Charlie leaned in to get a closer look. She was wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito with only her face showing. "She's so little."

"She's actually a little bigger than you were when you were born even though you were a pretty big baby."

"Don't call me a big baby daddy." Little Charlie pouted.

"That's not what I meant. I was talking about size, how big you were."

Sarah ruffled his curly brown hair that was making animal shapes like his dad's when it got too long. "Just look how much you've grown Charlie. You used to be that size."

Charlie smiled. "I'm a big boy now aren't I mommy?"

Sarah chuckled and gave him a hug and a kiss. "Yes you are Charlie. Yes you are."

After a few more minutes everyone left the room except Chuck, Sarah and Lisa. Chuck placed Lisa in his wife's arms so she could nurse her. Chuck leaned down and kissed Sarah on the lips before kissing his daughter on the cheek. She didn't like being disturbed while she was eating.

Sarah reached up and stroked the side of Chuck's face. "I'm so glad you're playing the Kings in the second round of the playoffs. You don't have to travel anywhere overnight."

"It couldn't have worked out better that way and we have two days off before the next game."

"Are you sorry you missed the game last night?"

"Are you kidding? Being here for the birth of my daughter is far more important than any hockey game."

"But you lost the game."

"We're still ahead two games to one and in good shape. It's very difficult to win every game."

"Are you glad to have Casey as the head coach?"

"Absolutely. We won the Stanley Cup last year in his first year as coach and we have a good shot at winning it this year. And he never talks about my lady feelings anymore."

Sarah laughed and switched Lisa to her other breast. She latched right on. "You won't say it will you?"

"Say what Sarah?"

"That the reason the Ducks have won all these Stanley Cups in recent years is because of you. The one year they lose is the year you missed the playoffs."

"It takes a team to win sweetheart and we have a great goalie."

Sarah smiled. "My wonderful and modest husband. You may never want to take the credit you deserve but I'm your wife and I'll make sure I give you the credit you deserve. Like giving me two wonderful children."

Chuck laughed. He looked down at the two beautiful ladies in his life and smiled. It doesn't get any better than this.


June 30, 2016 Batowski Sixth Anniversary

Emma was holding Lisa while Jack was on the floor playing with his grandson. After Charlie was born, the Walkers decided to move to Newport Beach to be close to their family and be there to help Chuck and Sarah due to their extremely busy lives. After Charlie was born, Sarah decided that since she had finished medical school there was really no reason for her to stay in Palo Alto for her residency. She was in such demand she could pick just about anywhere she wanted to go to finish up. After discussing the pros and cons of each hospital with Chuck, she decided to be at UCI Medical Center. It was a short commute from home and afforded a good teaching environment. Devon and Ellie really wanted her to join them at Westside Medical Center but the commute was just too far and she didn't want to move to LA. She wanted to stay in the OC.

"Chuck, Sarah, shouldn't you be going?" Emma called out.

"In a minute." Sarah answered through the master bedroom door. She was finishing straightening the little white buttons on her blue blouse that Chuck liked so much. When Sarah discovered that Chuck liked that one, she found a website that sold them and bought five more. Chuck wasn't being much help as he still hadn't put his shirt back on and was kissing her neck in that special spot and his hands, well his hands were stoking her skin in places that only his hands were allowed. "Chuuuuuck." "Mmmmmm?" He asked. "If you keep doing that we'll never get off the ground." She turned around to face him and pulled him in for a very hard kiss. "I can't finish getting dressed when you're doing that to me. I thought you wanted to get away for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary."

"I do. It's just that I have a very difficult time keeping my hands and other parts of my body off my beautiful wife."

Sarah chuckled and gave him a sultry look. "I have the exact same problem with you. If I remember right, the Gulfstream has autopilot. I think we can find something really fun to do to pass the time on the way to the Grand Caymans." She picked up Chuck's shirt off the bed and handed it to him. "Here, put this on so I can finish getting ready."

"It sure was nice of Kasia and Damian to let us use the Contessa for a few days. I just hope they moved all the gold and diamonds to a safe place."

Sarah said "When I talked to Kasia last week she said they found several safe places where they divided it all up. Did Damian tell you they finally got all the diamonds appraised?"

"Yes. I was pleasantly surprised that they were worth over 1.1 billion Euros on their own. The gold was a bonus."

