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Chapter 3: Trust


Gray, Natsu, Gajeel, Lyon, and Laxus sat in a jail cell after almost falling into thin ice and getting ran over. Natsu described the policeman as 'too overprotective, non-fun robots.'

"Okay. So we ran on thin ice which had a sign that said 'DO NOT GET ON ICE' which was covered in snow. The cops started going after us, we almost fell in and got almost ran over. And now were in a jail cell...Natsu I'm blaming it all on you!" Lyon stated. Natsu gasped. "HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE M—"

"It was your idea idiot!"

"Fair enough." Natsu admitted and sighed. One of the policeman then came in and gave them a quarter. "You only get one. Call a family member or friend." the man stated before leaving. Gajeel looked at everyone.

"So who's making the call?"

Gray raised his hand, "I am. I'm pretty much the sane one here while you all are lunatics."

"Says the person who strips!"

"SHUT UP! I have a piece of paper we can rip. Whoever gets the biggest piece makes the call." Laxus informed as they all held the paper. They all held their breath and closed their eyes as they ripped the paper.


"Aw no..."



Natsu grinned as he held the paper. He got the quarter and thought for a second. "AH! I should call Luce!"


Erza looked at the ceiling as Lucy was telling her a story about a salmon-haired guy. Erza thanked the heavens as Lucy's phone started ringing.




"Yeah! Anyway...how are you?"

"Fine. You? And why'd you call?"

"I'm fine. And I don't know. I forgot. Were you asleep?"

"You could say that I was asleep..."

"Oh. Okay then! Night Luce!"

Lucy looked at her phone and yawned. Now she was sleepy.


"So?" Lyon asked. Natsu looked at them.


Laxus gritted his teeth, "Did you ask your friend?" Natsu raised an eyebrow. Gray chuckled silently, walking up to Natsu. "Natsu..."

"Sup! I feel like I was supposed to ask Luce about something..."

Gray smiled sarcastically before, "...YOU FORGOT TO ASK HER FOR HELP IDIOT!" Natsu's mouth made an 'o' shape before asking, "Okay. I need another quarter!"

"That was the only quarter they gave us!"

"Oohhh~. We're screwed." They all sat down as they realized that their lives would now be spent in prison. Well...in a dramatic way.


Erza could feel an odd feeling in her stomach. She looked at Lucy who was sound asleep. "Good..." she whispered as she got up and changed. A few hours earlier, she had seen five guys running on thin ice...with policeman behind them. She remembered seeing familiar spiky raven-hair.

So she decided to go to the police station. She chuckled as she realized Lucy would freak out when she noticed she was gone.

Erza grabbed her car keys before leaving.


The man from before opened the door. "You're free to go. You're lucky one of your friends came to get you." The five guys all looked at each other wondering who it was. As they exited, Gray quickly ran to his savior. "THANK GOODNESS!" he shouted.

Erza blushed as she hugged him back. "Can you give us a ride home?"

Erza sweatdropped. "I don't think you'll all be able to fit in my car though..." Just as she was about to say something, Lucy started calling her.



"Why are you crying?!"

"It's because you left me alone without telling me where you were going!"

"...Dear god..."


Gray gulped at the awkward silence that was building up between him and Erza. They had already dropped Natsu, Laxus, Lyon, and Gajeel off. "So...how have you been Gray?"

"I've been good." Lies. All lies. And Erza noticed it. "Gray you have not been fine. I know I just met you like...yesterday. But I can already see the hurt in your face." Gray stayed quiet. Erza sighed.

"You know. If you're feeling sad and lonely l could always give you comfort and company. Would you like me to stay with you for the rest of the night?"

"How do I know you're not a rapist?"

"UGH!" Erza stepped on the breaks hard. Thank god there were no cars around this street. "How dare you call me a rapist after I just broke you out of jail! Which was temporary but wouldn't you like to sleep on that cold hard ground!"

Gray gulped. "I'm sorry. It's just that...I'm not like I used to be ever since I got cheated on..." Erza's eyes softened.

"I'm sorry." They both chuckled silently. Saying the same things can lighten up the mood sometimes. As Erza drove to Gray's house, Gray wanted to give her the answer to what she suggested earlier. "You know Erza..."

"Yes Gray?"

"If you want you CAN keep me company for the night. I trust you enough somehow..."

"Inviting a person you barely just met yesterday Gray? Tch tch. Do you even know the things I can do to you?"

"WAIT! Are you actua—"

"I was kidding. You can trust me." Erza smiled and Gray knew she was telling the truth somehow. There was just something different about her.

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