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Ch. 2 Fenworth

It took a week before they got anywhere on the quest, and now that they found the old man they have to wait longer. For whatever the reason he had no clue. Prince Vegeta was getting antsy. The old man was driving him crazy. And Kale understood why.

"And just when I think I've caught up with him he gives me the slip!" Vegeta growled.

"Then you end up lost and head outside to find your way back here." Kale finished.

"Exactly! I just want to know when we're going to leave. At this point your next egg is going to hatch before we leave." he needed to vent his anger, and what better way then to fuss about Fenworth with Kale? He had been dodging her questions, and only telling her small things. She had so many questions and she wanted answers. Vegeta on the other hand just wanted to leave and get the quest over with.

"Why won't that girl wake up anyway?" he finally asked. It had been a burning question in his mind for the last two weeks. She knew that he meant Leetu too.

"Paladin said that when one is eaten by a mordakleep one looses all their senses. Sight, sound, touch, smell, even direction. Inside there is no sign of life the strain and anguish forced her into a coma." she concluded.

"Sounds like the perfect prison for Fireza." he said walking away to find someone else to talk to. He left Kale with a look of shock on her face. She didn't know what he had gone through, but to hear him say that, it made her shiver.

The only things that even made his time there tolerable were his father, Kale the Dragon Keeper when he needed to rant, Gymn just to make him faint, Dar a doneel who was quite the musician, and helped him understand the Tomes of Wulder a little better then on his own. His father helps him of course, but Dar gives him a new look on things. Then finally there was Glem, he was a Kimin from the Trio family. He was an annoyance to him at first, but then he somehow wormed his way into his heart. Only Wulder knows how that happened.

He really wasn't into making friends despite what his father told him to do, but he liked the little guy. And he had his feelings for the others. To Leetu Bends he was grateful. Had she not been in imprisoned he wouldn't be alive right now. Burnseter, he really didn't know what to think of the urohm. He's big...that's all he could think of. General Lee Ark was impressive, then again his father did give him some training a few years back, but he wasn't there at the moment.

His father, what could he say? He thought he was dead till about a month ago. Now that he knew he was alive what were they going to do? He was getting off track. Librettowit was quite the bookworm, then again that's a tumanhofer for you. They were diggers, if it was physical or intellectual it depended on their personality. His father told him, he was a terrible cook, because he would be reading a book, and the food would burn. That's why Dar made the meals, another reason he liked the dogman. As for the other kimens were only tolerable to the prince when Glem was around, and that was about it.

"I know your frustrated. So I fixed your armor for you." Fenworth said. Vegeta had been waiting for so long he thought he'd never fix it. It had been a month since they arrived and things were finally looking, up with his armor back.

"Are you going to wake up Bends then?" he asked as Kale walked in the room.


"The emerlindian girl in a hammock in the kitchen. She's been in a coma for five weeks now. You mind waking her up? I know Paladin said something to you about this." he demanded.

"Ahhhh." The wizard tapped a finger to hie temple. "I know which one of my guests you speak of. Quiet young woman, speaks nary a word. Rather uninteresting on the whole, but we shan't hold that against her. Let's go then."

He started walking down the hall in what Kale hoped was the direction of the kitchen. Vegeta could tell that they were getting close to her, because he could sense her ki. Otherwise he would have to do the same thing as Kale, and that was to go out the door and around the castle to the main entrance to find there way back.

After many twists and turns they came into the warmth of the cozy common room. The kimens and Gymn sat on one of the stuffed chairs while Dar read to them.

Fenworth marched across the room and stood beside Leetu.

"Time to get up," he barked. "Enough already of dwelling on your misfortune. Revolting creature those mordakleeps, but that's behind you now. If you're going to live get up and live."

Leetu opened her eyes, blinked twice, sat up, and swung her legs out of the hammock.

"Hungry, I'll bet." Wizard Genworth patted her rather awkwardly on the shoulder. "Dar will take care of that."

