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CHAPTER 1: The Start Of It All

My life is the definition of social suicide.

Every weekday I am forced to put on my bravest face and attend the torture chambers which I call high school. One of the things I hate about school is the fact that I have to wake up at the break of dawn. I'm not a morning person, so if it wasn't for my cheap secondhand car to get me to school, I'd probably be in a murderous frenzy. I remember one time my car broke down and I was forced to catch the bus. It wasn't exactly the best place for a gothic loner to hang out.

I can still remember the crowd of judgmental teens facing me and doing their usual jobs of suspecting the worst. Normally I wouldn't give a damn about their opinions, but I'd rather jump out the bus window than face those people again.

The second, and last thing I hate most about my school, is the people. Sure, I have some friends I can rely on, but rarely anyone can be trusted these days. Just last week Harold McGrady told everyone in our math class that Leshawna has triple D's. I mean, who cares about her bra size?... Other than all the guys of course. Well- most guys.

And how would Harold know of Leshawna's bra size? Well, believe it or not, they're a couple. A weird combination for a couple, actually... Very weird. Leshawna either felt sorry for Harold one afternoon and flashed him, or he secretly rummaged through her drawers and just happened to find a section dedicated to her undergarments. Either way, both thoughts are now rammed inside my head; much to my displeasure.

Leshawna isn't my only close friend who is in a relationship. There's also Bridgette. She's been going out with Geoff for a year now. Sure, they break up at least once a week, but they usually get back together in the next hour or so. That only tells me that their love is too strong to be broken. Their personalities also match perfectly: Bridgette is laid-back and strong-willed while Geoff is a party animal who gets along with everyone.

And as for myself? I've never been in a serious relationship. I mean, I kissed my old friend, Reaper, once when I thought I liked him, but we both laughed it off and realised there was no spark. And then there's Trent, who's the most sweetest and caring guy in the world. We've kissed once before, but just the thought of him gives me butterflies. But at the same time, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about him. Bridgette and Leshawna keep telling me he's interested, but something keeps holding me back. What if we got together and broke up? Then I'd have to say goodbye to one of my best friendships. I just couldn't risk it... Could I?

And lastly, there's Courtney who doesn't really have time for relationships. That's because she's aiming for a perfect report card as well as a successful future as a lawyer. But that was until a month ago... She scribbled out that rule and ditched it once she met "the man of her dreams". Just by the description of him, anyone could tell that this guy was completely wrong for Courtney. Yet again there are incidents where opposites do attract, but that's all in those cheesy romance movies...

All Courtney talks about nowadays is her boyfriend. I don't know much about him, except for the fact that his name is Duncan and that he's a "hot rebel". And just from the way Courtney talks about him gives me the impression that she's rubbing it in my face... on purpose. Maybe it's because I don't have a boyfriend, or the fact that he seems to be more like my type of guy rather than hers... But she seriously needs to chill. I've never met the guy; let alone know what he even looks like.

I groaned in agony as the bell rang, signalling the warning bell for last period. Entering the crappy reality known as my life once again, I found myself standing with Bridgette, Courtney and Leshawna in front of a row of lockers. I stood there in silence as Bridgette began fumbling with her lock while trying to remember her combination. I smirked at the situation in front of me. Bridgette is the worst at remembering things.

"I forgot my combination again! Ugh!... Do any of you guys remember it?"

"17, 8, 24," Leshawna answered.

Bridgette pouted her lips in annoyance, "Thanks. How come I can't remember my own combination but you can?"

"Girl, I'm good and as luscious as an apple. I can't help it."

My eyes flickered over to Courtney who seemed to be more irritated than usual. Normally she was the confident one who took self pride as a way of life, but now her role was being taken by Luscious Leshawna.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"These two, that's what!" she spat, referring to Bridgette and Leshawna.

"Okay, what did you guys do now?"

"Nothing, Gwen. We just don't want to meet her boyfriend," Bridgette answered.

"Can you please reconsider? He's really sweet! I just want you both to get along with him so we can all talk about our boyfriends together."

"Nuh-uh, girl," Leshawna waved a finger at the CIT. "I see what he's like in class, picking on poor Harold like that. The boy is a bully, and I don't associate with bullies."

"Leshawna's right, Courtney," Bridgette frowned. "Sure, I accept that he's close with Geoff, but I've also seen what he's like. He once threatened an elderly woman with a coffee mug! She's still probably traumatised in the hospital!"

"Oh come on, Bridgette, she was probably one of those nasty old people who deserved it! Please, he'll be nice! Or maybe you, Gwen? Maybe you can meet him, yeah? Just once at least?"

Oh, crap. I knew she'd turn the whole situation on me eventually... But I couldn't meet her boyfriend. I had plans today.

"Uh, no thanks. I'm meeting up with Trent after school."

"Just hanging out or finally dating?" Leshawna raised a brow.

I sighed. Leshawna would do anything to drive the situation away from Courtney before she took it too far. Too bad I had to be under the limelight instead. "We're just hanging out."

"But do you want it to be a date?" Bridgette eyed me curiously.

I would've replied if the bell hadn't beat me to it. Bridgette closed her locker and looked at her timetable. Her usual smile vanished as she realised her next subject.

"What is it? Mathematics?" Courtney asked.

"Yeah. I guess I'm not with Geoff, then..."

"Don't worry girl, you still have me to keep you company!" Leshawna smiled.

"So that means we have art," Courtney said, suddenly grabbing my wrist and dragging me across the hallway.

Normally I'd be psyched to have art, but it was last period and I clearly wasn't bothered doing anything. A nap sounded nice, and the paint-covered table looked good enough to be a pillow right now.

As the teacher began handing out sheets of paper to everyone, I already knew this was going to be a sketching lesson. From the corner of my eye I could see Courtney struggling to say something. I turned my head and looked at her with a frown, already having a feeling where this conversation was headed.

"Oh, wow! You sure have a nice piece of paper there. It's so white and smooth."

I eyed Courtney suspiciously. She was up to something. "What do you want?" I asked cautiously.

"N-Nothing!" She looked appalled.

"Spill the beans, Court."

Courtney put a finger to her chin and started to think hard about her choice of words. "Well, as I mentioned before... Can you please meet my boyfriend? Just do me this one favour and I'll do anything for you!"

I took hold of a led pencil and began to sketch. "How come? Is he asking you to make friends for him? Shouldn't he be doing that himself, or something?"

"No, it has nothing to do with that. To tell you the truth, it would be nice to talk about about boys with someone. Please?"

I smiled in order to show my appreciation but the inside of my mind wanted to let Courtney know that she already spoke of her boyfriend 24/7. What more could she want to talk about?

"I'll think about it."

"No, that won't do! Please, Gwen... If it helps, he sort of has the same fashion sense as you..."

I looked at Courtney and her sudden puppy-dog face. There was no getting out of this one...

"O-Okay, fine! But only if you stop bothering me about it!"

I could tell Courtney was happy since she practically squealed and pulled me into a tight hug. She let go of me as soon as it looked like she thought of something horrifying.

"You have to get along with him! Please try your best because I know how much you like being rude to people. And I'm warning you now, don't fall in love with him because he's mine."

I can't help but sigh irritably. Of course Courtney would play the jealous card. Taking a deep breath, I turned to focus on my sketch once again. Whilst looking at the light shading on the paper, I can't help but wonder if meeting Courtney's boyfriend will be added to my long list of mistakes.