Sarah emerged from the bathroom looking stunning as always and Chuck simply gulped. She was wearing the aforementioned blue blouse with the white buttons partially undone and no bra underneath. Her short white skirt also had buttons up the front but she left half of the bottom ones undone. Her hair was pulled back into a single pony tail and she wore gold loop earrings. After sauntering up to her husband who was rooted in place she kissed him teasingly on the lips and walked to the door of their bedroom. Looking back over her shoulder she said "You get the rest on the plane."

Chuck broke out of his stupor, grabbed their bags and followed her out the door. Once he was in the hallway Sarah wiggled her hips and stopped for him to catch up. Once he did he smirked and whispered in her ear "I like the no bra look."

Sarah leaned in and whispered back "That's not the only item of underwear I decided not to put on."

Chuck gulped and reached out to run his hand over his wife's perfect behind. There was no panty line. Sarah raised an eyebrow. "You didn't believe me?"

Chuck smirked and said "No. I just wanted a preview of coming attractions."

It was Sarah's turn to gulp.

They walked out into the family room to say goodbye to their children and Sarah's parents. Year old Lisa clung to her daddy as she said "Don't go daddy, mommy. I miss you." Charlie stood up and clung to his mother's legs. Sarah picked him up. "You two be good for grandma and grandpa. We'll be back in a few days."

"OK mommy. We will."

"Get going you two" Jack said. "We've got this."

"Thanks mom and dad."

"Our pleasure. Now go before you waste your entire weekend at home."

After one more round of hugs and kisses, Chuck and Sarah got in the car for the short drive to the airport. Once they arrived, they found their plane ready to go and the valet took their car to the garage. Chuck followed Sarah up the stairway and once inside, stowed the bags and retracted the stairs. They settled into the pilot and copilot seats to go through the preflight checklist. Once that was finished, they taxied to the runway to wait for takeoff.

They took off without incident and headed southeast to their destination. Once they reached cruising altitude, Chuck put the plane on autopilot and turned his attention to his wife. She had already unfastened her seatbelt and was unbuckling his. She took his hand and pulled him out of the cockpit. "Is it safe for both of us to be out of the cockpit?"

"It's on autopilot and we're just outside the door. If anything goes wrong we can be right back in there."

Chuck looked coyly at his wife. "Just what did you have in mind Mrs. Bartowski?" He gave her the Bartowski eyebrow dance.

Sarah pushed Chuck down onto the seat nearest the cockpit door and straddled his lap. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. "Do I really have to answer that question Mr. Bartowski?"

Chuck shook his head and started kissing her neck and unbuttoning the white buttons on her blouse. In a moment the blouse was lifted over her head and Chuck's mouth was occupied with Sarah's right breast and his right hand was massaging her left one. Sarah moaned with pleasure as she ran her fingers through his hair. Chuck used his left hand to unbutton the rest of Sarah's skirt before sliding his fingers up the inside of her legs to her center. Chuck smiled to himself as his wife was very turned on and he brought her to a climax in a very short time. Sarah stood up and quickly undressed her husband before climbing back on top of him and guiding him inside her. They both moaned with pleasure as they enjoyed the intimate contact. "Are we trying for a boy this time or a girl? Chuck panted as he moved with his wife. Sarah smiled and said "Well, we have one of each. How about twins?" Chuck kissed his wife deeply and lovingly which was returned with equal fervor and emotion from Sarah. After they climaxed together Chuck said "That sounds wonderful honey but I think we'll need to do this twice as much on our anniversary vacation." Sarah looked questioningly at her husband while panting, recovering from her climax. "I'm game for doing this as much as possible but what does that have to do with twins?" Chuck laughed and said "Oh nothing. I was just thinking double the fun might result in double the children." He gave her the Bartowski eyebrow dance. "It also might increase our chances if you have doubles each time." Sarah slapped her husband gently on the shoulder while laughing. "Oh, I love it when you give me doubles like you just did. But sweetheart, I think you must have flunked biology class."

Chuck laughed and hugged Sarah tightly, their bodies pressed together. They stayed that way for several minutes enjoying being together, no words were necessary. Sarah broke the silence with a kiss and a whisper in Chuck's ear. "Since we've been talking about twins and doubles, you know multiples of two?" Chuck nodded and raised an eyebrow. "Well…., you think we might double our chance during round two?"


