31st October

My dearest Harry,

By the time you read this both your father and I will be dead. I would have loved to have been there for your childhood and for your first day of Hogwarts but it is not meant to be. Your father and I are proud of you no matter what house you're in, yes James even Slytherin. Would I still be alive I would have come to Hogwarts and taught Charms alongside Professor Flitwick say Hello to him for me and your father would have done crash courses on Quiditch or taught Transfiguration alongside McGonagall.

Harry my dear boy your father and I love you so very much and I only ask for you not to get yourself into any mortal danger such as turning into an Illegal Animagus like your father, though he did it to help a friend of our Remus Lupin. I you should meet him by chance tell him that "Flower and Prongs say Hi"" also ask him if his furry little problem has settled down a bit. I hate it that your father and I got to spend so little time with you and should you ever meet Sirius Black don't believe what the Prophet may say about him he's just like a puppy on the inside and mostly on the out tell him we say "hello." I must go now time is running out but before I do I want you to know that both your father and I will be proud of you not matter what choices you make in your life.

Lots of Love my dearest son


P.s The Last Enemy that shall be destroyed will be death