Chapter 1

Jennifer Jareau knew that today was going to be a bad day. It had started when Henry woke up at 1:00 am in the morning, because he had a bad dream. It got worse when Will had left in a rush at 3:00 am because a gang war had irrupted earlier that night. Then she spilt hot coffee all over her shirt, resulting in Henry getting to school late and JJ getting to work late and exhausted. Once she had finally gotten to the FBI building she had found herself receiving a lecture from Hotch, before being allowed to go to her office and start her paperwork.

As she opened the door, JJ felt her jaw hit the floor as she stared at the three giant piles of paperwork, that hadn't been there the day before. Her first reaction, someone, probably Morgan or Prentiss had snuck the files into her office before she had come in as a prank. But when she looked out the glass window that gave her a view of the bullpen she saw them all hard at work, with big stacks of paperwork too. Not as big as her's, by any count, but a substantial amount. JJ ruled them out as she saw Reid get up and Morgan sneaking two files onto his desk. She smiled a bit as she saw Reid return with coffee and a confused expression on his face as he saw that his pile of files had grown.

JJ stared back at the tower piles and she tentatively took one of the files off the stack and opened it. Inside were three pictures, one a normal looking high school girl, a sophomore maybe, nothing out of the ordinary, the next a picture of her lying on the ground, dead, with a bit of blood coming out of her neck. The final picture was a close up of her neck, with two identical stab marks. Underneath them, she saw a police report, which had ruled it as a murder, and the strangest thing, a barbecue fork had been the murder weapon. JJ frowned, but set it aside as she took the next one. Three hours later, JJ had looked over eight different cases, five of which involved two stab marks on the neck, two had been mutilated and had various organ missing and one had fallen down the stairs and broken his neck on the main floor, but was found in the basement. JJ frowned, something was strange about this town, and it was as if they had a different killer every week.

Two hours later, Strauss entered JJ's office.

"Agent Jareau, what do you think of these?" she had asked.

"Its as if there's a new killer every week," JJ responded.

"Exactly, that is why we have informed the Sunnydale Police Department that we will be investigating."

JJ frowned, "But they didn't invite us"

Strauss nodded, "True but this town, it has the fourth highest mortality rate in the USA."

JJ's eyes went wide, "Oh, wow, of course then, definitely. When are we going?"

"Today, I've informed Agent Hotchner, the briefing will be in an hour."

"Yes, I will have them prepared."


As soon as Strauss left sat down in front of her computer, googling the town of Sunnydale, she gasped as she went through a list of death, funeral notices and newspaper clippings.

An hour later, JJ was standing in front of the team; they were all looking at her expectantly. She turned on the screen; it showed a picture of Lucas White. The first photo was a school photo, the next was Lucas dead on the ground with blood coming out of his neck and the last was a close up of his neck, with two identical stab wounds in them.

"Lucas White, eleven years old. Disappeared when he was returning from a friends house was found two weeks ago in an abandoned alley. His cause of death was blood loss and the weapon was a pair of scissors," JJ informed the group.

Reid frowned when he heard the word scissors, "But scissors are designed so that they cant cut into skin deeply and the marks aren't angled like the should be if they were stabbed with scissors."

The rest of the team frowned and Hotch gestured for JJ to continue.

JJ clicked the button again and an elderly couple appeared, "This is Robert and Judy Bennett, age seventy three and seventy six, two weeks ago, they went for a walk and were found hours later, dead, less than a block away from their house. The Bennetts both died of blood loss and the weapon was ruled to be a pair of knitting needles."

Reid was about to speak again, but Rossi hushed him.

She turned on the screen, it showed a picture of Samantha Wong, her school photo, a photo of her in a dumpster and one a close up of her neck, where two identical stab marks were.

"This is Samantha Wong, age fifteen. One day ago, she went to the local club, her friends say she never got there. Her cause of death was deemed blood loss and the weapon was ruled to be a barbecue fork. Another thing is that almost identical wounds have been appearing for minimum ten years," JJ explained.

"And these three only happened in the last two weeks?" Rossi questioned in disbelief.

"Yes, I think there's been over a hundred of these cases. Apparently it's gotten so bad that the papers don't publish anything on the 'Barbecue Fork Killer' anymore," JJ explained.

"So all the Victims died of blood loss, right?" Morgan asked.

JJ nodded, "Yes, but unlike the rest of them, Wong barely died from it."

"What do you mean, barely died?" Prentiss questioned.

"The medical report says that Wong was a few millimeters short of the minimum amount of blood humans need to survive," JJ answered.

"And it is also evident that the victims were killed at a different location, before being dumped," Rossi said.

"But why would the UNSUB dump the Bennetts on the block their house is?"

"Stalking maybe?" JJ said.

Hotch shook his head, "Stalkers generally only go for people of a certain gender and age group, this group of people is all over the map."

"What I don't get is why all the causes of death are so different when the wounds are all identical," Rossi pointed out.

"Well actually, each wound is different, thicker, more wide apart. White's look like they're deeper, while Wong's are farther apart from each other and she had more blood in her," Reid explained.

"Yes but why scissors? Knitting needles? These make no sense, its as if the PD don't want us to pit two and two together!" Rossi exclaimed.

"That's why will figure it out. Wheels up in thirty." Hotch ordered.