The Gulfstream G650 landed in Grand Cayman after a very pleasant flight for the pilot and copilot. As they went through the post flight checklist Chuck remarked "Wellll, sweetheart….."

Sarah looked over at Chuck with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"If round two doubled our chance at twins, did round four double our double chance?"

Sarah laughed and bumped her shoulder into his. "Let's hurry and get to the ship. We should call home and talk to our kids. Then it'll be time."

"Time for what?"

"Why dinner and round five followed closely by dessert and round six."

Chuck gulped.

When they descended the stairs they were pleasantly surprised to see Damian, Kasia and Molly waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs. Molly was holding a little dog that looked familiar. Molly said "Look Aunt Sarah, Uncle Chuck. Do you remember Jana?"

Sarah bent down and gave her a hug and a kiss. "Of course we remember Jana. How did you end up with her?"

Molly shrugged. "I dunno. Daddy got her for me."

Chuck and Sarah looked at Damian. He said "I was back in Sochi about a year ago for a meeting with one of my suppliers. I ran into one of the security officers who helped us and he mentioned that they still had the dog. She became sort of a mascot to the station but they were ordered to give her up by the new person in charge. He asked me if I knew of anyone who wanted the dog. I thought of Molly and called Kasia. The rest they say is history."

Kasia, who was seven months pregnant, said "She's been a really good dog. Molly just loves her."

Chuck said "We were wondering what happened to Jana. We're glad she's with you. I thought you were heading home yesterday. What a nice surprise that you're still here."

"We decided it wouldn't hurt to stay an extra day or two to see our friends. We don't get to see you as much as we like as is."

"We're so glad you stayed. It's great to see you." Sarah added. "How's little Martin treating you?"

Kasia laughed. "He's great. Kicking up a storm. What will you do when we name him for real?"

"It'll be an adjustment, but we'll make it." Sarah said with a twinkle in her eye. She and Kasia had jokingly starting calling her baby Martin after watching an episode from a great TV show together about a CAT squad.

The maintenance crew came over and took control of the plane. Damian said "They'll have it all looked over, cleaned and gassed up for when you need it."

Chuck said "We're hungry. Care to join us for dinner?"

Damian said "But it's your anniversary. We don't want to intrude."

Sarah said "It's no intrusion. Please. Join us. It will be great to catch up."


They all went to the Contessa where Chuck and Sarah dropped off their bags before going to dinner. Molly and Jana stayed with the nanny as it was her bedtime. They went to a quaint seafood restaurant where they ordered oysters, calamari and sashimi for appetizers. Chuck and Damian ordered beer while the ladies ordered mineral water. Kasia raised an eyebrow. "I thought you'd be back to drinking. Lisa's over a year old now."

Sarah said "That she is but Chuck and I are trying to have another baby."

Kasia smiled broadly. "That's great. Do you want a boy or a girl this time. There's no pressure since you already have one of each."

Sarah laughed and looked at Chuck while squeezing his hand under the table. "While we were flying over here, we decided we wanted twins."

Damian and Kasia laughed. "Twins? Just how do you go about planning that?"

Sarah smiled. "Chuck had some great ideas but I think he flunked biology."

That peaked their curiosity. "What ideas would those be? Or should we be afraid to ask?"

The hors d'oeuvres arrived and they dug in. Chuck said "Oh, things like doing it twice as much, etc."

Damian laughed. "Thanks for sparing us the details. That would definitely fall in the TMI territory. So are you involved in any new adventures, writing any new games? When are you done with your residency Sarah?"

Sarah answered first. I'll be done in December and take my Boards in January. If all goes well I'll be a doctor by next spring."

"That's great Sarah."


Chuck looked on with pride. He couldn't believe the smartest, most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world was his wife.

"What about you Chuck?"

"You know I get inspiration from events I see so I wrote a game based on the experience we had in the last Olympics with the bad guys."

Sarah chimed in. "Yeah. It was his best-selling game yet and still going strong. He's getting all kinds of requests for a sequel."

Chuck blushed at the praise. "What's funny about this whole thing is that my mom, the part-time CIA agent, has started to train me and Sarah in case we run into some real bad guys again. She even started working with Charlie a little bit as he was always trying to join in when she was teaching us. We've actually gotten pretty good."