He turned to Kale. "You come with me." They both left, with Kale making sure she didn't loose him. He could understand that easily.

"You're Prince Vegeta aren't you?" the now awake emerlindian asked.

"Yes I am. You're Leetu Bends. Is Leetu your name or rank?" he asked.

"It's my rank actually. I assume your father is here?"

"Yes, he's somewhere in the castle. I don't know this place as well as he does. I get as lost as that o'rant. By the way, if it wasn't for your capture, I'd be dead. I owe you one. And I hope to pay that debt as soon as I possibly can." he said. And without another word he left to the common room. He found his father talking to Dar at that moment, and walked up to them.

"Hay Vegeta, what were you, Kale, and Fenworth in the kitchen for?" Glem asked getting everyone's attention.

"If you really must know, the old wizard got her to wake up, and most likely wants something to eat." he said, Dar running into the kitchen to make her something.


Some time had passed, and he watched Kale and Bends laughing after Gymn's check-up. He felt a small spike in ki coming from the pouch around Kale's neck. She had also grabbed said pouch in surprise.

Bends sat up abruptly, disturbing Gymn's balance, because he had perched on her. He flew off indicating his displeasure with throughty grunts. He winged over to land on Kale's shoulders.

"What is it?" asked Leetu, her eyes trained on Kale's face.

"Metta is hatching." the o'rant replied.


"That's what Fenworth said her name is." Vegeta said standing up from his seat, and walking over to observe the hatching. His father told him about them, and told him that he should watch one sometime. So that's what he was going to do.

Kale had already taken the leather thong off from around her neck, and held the egg in the palm of her hand. Gymn crawled down her arm and perched on her wrist. He tilted his head and contemplated the egg nestled in Kale's palm. He began to thrum. Vegeta sat down next to her, and Leetu got out of her hammock and crept closer. She kept her distance, but they could both see her face light up with wonder.

"Why is it that the birth of a dragon is so much more exciting then the birth of a chick?" Kale asked her friend.

The beginning of any new life is wonderful," answered Bends in a soft voice. "Dragons are said to carry the heart of Wulder."

"I'm new at this whole thing, and even I know that can't be right." Vegeta said with the emerlidian agreeing with him.

"You're right it isn't. There are a lot of things said that are not true. It sounds nice so people repeat it. Actually, that bit of untruth originated in a fairy tale."

"How are people supposed to know the difference between fact and fable?" Kale asked. Vegeta was about to say that it was common sense but Bends broke in before he could.

"Those in Paladin's service make it a point to study the true tales of Amara. Once you have learned the truth, you begin to hear the false note in a legend of ersatz."

"Ersatz? I've never heard of that word."

"But I'll bet you have heard many ersatz stories, particularly in the tavern on a Saturday night."

"The tales told by the traveling minstrels? I thought those were based on true history."

"Some are, others not so much, and that's were we have to have the discerning ear. Pick out the fact from the fiction, and with enough time, see which is which." Vegeta said throwing his two cents in.

From there Bends spoke of what to expect on that very subject when she reached the Hall. Vegeta had no interest in that. He wanted this done so he could be with his father. Then the egg began to rock gently, bring him out of his thoughts.

"I am just an o'rant slave girl Leetu."

"No you're not. Not anymore, so get that out of your head right now. Paladin choose you out of a lot of people on this planet for this job. You have a destiny." Vegeta said surprising the girls. They never thought they would hear that out of his mouth. He had been told of Wulder by his father when he was a boy. He had the knowledge but still hadn't committed himself fully to Wulder.

Nothing was said after that, and they sat in silence waiting for Metta to hatch. Then finally part of the shell fell away, and the thrumming that Gymn had been doing since the whole thing started became louder and higher. He stomped his hind feet against her skin.

"Purple," Kale announced as she saw a bit of the dragon's skin.

"A singer." said Leetu.

