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Chapter 1

Kelly couldn't take it anymore. Annabelle was slowly driving her crazy. She hadn't stopped all morning. First she had decided that the entire school needed to be cleaned and had got all of the girls up at 4:30 so they could start. For the last 5 hours Kelly had to listen to Bianca complain about how it was a Sunday and she should be curled up in bed with Zoƫ.

Miss Fritton had thought it was a great idea. That was until Annabelle barged in to her room and demanding that she come and help.

Overall no one was happy this morning and Kelly was stuck listening to them.

"Come on this so unfair why the hell do we have to do this it's just going to get filthy in now time I think this point less." Celia complained as she scrubbed soot from the stairs. Now if you looked carefully enough then you could see Roxy staring at Celia and not in the stop complaining way.

The sexual tension between those two was crazy it would only take a spark from one of the twin's explosions to set them off.

"The reason we are doing this is because we are getting a new student tomorrow and she should be impressed." Annabelle turned to stare at Celia with one eyebrow raised and a hand on her hip just the way Kelly taught her.

"A new student since when have we been getting a new student ?" this time it was miss Fritton that was completely baffled because she had no recollection of getting a new student.

"Yeah who is it Annabelle?" everyone had stopped to stared at Annabelle now. They had all turned to stare at the head girl as if she had just grown an extra head.

"Well if you must now it's my sister."

Cliff hanger.

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