Chapter 11

When Rossi had heard Prentiss' voice on the walkie talkie, saying that she had seen something in the direction of northwest, he had cursed. JJ and him had gone east for twenty minutes, spotting nothing but a couple of owls and a family of raccoons scurrying past them.

Rossi and JJ made eye contact. Both of them realized that they were too far away to get to Prentiss fast enough, but they hurried anyways. Rossi really hated the people who developed these graveyards. They were ridiculously big, going on for acres and acres. They weren't even back at the main entrance yet and it had to of been at least ten minutes since they started jogging.

Then, they heard a scream. It was unmistakably female, coming from the direction they were heading to. Rossi ran with newfound determination as he replayed the scream in his mind. He'd heard screams like that before, too many times before from victims of the serial killers they were tracking down. They always shook him up; hearing someone scream from the pure realization that their life was in jeopardy was terrifying. But he'd never heard it from one of his own agents before.

"Was that Prentiss?" JJ asked, sprinting over gravestones and well worn paths.

Rossi scowled, "Yes." They both ran faster.

By the time they reached the area where Prentiss had screamed, everyone else was already there. Rossi could see his entire team, as well as two university aged students. They were both kneeling over something, but it was too dark for him to make out what it was. Reid was waving his flashlight around a group of gravestones, not too far off. Hotch, meanwhile, was sitting next to someone propped against a gravestone. Rossi did a double take as he realized it was Morgan. In the dim light of the flashlight, he looked pale and exhausted, then to his horror, he realized he couldn't see Prentiss anywhere.

"Rossi, JJ!" Hotch waved them over. They both ran towards him. He looked fairly dishevelled, not surprising considering he had had to run as well, but Morgan was in worse condition. He was practically limp, relying on the gravestone to keep him upright. His eyes were closed and he had a huge gash on his head.

"Hotch," Rossi asked alarmed, "What happened?"

Hotch shook his head, "We don't know. Morgan said Prentiss was attacked, but he was also attacked himself, hit his head off a gravestone, most likely. I'm sure he has a concussion."

In response, Morgan groaned, opening his eyes to slits, he took a shallow breath and winced in pain.

JJ leaned down, "Morgan?"

"Prentiss," He muttered, "Vampire," and his eyes closed again.

Hotch scowled, "He's completely disorientated.

Rossi groaned, could this go any worse? One agent was incapacitated, another was missing and probably injured, plus all their efforts had been for nothing.

Morgan raised an arm and pointed, "Attacked," He repeated tiredly. Rossi followed the point. It was to another bunch of gravestones, but there was a single tree about fifty meters further away.

"There?" Rossi asked.

Morgan nodded, wincing in pain.

"Reid!" Rossi yelled. Reid looked over at him. "Over there!" Rossi pointed to the same area Morgan had pointed to. With a nod, Reid made his way over there. "Now, Hotch, who are they?" He gestured towards the university students, who were still kneeling over something.

Hotch glanced towards them, "Two people," He answered, "Willow Rosenberg and Alexander Harris. They're friends of Buffy Summers. They got here before us."

Rossi began walking towards them, "I'm going to talk to them."
Hotch nodded, "JJ, go help Reid."

JJ scurried off, while Rossi walked over to Willow and Alexander, "Hello?"

Both of them looked up at him. The first was a redheaded girl, fairly short, but Rossi had a feeling that she was fairly powerful. The other was a boy the same age as her. However, the alarming thing was the unconscious blond girl, Buffy, lying in between them, with ripped up clothes.

"Are you another FBI guy?" The boy asked, "And it's Xander."

The girl looked up at him angrily, "You need to leave! Buffy was almost killed because of him." She pointed towards Morgan, who was still lying prone.

Rossi crouched down to their level, "Does she need medical help?" Now wasn't the time to argue with them.

Willow shook her head, "She'll be fine."

"Can you tell me what happened?"

If anything, Willow became more hostile, "Sunnydale isn't your problem. The government is better off ignoring us and we're better off being ignored by them. You should just forget about everything you've seen."

