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Speaking of which this chapter is a bit more…risqué than the last one. It has a sprinkle of all thing ruddy-dudey and je ne sais quoi;P Enjoy my little friends and tell me if you like it!

Chapter 2

The loon troop

Wednesday 1st January

Sat at the kitchen table

With Georgia

At the crack of midday

"Mutti told me to remind you that you need to move all your stuff back into your old room again by tonight." She said with a big smile on her face. Honestly. I hope my mouth isn't as big as hers, whenever she smiles like that her nose spreads out across her face in a v. scary way.

"This is so unfair, why do you get my room?" I do wish she'd keep her voice down; I have a terrible headache from yesterday.

"Well, actually Libs, it was MY room for longer than it has ever been YOUR room so logically…" I gave her such an evil glare that she shut her gob. "In any case it's the only room big enough for Dave and I…" Oh, good lord not this again.

"Can't you at least wait a while? You do realize that Josh is coming over for a sleepover on Saturday right? If I move into the orange room then he will quite literally have to sleep UNDER my bed!" She tutted at me, shaking her head as Dave came in.

"I can't believe Vati is still allowing him to sleep in your room when your almost 15! He didn't let Dave in my room at night until I was 20!"

"That is because you would have spent all night snogging Davey-boy! Plus, he let Cousin James sleep in your room and he is MUCH creepier than Josh."

"Just because Vati thinks Josh is his matey-type-mate it doesn't mean you can be trusted by yourselves-"

"Now, now girlies, stop fighting, I'm making breakfast and I need a calm atmosphere unless you want me to accidently burn down your kitchen." Davey boy said matter-of-factly.

2 minutes later

He's wearing an apron.

1 minute later

Mutti's apron.

20 seconds later

The pink one. With the flowers.


Dave The Laugh made bacon and egg sandwiches. That's very nice of him isn't it? Gingey obviously thinks so, because she started snogging him as thank you.


"Oh for gods sake you two! Get a bloody room." I snapped finally, "You're putting me off my sandwich."

"I think we will," Davey boy joked.

"Wow. You two are even more disgusting than Mutti and Vati." Dave patted me on the head,

"Sorry, Bibs, no more snogging then." I grinned at him; I knew I liked Dave for a reason. Gee stuck out her lower lip all poutily, fluttering her eyelids vair shamefully at Dave,

"No more snogging?"

"…in front of Bibs," He said, winking at her. Ew. I take it back. As they walked out arm in arm Gee turned back, probably to tell me how much she loved me etc.

"Oh, and can you please take Our Lord Sandra with you, I don't think I can sleep with him looking at me." Grrr….




I was all sulky and such and walked into my bedroom sad as a sad thing and the next thing I knew, Ellie was tackling me onto my bed.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as KitKat sat on me. And she is not tiny.

"Bonjour mon pally!" She cried, kissing me on both cheeks, she has just been on a trip to frogs-legs-a-go-go-land, the mad thing.

"I…can't…breathe…" I gasped, eyes bugging out like a goldfish.

"Whoops, sorry!" she finally got off me. Finally.

"How did you guys get in here?" I asked, confuzzled.

"Your sister told us she's making you move rooms and that she felt a wee bit guilty, so she invited us to help you move out." Aww…really? That is vair unlike Gingey! Perhaps all those pregnancy hormones are making her a bit nutty. Maybe now that she is in such a loving mood she will buy me some straighteners? I jolly hope so, after all, I'm being vair understanding about her brutally robbing me of the haven that is my bedroom.

2 minutes later

Oh, how I have missed my little gang! We all had a little ceremony, praying to our lord Sandra, apologizing for taking him down from his little shrine and moving him to a measly little bookshelf next-door.


It is done. We are all squished together in a row on my bed, looking round at my new room, which basically means staring at the orange opposite wall which is almost brushing up against our noses.

"Well, this is nice." Helen said, shrugging and accidently elbowing Jess in the ribs.


" This absolutely sucks doesn't it?" I moaned, flopping back on my bed and almost knocking myself out on the wall.

"It doesn't absolutely suck…" Ellie said kindly, leaning around KitKat to pat me on the head kindly. I raised one eyebrow at her. "It doesn't! Think of the memories you have in this room!"

"Like what?" I sulked.

"Like… when you pooed on the floor because you're mum wouldn't give you those cookies." Ew! I did not do that!

"When did I do that?"

