Just as Callie was about to get into the truck, she felt a hand wrap around her arm, pulling her out. She turned and came face to face with Stef. Right behind her was Lena and Wyatt.

"Where do you think you're going?" Stef asked.

What was she going to do? she thought. "Look, just let me ..." Callie paused, looking at both Lena and Stef, then her gaze landed on Wyatt. "How could you?" she accused angrily. If he'd just left well enough alone. "I told you ..." she began.

"He did the right thing by calling us," Stef said, cutting Callie off.

Callie was about to say something when the truck behind her started to move; to drive off. Seeing a chance to run as they all would have to step away to let the truck by, Callie made her move, trying to escape from Stef and Lena's grasps, but didn't get far. Stef was on her before she could get to the grass area a few feet in front of her. Seconds later, Lena was next to Stef. Wyatt just stood off to the side, knowing Callie needed to be alone with her foster moms.

To think she could out run a cop, Callie thought with a sigh.

"Just let me go," Callie pleaded to Stef, her eyes starting to tear up. "You guys are better off without me."

Stef's expression softened. She took Callie's hand, holding it tight and rubbing her thumb softly in a circle.

"Honey why? Why would you think that?"

Lena put her arm around Callie's shoulders.

"Did we do something to make you leave? If we did anything to make you feel unwanted ..."

Callie just shook her head, wiping away her tears with her sleeve. Her eyes were puffy. She hated letting people see her cry.

"No. It wasn't anything you did. I just ... I'm sorry."

More tears had started to come and she put her head down, knowing she was about to break down any minute.

"Sweetie, you don't have anything to be sorry about," Stef said sadly, her heart breaking for the teen. She and Lena started leading Callie back to the room she had stayed in the night before, wanting somewhere private. Being out in the parking lot probably wasn't the best place for this kind of conversation and she could tell that Callie was ready to fall apart any minute.

Callie sniffled as she let Lena and Stef lead her back to the motel room, not fighting them. There was no way around this. No way of getting out of it. What was she going to do? What was she going to say? Should she tell about the kiss?

Everything was such a mess.

As Stef led Callie into the motel room, Lena stood outside the motel room, talking to Wyatt, trying to get him to talk to her about things Callie might have told him. Anything that would help her understand why Callie ran away, in case Callie couldn't, or if the teen shut her or Stef out. She honestly couldn't blame the girl, who had been through so much; things that she never should have had to go through.

She just needed to understand.

"I didn't know anything until she showed up," Wyatt was saying. "She was definitely going somewhere. I just thought she would be better off with me than on the streets alone."

"Why would she even leave to begin with?"

"She said things weren't working out," Wyatt answered, shaking his head. "How she was probably going to be sent to another foster home."

Lena shook her head, a puzzled frown on her face.

"What could she possibly mean by that? We just told her we wanted to adopt her."

"I don't know," Wyatt said, shrugging, trying to keep his face straight. He wasn't exactly lying. He didn't know for sure, but he had a feeling that it might have something to do with Callie's foster brother, Brandon. Maybe Jude as well. Still, was it his place to say anything about it? About Brandon and Callie?

"Are you sure?" Lena asked, dubiously.

"I'm really not sure about anything," he said awkwardly. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm not much ..."

"You called me and Callie is now safely with us. Right now that is all that matters. Thank you. I just wish you would have ..."

"I know, I know," Wyatt sighed, feeling bad. He was glad he'd done the right thing. As much as he really cared and even loved Callie. He'd had doubts about calling Lena, wanting Callie to stay with him; not wanting to let her go. He knew deep down though that she needed Stef and Lena more. She needed a family. She needed to be loved; more than he could give her.

"Can I at least have a second to explain to her why I did what I did?" he asked. "Before I go?"

He knew he should have been on the road already, but he just couldn't leave without talking to Callie first. He needed to explain to Callie why he did what he did.

"I don't think it's a good idea," Lena said gently as she took a step inside the motel room to see Callie on the bed with Stef next to her.

Stef's arms were around Callie, comforting her. Callie was saying something which Lena couldn't make out, but she thought she heard the girl mention Brandon.

She turned back to Wyatt. "At least, not yet. I think some things need to be dealt with first," she added.

She looked down at her watch.

"Why don't you grab some breakfast and come back," she suggested. "By then hopefully things will be calmer."

She needed to be with Callie and Stef right now, she thought. She could hear Stef's voice rising which meant things were about to heat up.

"Okay," Wyatt replied, seeing the worried look on Lena's face. "I'll be back in a few."

Lena watched him go, then turned back to enter the room, only to find that Stef and Callie were not on the bed and Stef was leaning against the bathroom door, clearly upset.

"What happened?" Lena asked, concerned.

"She locked herself in the bathroom," Stef said sadly.

Meanwhile, back at the Foster's home, Mike, Brandon, Mariana, Jesus and Jude were gathered around the kitchen table, eating breakfast. Jude sat at the table, playing with his food, not talking, while conversation went on around him. Brandon's father was looking after them while Stef and Lena had gone out looking for Callie.

Jude looked at Mike, since he was the only one who knew what was going on.

"When is Callie coming back?" he asked, interrupting the conversation. He didn't know what they had been discussing but then he hadn't been paying attention. All he could think about was his sister. Mike had told him early this morning that Stef and Lena had been looking for her and had found her, but that was it.

"Hey bud ..." Mike began, reaching across the table taking Jude's hand in his, as if to give him some kind of comfort. "I know you're worried, but they found her, all right?" he continued, trying to reassure the boy that everything was going to be okay. "So you're going to go to school today and when you get home, she'll be here."

"I guess," Jude said with a shrug. He didn't want to go to school but it wasn't like he had a choice anyway. He just hoped his sister was okay and that he would see her soon.