Sarah added. "It's actually pretty fun and good exercise. I can flip Chuck now in case he gets out of line."

That got a guffaw from Kasia. "Yeah, Chuck only gets out of line in your eyes when he doesn't get you in bed fast enough."

They all laughed as they knew it was true, especially Sarah.

Sarah said "We had to draw the line when she wanted to train us in the over two hundred ways to kill someone."

Chuck said "We're not killing anyone although she did convince us to learn how to shoot a gun. At least we'll look like we know what to do with one if the need ever arises. We refused to keep any guns at the house because of the kids but we do have a couple of tranq guns.

Damian said "That's what we did in our house too. Our children's safety is what's most important."

Chuck nodded. "You haven't had any problems with Dragan have you?"

"None. I actually ran into him at an Eastern European business conference in Budapest and he thanked me for selling Athos to him. He said it helped make up for some business losses he suffered at the hands of what he called 'unscrupulous' suppliers." He made air quotes as he said it.

That caused everyone at the table to laugh. Kasia said "You two are geniuses. It worked exactly as you planned. How did you know?"

Chuck and Sarah just shrugged. "We were lucky."

Kasia said. "No, it was a lot more than luck. You should work for the CIA or MI6."

Chuck and Sarah laughed. "Us? Spies? You've got to be kidding."

Damian said "Maybe so, but you are the best. So Chuck, how did it feel to be MVP and win the Stanley Cup again this year? What is that…. five Stanley Cups in six years of playing?"

"It's great to win. I have great teammates."

"Nice try Chuck. All of us at this table, and I don't mean just your wife, know just how good you are. You're the best. The only reason the Ducks didn't win that one year is because you missed most of the season and all of the playoffs."

Sarah nodded and gave Chuck the 'I told you so' look.

Looking embarrassed Chuck just nodded. "Thanks."

They spent the next few hours eating and talking before heading back to the ship. Kasia and Damian headed to cabins on the port side of the ship while Chuck and Sarah took the main salon on the starboard side. They spent a wonderful night working on their twins.

The next morning the Dudeks said goodbye to the Bartowskis. Kasia said half-seriously half-jokingly "If you ever need a spy base in Europe you know where we are."

Chuck and Sarah laughed. In his best Sean Connery voice he said "My name is Bond. James Bond. And this is Mrs. Bond." He put his arm around Sarah's shoulders.

They all chuckled and after a round of hugs and kisses, the Dudeks headed off to the airport and the Bartowskis thoroughly enjoyed the rest of their long weekend.


March 2017 Newport Beach, California

A very pregnant Sarah Lisa Bartowski stood with her family and friends as they celebrated her receiving her California medical license. She passed her Boards with flying colors and could now hang her shingle as an eye surgeon. Her reputation as a great surgeon had already been established at Stanford when she was a student and she was poised to take Dr. Arnaldo's place as the world's best and he would be all for it. She had developed new surgical techniques that now can be named after her and perfected several others. Sarah Bartowski, double gold medal winning figure skater, was almost as famous for her eye surgeries as she was for the Pamchenko. The eye surgeon part would overtake the figure skating over time.

Charlie was running around with his sister as they both ate too much cake. Their cousin Clara was also wired and their parents made sure the outside door was locked so no one would fall into the pool. Devon walked up to Chuck and said "How does it feel to be married to a doctor?"

Chuck laughed. "Great. I'm so proud of her. She's worked so hard for this."

"El and I are still trying to get her to come up to practice with us at Westside Medical."

"We told you it's just too far to drive every day."

"She wouldn't have to come up every day. I talked to the head surgeon. They would love to have her even if it was only one day a week."

Sarah waddled over, her hand on her belly. "What about Westside, Devon?" She put her arms around Chuck.

"I was telling Chuckster here that Westside wants you even if it is only one day a week."

Ellie also waddled over. She was six months along. "Please Sarah. We would make a great team."

Sarah looked at Chuck. "What do you think honey?"

"I'm just worried about you having a long commute but it would be great if you could work with our sister. One day per week wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't on Monday or Friday."

Sarah thought for a moment. "OK sis. I've got a proposition for you. I'll come up to Westside once a week if you come down here once a week. Deal?"