Rossi sighed. He really, really hated this case. Bad enough they weren't doing anything to help, it was worse when the townspeople asked them to leave, "Ms. Rosenberg, one of my agents is hurt and the other is suspected to have been attacked. I need to know what happened."

Willow seemed ready to start up again, when Xander grabbed her arm. She scowled and sat down next to Buffy while Xander started to speak to Rossi.

He took a big sigh, "You already know all about the vampires, right?"

Rossi nodded.

"Alright, so Willow's a witch."

If this were any other week, Rossi would of laughed and put him in a psych ward, but now all the news just made him want to order a glass of beer and move on, "Alright. Witch. Why not. Go on."

"She did some witchy magic, threw one across the cemetery, I think she hit another with a branch, right?"

Willow nodded in confirmation.

"And she scared them away," Xander finished, "We only saw Buffy and your agent on the ground, but not another one. Are you sure that your other agent was in the area?

"Positive. Are you absolutely sure?"

Willow hesitated for a second, "Well, there was one weird thing. Vampires don't normally run away. I think they loose some brain cells when they die or something, because they aren't very smart, but these ones all just ran together."

Before Rossi could ask anything else, he heard Reid yelling for them to go to him. Rossi said a quick and tense goodbye to Willow and Xander, before jogging over to where Reid was standing.

He was next to the tree Morgan had pointed too, an alarmed expression on his face. JJ was standing next to him, looking pained. Rossi hurried up. Hotch was still sitting next to Morgan. When Rossi got there, he saw what scared them. Prentiss' walkie talking was lying on the tree roots.

He looked towards Reid, who was averting his eyes. JJ wasn't much better, she looked very shaken. Rossi couldn't blame them. The scream he heard Prentiss yell, plus the walkie talkie on the ground wasn't a good sign. It meant that she was attacked and worse, that she was taken. Rossi felt his legs weaken. Prentiss was officially missing.

"I'll tell Hotch," Rossi volunteered. The other two looked at him gratefully. Neither of them know what to do, "Take pictures. Record the evidence. We still need to treat this case as we do any other case," He instructed, before walking over to Hotch.

Morgan still wasn't looking great, but he was a least sitting up on his own. A bit of the confusion in his eyes had cleared up, but he still looked like he was in pain.

"Prentiss?" Hotch asked, hopefully.

Rossi swallowed nervously, "By the tree Morgan pointed to, we found her walkie talkie." Hotch's face fell. "I think she was kidnapped by them."

Morgan stared up him, horrified. Rossi knew how bad this situation was. An agent was taken by vampires, who had been killing people for centuries. It was likely that Prentiss was already dead or dying from blood loss. It had a certain numbing feel. He was devastated, but he knew that he had to keep his cool. Loosing it wouldn't help Prentiss.

And at that moment, Buffy came up to them. Rossi should have been marvelling at how fast she recovered from being unconscious—less than ten minutes—but he was distracted by thoughts of Prentiss. Buffy was flanked by Willow and Xander.

"Did you find your agent?" She asked.

Rossi shook his head, "It looks like she was kidnapped."

Buffy winced, but her eyes were hard, "We'll save her then. Understand? You and your other FBI guys have to stay away. All you've done is make things worse and as soon as I save your agent, you leave town. Forget about the vampires and everything else, get it?"

Hotch stood up, "Yes."

Rossi stared at him, surprised, Hotch was giving up that easily?

Buffy also looked surprised, but she hid it well, "Okay. I have your word, right?"

Hotch nodded, "We'll leave as soon as Prentiss is found."

Rossi glanced towards Morgan. He was staring at Buffy, clearly understanding what was happening, but he wasn't making a sound in protest. If anything, he looked ashamed. Rossi sighed. He didn't like leaving cases unsolved, but Buffy was right. They couldn't shoot down vampires or just locked them away in jail. It was time for them to move on from Sunnydale, get away from the craziness of vampires and back to reality. As soon as they found Prentiss, they would leave. All Rossi could hope for was that she was alive.

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