Then Sir Vegeta came in and saw what was happening. Vegeta's father had long ago went through the training, and became a Knight in Paladin's service. He smiled thinking back to all the times he himself had seen dragons hatching. He knew Kale's father, and as much as he wanted to say that, she knew she would start asking questions. Then her mother could very well be in danger, for he was one of the few who knew of her whereabouts.

"An emotional healer. Paladin always knows what the best choices are, even if we don't." the Knight said.

The baby dragon kick a chunk of shell out of her way and stretched her tail and hind legs across Kale's fingers. Gymn 's thrum changed to encouraging chirps. Kale held her breath as Metta used her tiny legs to push the rest of the shell off her head. Vegeta smiled and Gymn cawed like a blackbird.

The little dragon looked around after things settled down, and chirped happily at her first sights.

"Time to go." said the old wizard. He strode across the small room and charged out the front door.

Vegeta knew from the way his ki was building he was gonna make everyone blind again, like when he got them to the place a month ago.

He heard complements from a few but at least they were going. Everyone began to gather their things, and get ready to head out.

"Leave my mother out of this." Vegeta heard the librarian say. He didn't know what was going on, but now he wished he did so he could understand why. What did his mother have to do with the quest?

"You don't want to visit your mother? Well of course, I shall explain to her you were busy, I'm sure she'll understand." Vegeta knew reverse psychology when he saw it. And that was reverse psychology.

"The old wizard tends to forget things son. I saw you had zoned that part out. And yes we're going to see the librarian's family. It'll be one of our stops. But it won't be till near the end most likely."

"Why can't he just get us there now?" he asked.

"Because he wanted us to meet up with Lee Ark." his father replied seeing the marione for the first time in a month.

"And his power can only take us so far." Glem said as he stood beside the prince. Then they heard music from somewhere. It was from Metta. Everyone felt hope rush through them, and joy.

It lasted a few minuets. Joy bubbled in even Vegeta's heart as the notes trilled through the air. He never felt something like that from a song before. It was new to him, and when the music ended he saw Fenworth giving her a salute.

"Exactly what I was thinking little Metta. Good job! Well done! Thank you me dear." He turned to survey the rest of the questing party "Well now, a new start to the quest. Part two, you might say. Onward. Except that we are going into a mountain. Downward, then. No, That doesn't sound quite right. He stopped and pointed to the ground. "Aha! My walking stick." He picked up a long, gnarled branch. Vegeta though it was part of the natural debris of the countryside. He wasn't the only one.

Then one by one everyone started laughing. To think that that branch was his waling stick, made even Vegeta laugh.

After they got into the air things got better. Fenworth was ranting and Librettowit telling stories about the people who lived below them. His father like himself was flying under his own power while everyone else rode on dragons.

He was impressed to find out that Metta could put words to songs that you haven't heard of before into your head so you could sing along. Though he knew he couldn't sing very well so he listened.

It was an hour before sunset when they stopped to make camp. It was done rather quickly with not just Vegeta and his father, but Lee Ark, and Brunstetter as well using ki to make the work faster.

When he asked his father about why he didn't tell him. He told him, "You didn't ask son."

The two minor dragons were running around looking for food. You know, if you hang around Fenworth long enough, you can fill up right? He asked the two via mindspeaking. He learned that he had quite the knack for it and learned how to use it from his father and Glim as well. The two minor dragons decided that it was more fun this way.

"Guess they don't want to get fat. Good for them." he silently said to himself. With Fenworth being a Bog Wizard, he had all kinds of insects crawling on him when he was still. In fact he could turn into a tree when napping.

Later that night, when everyone was asleep, Vegeta awoke to the most disturbing feeling in his life. He felt something beneath the earth, and it was growing restless and hungry.

"Father, wake up. Father!" he shock his father awake.

"What is it?" he asked. He knew he wouldn't wake him up for no good reason at all.

"There's something beneath the earth." his father's eyes grew wide in fear knowing what it was, but it was too late to prepare. Blimmets had arose from the ground and began to attack.

"Blimmets!" the knight shouted. Everyone woke up. Everyone had jobs to do. For Kale, it was to stoke the fire and put on logs so the fire could burn again, and provide light. The rest would fight, to stop the frenzy.

