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Ch. 1 Welcome to Amara

Vegeta was laughing at the situation. Not only had he been saved by Kakarot after the biggest beat down in his life by his slave driver. But every attack Frieza tried to pull since the third class warrior's arrival had been stopped cold. He believed that he was a super saiyan.

He shifted his weight as he laughed raising his left when he had a sinking feeling that he was... well... sinking. But Frieza had already fired a Death Beam right at his heart not knowing about the thing that was swallowing him up.

The beam grazed the Prince's shoulder as he began to sink farther into the strange portal until he disappeared from sight.

The strange light that had engulfed him was now putting so much pressure on his chest he couldn't breath. He thought he was going to suffocate to death. But he was let out a few moments later.

Gasping for breath, he slammed into the ground and looked up at the strange blue portal. And he saw a green arm stretching out to grab him. Blackness edging his vision, he knew he had to reach for the hand before he blacked out.

He reached for the Namekian to see something slice the green arm and falling on his chest. Vegeta couldn't fight the darkness anymore and blacked out.


Next thing he knew, he felt something. Almost like a shock-wave momentarily awakening him. He saw an extremely pale woman rolled against the same cold stone wall he was on. Lying in what appeared to be rusty iron. He crinkled his noes at that.

"They see us," called one in a weak voice. And sobs began to change from mournful to joyous. "They see us."

What is this a rescue? the Saiyan prince asked himself. Either way, I'm going to need more rest before I can escape. Allowing the darkness to overtake him once again.

"Where is the kimen who stands by her friend this hour?" he heard a voice growl.

Looks like someone's in trouble. he thought with a smile. The darkness hadn't quite took him the whole way yet.

"Vegeta!" he heard someone shout. He knew it sounded familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He was so tired, and it was too late to stop him from sleeping.

Who is that? was the last thought to cross his mind before falling completely asleep.


Vegeta began to arouse from his slumber. His eyes shut, his body in a comfortable bed. He began to think the whole think with Frieza was a dream, and he hadn't lost his planet. And as he found a different position he realized something was missing... his tail.

His eyes shot open, and he threw the blankets off. Looking around he saw that he was in what appeared to be a log cabin.

How could I have been so foolish! Planet Vegeta was destroyed years ago. I guess I was just fooling myself with wishful thinking.

He sighed and looked out the window of the room he was in. Looking out he saw a castle with a foreboding power within. One he could kill easily. That's when he realized that he was in the castle. And whoever lived in this cabin, had in someway helped get him out.

He then looked at himself, and saw that he was not wearing his armor, but a white top and bottom that were a little big for him. They were washed recently before being put on the prince. He then remembered the graze on his left shoulder. Putting his hand on his shoulder, and not feeling pain made a little red flag go up in his head. How the heck did they do that?

Okay, so they got me out and healed my wounds. I'm just going to find my armor and leave. Hopefully I can get off this planet without anyone knowing where I went.

Before he could do that however, there was a soft knock on the door. The door opened up to reveal a girl with auburn hair, wearing a gray cloak, and a small green dragon on her shoulder. She had some clothes and a sword in her arms. And for some reason she smelled like citrus.

"Good morning. How are you feeling?" the girl asked.

"A lot better if I knew who you were." he replied with a growl, making the girl jump.

"My name is Kale, and this is Gymn." she said pointing at the little dragon. "You're Prince Vegeta correct?" she asked making his eyes go wide when he remembered that his name was spoken before.

"Who told you my name?" he demanded.

"He told me not to say, because he wants to tell you himself. You're lucky you know. You could've died there from you injuries."

"Maybe according to your physiology, but not to mine."

"Well according to the saiyan, you wouldn't have lived." the girl said meekly. She was afraid of him, and he enjoyed that. Made him feel better seeing her squirm. Then the dragon fainted. She put the clothes down on the bed and stroked the spine of the dragon to see the tail twitch. "Fainted again."

"Well it's in the past now, and I've gotten stronger from it. Why are you here anyway?" he asked hiding his amusement from the dragon passing out.

"Well, I came here to give you those clothes. Your armor's badly damaged, and we were going to find someone that can fix it."

"Who could fix that? I mean I had someone blast me through my midsection and someone else heal me to gain power. And while the suit will repair itself, I highly doubt that the armor will ever fix itself."

"Someone said that Fenworth might be able to fix it. she said unsure if it was true or not.

"Who the heck is that?"

"One of the reasons why I'm on this quest." she said.

"What quest?"

"The quest to retrieve the meech egg from Risto. The man who's castle we got you out of. I know you have a lot of questions. So do I. I've been living as a slave for all my life. And it was a sheltered one at that. I never met another o'rant before going into the castle and freeing the prisoners from the dungeon."

"A what-now?"

"I'll go get the other saiyan, he'll explain everything. In the meantime please get dressed." and without another word, she left.

"Crazy kid." he got himself dressed into his clothing for the duration of whoever long it would take to get his armor fixed. It was a white tunic with a brown vest, black gloves, green pants, and brown boots. He put on the belt with the sword attached. He pulled out the sword examining the blade. He was impressed with it's craftsmanship. This blade was not for show, oh no. It was meant for combat.