"When you were 5, you told us once in truth or dare, and swore us all to secrecy." Oh god I did…we all peered over the edge of the bed in horror.

"At least they've changed the carpet…"

"A-hem, or that time in year 3 when you and Josh drew trouser snakes all over the walls!" Helen giggled. Heehee, now that I remember…

"Mutti went nuclear and made Vati paint over it, but Vati thought it was hilarious and left one behind the bookshelf, for old times sake…" I told them.

"Really?" KitKat grinned, "Let's see then?"

"Haha, alright, if you insist." I pushed the bookshelf out the way and sure enough there was a patch of light blue paint on the wall, with a wobbly felt-tip drawing of a trouser snake in the middle of it, I know it was Josh who drew it, because he has written his 'signature' underneath.

"Well that is vair rudey-dudey if you ask me, but also, very, very, funny." Helen said in a voice that dripped in tip-top sophisticosity. I am beginning to feel a teeny-weeny bit less depressed about my new room.

½ a minute later

Stood up too quickly and bashed my head on the sloping ceiling.

Only a teeny-weeny bit then.




The loon troop had been called home for there rations, so I was walking them to the door to say goodbye, and just as we came up to the bathroom door, it swung open and out came…

1 second later

Drum roll please…

30 seconds later

Dave The Laugh! In a TOWL!

1 minute later

He looked up at us all surprised with his hair dripping; we all just stared back in shock.

"Oh, hi girls, Bibs," He nodded at us awkwardly.

"Nug." What? What? What does that even mean? Drool was pooling in the corner of Sky's mouth and we looked like a row of traffic cones.

"Sorry, I forgot my trousers." He told us with his crinkly smile. Yes, yes it appears he did. Also his shirt…and socks… Oh dear god. How is it possible someone can be THAT fit? It is impossible that's how. The paint in my room probably gives off toxic fumes and now we're all hallucinating. There was a little drip of water that was sliding down the side of his nose, and I stared at it as it fell onto his chest and slid downwards…

"-Libby? HELLO?!" Dave practically shouted, dragging me back to the present.

"Wha-? Yes?"

"Could you girls move up a little please? You're blocking my way…" Oh GOD! THIS IS SO EMBARRASING!

"R-Right you w-want to get six-pack –I MEAN PAST! I said past!" I squealed and we all leaped out the way like a group of leaping things.

"Thank you girls." He walked back to my old room (a.k.a his new room).

"Oh no, thank you!" Kat said loudly as we all turned to watching him walk away, shaking his head. I thumped her quite hard, "Ow! Still, did you see the pecs on that one? Phwoarrrr…"


Great. Now I will have to hide in my room for the rest of time because of the shame. Stupid towel. I cannot believe that MY GINGEY managed to pack such a hunk! How? HOW? Has she got some sort of luck gene I have missed out on? I will never meet anyone that good-looking. I'm destined to marry a manky Foxwood lad. Or worse, to become an old cat lady.

2 minutes later

Gordy has crawled onto my new bed with me. There is almost not enough room for both of us. I gave him a big cuddle and kissed him on the nose. You see? I am half way to becoming an old cat lady already!

5 seconds later

Oh lord, Mutti is calling me for din-dins! Oh god oh god oh god…


At the table opposite Gee and Dave

Sweating so much I dropped my fork.

2 minutes later

Perhaps he didn't notice me staring at his chest? Perhaps he though my eyes where glued in place? Perhaps…

1 second later

"So, Libs, have you recovered from the shock yet?" Gingey said, smirking at her plate.

"What?" I squeaked. Mutti is sniggering behind her hand.

"Don't tease her, Gee." Mutti scolded her and Vati laughed.

"Don't worry, Bibs, everyone's been perved at at some point, I'm sure Dave's used to it by now, he's a good-looking young lad." Vati winked at me, which is v.v. horrifying to witness.

"Oh dear lord Vati, don't tell me you're on the turn!" Gee said in horror. I turned to Dave,

"Did you have to tell HER of all people?!" He shrugged apologetically,

"Sorry Libster, you know me, I can't pass up a laugh…" I huffed irritably and turned my nose in the air.

"…I was quite looker myself back in the day, wasn't I darling?" Vati asked Mutti, who laughed like a hyena for like five minutes straight. I looked around at my 'family'. Honestly, since when does Georgia get on with the elderly loons? Am I the only sane person here?

20 minutes later

I'll tell one thing though; Dave sure is the only fit person here.