Ellie looked at Devon and he nodded. "OK, you've got a deal. I'll come down here on Tuesdays and you go up to Westside on Thursdays."

They all smiled and Devon said "The director will be excited to hear this although I'm not so sure how he'll feel about Ellie coming down here."

Ellie said "He'll be fine with it. Getting Sarah to our hospital is huge."

Sarah smiled and said "Getting you to come down here will be huge too. UCI Medical center will love to have you. What about you Devon? Do you want to come down here too?"

Devon laughed. "It's nice to be wanted. I'll think about it."

Chuck said "Sweetie, shouldn't you sit down. You've been on your feet for a long time. Your due date is in five days."

Sarah looked at Chuck and nodded. "I think you're right." She was standing in the kitchen and took a step toward a chair. "Oh no!" She said. Alarmed Chuck said "What is it honey?"

"My water just broke."

Ellie and Devon immediately went into doctor mode. Sarah said "Relax. I appreciate it but I've done this before."

Chuck said "Do you want to go take a shower?"

"Sounds like a good idea."

Chuck helped Sarah waddle back to their master bathroom and get into the shower. "You're not going to join me?" she teased.

Chuck teased back "I'll just let you three have a little last peace and quiet. I don't think Luke and Leia want me to disturb them."

Sarah laughed as she took her shower. "I told you, no child of mine is going to be named after a Star Wars character."

"Hey, but my plan worked. We wanted twins and it happened on our anniversary weekend. It probably happened on the plane."

Sarah said "You were right. I'll write a fertility book and tell everyone to make sure they do it twice as often to have twins."

"Don't forget the double."

She laughed. "I won't forget the double although you take such good care of me I usually have double doubles."

Chuck grinned. "It's my pleasure to please you."

"I know and it's my pleasure to please you." Sarah shut off the water and was soon enveloped in the towel held open by Chuck. "I love you Chuck Bartowski." She gave him a big smack on the lips.

"I love you too Sarah Bartowski."


The trip to the hospital was much less dramatic than when Charlie was born and in a few short hours the number of children in the Bartowski household doubled. The first to be born was a little girl who was named Katherine Emma Bartowski and seven minutes later a little boy was born who was named Landon James Bartowski. The fraternal twins were the opposite of their older siblings with Kate taking her dad's eyes and coloring and Landon his mom's. Chuck wasn't afraid to cut the umbilical cords this time and went back with the nurses to help clean up the newest members of their household while Sarah spent a little time with Charlie and Lisa.


The following night everyone was back home sitting in the family room watching the Ducks game on their monster flat screen TV. Mary and Stephen were there along with Jack and Emma to help with the four Bartowski children. The twins were getting changed by Emma and Mary. Chuck was on the ice for a faceoff and Sarah said "Look Charlie and Lisa, there's daddy on the screen."

The children looked up from their game and stared. Lisa said "It doesn't look like daddy."

Sarah chuckled. "Keep watching sweetie. The camera just switched to another player."

A few moments later the cameraman switched back to Chuck and zoomed in for a closeup.

"Daddy!" Lisa exclaimed. Charlie said "Our daddy is pretty famous isn't he mommy?"

Sarah nodded. "Yes he is." She beamed with pride.

The TV commentator said "It looks like Chuck Bartowski is headed for another Hart Trophy for most valuable player this year. He leads the NHL in scoring, assists, and the Ducks have the best record in the NHL."

Chuck won the faceoff and three passes later the puck was back on his stick. He headed toward the net and deked the goalie to the stick side. Faking like he was going to try a low shot he instead lifted the puck over the goalie as he went down, putting the puck into the net top shelf. It was the first goal of the game.

The Bartwoski household cheered loudly as the two grandmothers returned with the newborns. "What happened?" Mary asked.

Charlie said excitedly "Daddy got a goal!"

"That's great." They all watched the replay.

Kate and Landon were fussing a little because they were hungry. Sarah took the newborns and they each latched on to a breast.

Emma asked "Are they getting enough milk?"

Sarah laughed. "Look at me mom. I'm filling up almost as fast as they drink it. Now I know how Dolly Parton must feel."

That got a laugh from all the adults in the room.

Charlie and Lisa looked up at the grownups in the room with puzzled looks on their faces.

Charlie asked "What's so funny and who's Dolly Parton?"


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