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Chapter 7

Two diamonds graced her ears. A glistening necklace lay precariously around her neck. Each step she laid on each stair sent shivers up his spine. If he'd taken his eyes off of hers for even a moment he'd notice her grandmother in tears in the arms of her grandfather, who had a tear or two moistening his own eyes in awe and adoration of his beautiful granddaughter. She only smiled and accepted his hand as she reached the bottom, feeling as if she weren't yet meeting the floor.

Tristan reached for something to say. He wanted to tell her she was beautiful, lovely, or exquisite; but a mumbling sigh was all that came out. Rory giggled and gathered her dress behind her, "Still articulate I see." She kissed her grandparents and let Tristan lead her to his carriage. Her grandparents followed them and entered their carriage as well.

As the doorman clasped the door of the carriage shut, Tristan let a large breath and sighed, "Oh my god."

"Thank you. It's the dress."

"Oh. Yes, the dress is nice too."

"I missed you." Rory smiled. Tristan felt his body relax as he held her cheeks in his hands and laid a small kiss on her lips.

"Darling, I thought of nothing else when I was away. I just wanted to be here with you. It was actually very distracting, I'll tell my father it was your fault I was absolutely no help to him whatsoever."

"I'd tell you I'm sorry, but…" She grinned.

"I know I'm not. I hope your grandmother didn't torture you to much while I was away." He asked as the countryside passed them. She relaxed into his arms, once again feeling the safety then offered her.

"It wasn't all that bad; apparently the only thing that occupies her priority list higher than bugging me is a ball. Which I'll defiantly have to keep in mind."

"Rory, I should speak to you about something before we arrive…" Tristan admitted, lifting Rory to look at him squarely as he saw the castle crawling towards them in the distance.


"Well. I…"

"Tristan, what is it?" She urged, seeing his unsure eyes.

"Well, do you remember what your grandmother said about… Charles being the heir?"

"Oh Tristan, please. I won't forgive you if you bring up Charles this evening. Don't worry! I've spoken to my grandmother about this. I don't have to say yes to him even if he does ask. I think she'll agrees; despite his money and apparent title."

"Rory, no, I…Really. She's given you permission?

"Well, not quite. I told her I simply couldn't do it and live with myself. She said it's perfectly fine, unless, her suspisions are correct. She didn't accept that I didn't want to be queen anyway. Could you imagine living like that, so confined and proper? That's not me at all! I'm choosing not to think about it. I'm here with you. With who I want to be with. I don't think it's possible he's… who they think he is. I knew him when we were young! Trust me, I've seen him swim. I always imaged an heir to a thrown to be a much better swimmer."

"But, hy would she accept that?" He chuckled.

"I told hey I didn't want to marry him."

"And that was good enough for her?"

"It was when I told her why."

"What did you say?" Tristan asked, seeing the castle gate approaching.

"Well, that I was…in love with you." Rory ended with a kiss, smiling at the attendant opening the door for her. She took his hand and stepped onto the stone, hearing her heel click. She took a step forward then turned to receive a dumbfounded Tristan. He stepped out and gave her a long look. This was all he wanted. Tonight, he would forget his troubles and duties and simply enjoy the love and company of Rory. His Rory. He laid a small kiss on her cheek.

"Rory. You've made me so happy. I cannot tell you, I'm so…Thank you. For everything."

"Thank you. I know I can trust you Tristan. I feel like these last few weeks I've been lied to by everyone just to get me to marry Charles. I love you because you've never lied to me, I feel your love Tristan. I know it. Thank you for it. I'm sorry to seem so overwhelming, I just feel you should know how much I appreciate being someone I can trust. I'm not even worried about tonight!" She laughed and hugged him tightly. "I think I actually might enjoy this one!" Before he could speak she released his shoulders and took his hand, and they joined the crowd entering the gates.