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Chapter 2: Frozen Armored Heart


Gray tossed and turned in his sleep. He couldn't get any shut eye. Especially with all the drama he went through these past days. From finding out he had been cheated on to coming down to a conclusion that he'll never love again.

He kicked off his blankets and breathed in and out.

It always relaxed him. Feeling the cold air hit his skin. It felt like small needles were prickling his pale skin. He loved that feeling. People would always say that he had a cold heart. When really...he wore a frozen armor around it.

He sighed and turned on his stomach. He felt the cold air hit his back. He slightly moved trying to get comfortable. He saw the scarlet hoodie he had gotten from Ultear hanging near the curtains. He felt strange just looking at it. It reminded him of both Erza and Ultear. He had just barely met the scarlet-haired girl this afternoon and things were already reminding him of her. Gray stood up and pulled the sweater down, letting it fall to the ground.

As he jumped back on his bed, he looked at the ceiling trying to find figures like he would when he was a child. Gray chuckled. He still had the mind of a kid.


Erza painted and painted. She didn't stop. She just grabbed the colors she needed and started to paint. Her scarlet hair was in a messy bun with her bangs pulled back, giving her a good view on what she should do on her painting. She sighed as she looked at its current form. The sky was painted how it had looked today. Now she only needed to paint the figure.

She shivered as she removed her paint-stained sweater. Erza quickly went back to painting. She got the raven-black paint and quickly started doing the person's messy hair. She smiled as she all of a sudden got an idea. She started making the background a gloomy-ish blue. That's how she had met him. She looked at the alarm clock beside her.

It read; twelve-thirteen a.m.

It wasn't that late now was it? Well...that's what Erza always said. As she was about to go back to her work, there was a knock on the door. Erza groaned angrily.

'Who would be up in the middle of the night!?' she thought. As she opened the door, Lucy came in. "Sorry Erza. It's just that I knew you'd be up since it's a Friday and such—"

"It's technically Saturday no—"

"I'm not stupid! Besides, I ran away from my apartment—"

"Don't you live alone?"

"News flash—I lived alone. Now Laxus and Sting practically own it. There. Anymore questions?" Erza shook her head. She said, "Sting probably wants revenge. I mean you did say he was adopted when he was only five..."

"That was once! And it was because he shaved my favorite doll's hair!" Lucy argued.

As she closed the door, Lucy ran past her with her luggage, and admired her work in progress. "Ooooo...he's hot!"

"Lucy! You don't even know the guy and now you're saying he's hot?!" Erza scolded. Lucy looked around the room, trying to figure out an excuse. "Maybe...but who is he anyway?"

"A guy."

"I mean, what's his name?"

"Why do you wanna know?"

"Because I—Erza you're still wearing that horrendous engagement ring?!"

Erza scoffed and simply tuned the blonde out with her earbuds and music.


Gray just couldn't get some sleep. At all. He sat up and looked outside. He loved winter. Reasons why? It always started snowing. He always had the best of times during gloomy weathers. Spring and summer just didn't suit him as much as winter did.

As he walked to the kitchen, he could feel himself walking like a zombie. He past a certain sculpture, and he sighed as it was already starting to melt. He turned off the heater and slumped on his couch. Right when he was about to turn the T.V on, his phone rang. He groaned as he walked up to the coffee table only to groan again as his noticed it was...Natsu...his best friend yet best rival.

"The hell do you want?"

"Chill out dude. No need to be Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

"Just get to the point."

"Okay! Don't get your boxers in a twist! Now...Gajeel, Laxus, Lyon, and I are going outside—"

"At this time?!"

"Says the person who is sitting on his couch at this certain hour."

"How the hell do you know?!"

"We're right behind you..." Natsu whispered into Gray's ear ghostly. Gray shrieked as he turned around to see his four friends. "What. The. Hell?!" Natsu grinned and put his hands behind his head.

"Go get ready stripper. We're leaving in ten." he said. Gray rolled his eyes and zombie-walked back to his room.

He came back a few minutes later wearing baggyish-pants, sneakers, a pale-blue shirt, and a hoodie. "This better be worth it."

"Trust me. It will."

...Time Skip...

"This is not worth it!" Gray shouted as they ran across a frozen pond. Laxus chuckled. "But this fun. I feel like a lighting bolt."

"Try and have some fun Fullbuster." Gajeel shouted from up front. Lyon cleared his throat.

"I think we should start...sliding faster."

"Why?" They all asked, Gray asking in a happy tone.

Lyon pointed behind him, "The police are after us. We can't be here."


"CRAP! Hurry up!"

They started sliding faster.

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