"Excuse me sir? He's awake." Kale said to the saiyan.

"Thank you Kale." he then quickly made his way to the room where the young saiyan was in.

'Wulder, I thank you that you have fulfilled your promise to me. I pray that you speak through me, and give him the wisdom and understanding that will help him understand. And keep him from getting at my thought, and that it was your will that I'm alive, and so is he. Thank you for bringing him back to me. Please help him understand.'

He then knocked on the door as Vegeta was examining the blade. And it wasn't just any knock. It was a very unique knock that only one person knew. "Enter." the prince said.

The door opened to reveal a man that looked a lot like Vegeta, but he was much taller, and had a beard and mustache. That man was his father.

They stared at each for what felt like eternity. Until the younger Vegeta broke the silence that fell in the room. "Father," he asked uncertain of himself. "Is that you?"

"Yes my son."

"Where the heck were you!?" he exploded in anger.

"I was here," he said defending himself, "I wanted so badly to see you again since the moment I got here. I never stopped trying to find a way."

The prince looked at his father his mood changing again. "I thought you were dead. I thought Frieza killed you!"

"I was, and he did. But then Wulder gave me a second chance."

"Wulder? H-he's real?"

"Very." he said taking a seat, and his son sitting next to him, knowing that he was about to hear the tale of how he got there. "It all began when I died."


The king awoke to find himself in front of the gate of a beautiful city. I was like nothing he had ever seen before. He then saw someone walking out of the city, and heading towards him. To this day he had no memory of what he looked like.

"Who are you?" the king asked the man. For some reason he felt at ease being near the city and in the man's presents as well. But at the same time fearful and guilty.

"I king Vegeta, am Wulder." he said making the king extremely fearful. He fell to his knees and began to confess his sins, begging for forgiveness.

"All your servant asks for in return is for my son. Please, I just want my son. Please." he begged.

"Most people like you don't get another chance. Nor do they ever meet me. But you are different. I still have a plan for you. You will also have your son back, but it won't be for a while. He will still be under Frieza's rule until I deem it to be time for him to return to you. He will not die before seeing you again. I promise you that. But he still has my plans to fulfill there."

The saiyan king lifted up his head in sadness. "He'll have a heart of stone before returning to me."

"Oh you of little faith," Wulder said to him. "I can do anything. You should know that. Your mother did teach you about me since you were a boy."

"And I left your straight and narrow path, and forged my own. Destroying everything you created." he said with great shame in his voice. "Why would you still have a plan for me?" Looking at Wulder, he realized his question to him was a dumb one. "Right."

"You don't have to worry,you will not be alone. You'll never be alone. Don't you ever forget that."

End Flashback:

"He gave me a second chance at life, and I took it." he concluded looking into his son's eyes. He saw how upset his son was for leaving him.

"Leaving you there was the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

He loved his father too much. He could never stay mad at his father. Especially since he was alive and well, thanks to Wulder. His father was the only man he would do anything for. That was how much he loved him. Plus he did try to free him from Frieza as a boy. And while that failed, he still tried.

"Why wouldn't I forgive you father?" he asked, The relief that his father felt as if a great burden was lifted of his shoulders. And he was so happy he threw his arms around him in a strong embrace.

Vegeta was shocked by this. He hadn't been hugged since he was a boy. And it was by his father. He welcomed the embrace. Feeling his father's ki he felt something that put him at ease, but it was not his ki. It was something he never thought he would ever feel again. This quickly became the happiest moment in his entire life.

Once they had finished having the father son moment, there was still one more think the prince wanted to know.

"Father, what happens now? Where do we go from here?" he asked.

Letting go of his son, he gave him a small smile and replied, "I believe Kale told you what she's doing?"

"Yeah, something about getting a meech egg. You're not joining then are you?"

"Afraid so, but I tell you what. You have two choices. One: You can come with us, and help out where needed. You'll also have to follow some rules on this quest. Or two: You can head over to my castle and stay there until I return. And it might be a few months before I come home. So what's your answer."

"I'll get bored waiting for you to get back. We'll spar if I go with you right?"

"Every day."

"Done! Besides it beats getting my... butt handed to my by Frieza any day of the week." he said remembering just in time that his dad is appalled by cursing. It was something that was drilled into the king when he was a boy by his mother. She was one of the only people to know the name of their create, and worshiped him every day of her life.

"Nice catch. Plus it won't hurt to make a friend or too along the way." he said, his son cocking eyebrow at him.

"What? Common, I'll bet you could use something to eat." he said changing the subject. "And after that, there is someone I want you to meet."

"And who may I ask is this person?"

"His name is Paladin."

And I'm gonna end it there. I'm also going to have a glossary at the end of each chapter that uses an Amaran word.

Kimen: The smallest of the seven high races. Kimens are elusive, tiny, and fast. Under two feet tall.

Minor Dragon: Smallest of the dragons, the size of a young kitten. The different types of minor dragons have different abilities.

Meech Dragon: The most intelligent of the dragons, capable of human speech.

O'rant: One of the seven high races. Five to six feet tall.

That's right everyone who's never read the sires before there are seven hi races, and seven low races. So if you wanna make more since out of this, I suggest you read the book. It's really good. Please review and God bless you all.