Dirty outsider dancing

No body's POV-

The end of dirty dancing: Darry walks up to Baby "Francis" and said, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Then takes Baby's hand and pulls her up on stage. Interrupting the perform Darry said, "Sorry for the disruption folks, but I always do the last dance of the season." Everyone on stage stopped singing and looked at Darry, then Darry added, "But this year someone told me not to. So I'm going to do my kind of dancing with a great partner. Not only a terrific dancer, but somebody who's taught me that there are people willing to stand up for other people no matter what the cost. Somebody that's taught me the kind of person I want to be, Miss Francis Houseman." The gang was in the back shocked, "Darry and dancing is that even legal." Saige said. "Guess we'll find out." Pony said. "He better be good, I Just ditched one of Buck's parties, and there was supposed to be hot girls. And I want in on that." Dally said, lighting up a cancer stick, even though he wasn't supposed to smoke inside, like he cares. "Yeah I'm missing a new episode of Mickey Mouse." Two-bit said. "Everyone shut their traps." Saige yelled pointing at the stage. Francis was already on stage when Darry came out and took Baby's hand. The song "Time of my life" came on and they started dancing, they were surprisingly good, "OH MY GOD, DARRY CAN DANCE." Saige said. "Wow Darry can dance." Johnny said. Then Darry jumped off the stage, "Holy crap." Ivy yelled, "Holy crap is right." Dally said taking a swig of his beer. "Dally where did you get that beer?" Pony asked. "From that soc table over there, they won't miss it." Dally said. Darry started dancing down the aisle, Dally almost choked on his beer so did Two-bit which had 2 beers in his hands. "Holy sh…" Dally started saying, but it was tuned out by Saige yelling, "I LOVE THIS PLACE. DON'T YOU ROSIE?" Saige was almost on top of Rosie. "Um I guess, it's great." Rosie said looking at Pony for help. "Saige get off of her." Pony yelled over the music, Darry was starting to dance back with people following his lead. Saige realizing that she was basically choking her she let go and said, "Oh I'm sorry Rosie." "Look at Darry." Steve said, pointing at Darry still dancing. "I can't believe this is happened." Two-bit said. "I can't believe I'm here." Dally said, right before Ivy jumped on top of him. "Dance with me." Ivy said pulling him out into the open. "I don't dance." Dally said. "You do now." Ivy said spinning him around, Ivy looked even more drunk than Dally and she didn't even have one beer. Right after the song was over Saige ran straight for Darry. "Darry, Darry, Darry I want to do a lift." Francis laughed at Saige's hyperness. "This your sister?" Baby asked. "Yeah and the rest of the gang." Darry said pointing at the gang running up to them. "Wow Darry I didn't know you could dance." Pony said. Saige pulled on Darry's arm, "Darry….I want to do a lift." "Fine." Darry said backing up, "Ready?" "Duh, let's do this." Saige said. When they were doing the lift Saige said, "I'm super woman." Which made the gang laugh even harder. When Darry put Saige down, "Let's do it again." "Not today kiddo. Let's go get something to eat guys." Darry said. "Is there any dairy queens around here?" Soda asked. "I bet we could find one." Baby said. Then they all started walking out to Darry's car.