"Light!" Sir Vegeta called out. Kale was working as fast as she could to get the fire to blaze.

"I'll keep them off you, you get it as high as you can!" Vegeta ordered. The prince blasted the blimmets that came near them, and not harm the others. He could've used the false moon technique for light, but if his father looked up, he could risk everyone around him. His father would never want to do that unless he had no other choice.

"One part hydrogen to two parts oxygen?" Fenworth puzzled aloud.

Vegeta knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to make water, but that would put out the flame. Not to mention he had it backwards.

"No!" Librettowit screamed. "The other way around!"

They were hit with snow a very short time later. "I think you got it at the wrong temperature old man!" Vegeta called out.

"Oh dear, tut-tut."

In an instant the snow disappeared. A swooshing wound drowned the screeches of the blimmets and the cries of the questing comrades. A blast of water fell from the sky with enough force to knock Kale flat.

"Now that's better." said Fenworth from the ground next to the Dragon Keeper. "Should I do another?"

"Perhaps one more." Librettowit answered.

This time Kale was prepared, but felt someone shield her from the water. "Don't worry Kale, I wasn't about to let you get smacked by the next 'wave'." Sir Vegeta said. His son rolled his eyes at that. When did his father become so soft? He wasn't exactly acting like a warrior.

Not a single thing could be seen anywhere. The saiyans were about to use their ki to light the place up a little bit, but a pop and sizzle above Kale turned into a long glowing cord of light. It was a good twenty feet above the campsite. They both knew that Kale had done it. They cold feel that easily.

It grew out like vines everyone watched it with interest. Fenworth and his librarian walked up beside the girl that did it.

"Remarkable." Librettowit said.

"Unique." said Fenworth. "Well done."

"Okay, I'm impressed." Vegeta admitted. Never had he ever seen anything like that.

Vegeta decided to tune them out and went on a search for Glem. He stretched out his ki to find him, but he couldn't sense him. That worried him. He moved at a normal pace at first but then he stopped. He must be with the other members of the Trio family. And is hiding his ki just to scare me. Well that's not going to work.

He walked over to the Trio family to find them huddled together. They looked alright for the most part. They probably hid up in the trees as soon as the attack began.

"You guys know where Glim's at?" he asked.

Seezle, one of the girls stood up and moved away. And inside Vegeta could see Zayvion cradling Glim's lifeless body in his arms.

A tear fell from the prince's eye, "No."

And that's as far as I'm going on this one. I did use some of the book to help write this chapter. Next time something will happen to Vegeta that will change him from cannon forever. I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about the sad ending on this chapter. Please review and God bless you.


Blimmets: One of the seven low races, burrowing creatures that swarm out of the ground for periodic feeding frenzies.

Doneel: One of the seven high races These people are furry with bulging eyes, thin black lips, and ears at the top and front of their skulls. They are small in stature, rarely over three feet tall. Generally are musical and given to wearing flamboyant clothing.

Emerlindian: One of the seven high races. Are born pale with white hair, and pale gray eyes. As they age, they darken One group of emerlindians is slight in stature, the tallest being five feet Another distinct group is between six and six and a half feet tall.

Ersatz: Imitation, substitute, artificial, and inferior to the real thing.

Kimens: The smallest of the seven high races. Kimens are elusive, and fast. Under two feet tall.

Marione: One of the seven high races. Mariones are excellent farmers and warriors. They are short and broad, usually muscle-bound rather than corpulent.

Minor dragon: Smallest of the dragons, the size of a young kitten. The different types of minor dragons have different abilities.

Mordakleep: One of the seven low races, associated with fresh water sources, shape shifters.

O'rant: One of the seven high races. Five to six feet tall.

Tumanhofer: One of the seven high races, short, squat, powerful fighter, tough for most part they prefer their great intellect.

Urohm: Largest of the seven high races. Gentle giants, well proportioned and very intelligent.