Chapter 2

Rossi boarded the plane, very confused. The murder weapon made no sense. The cops claimed that they were all different sharp objects, but they all looked to be the same shape and he doubted that knitting needles could penetrate someone's skin so easily without any superhuman strength.

Garcia's cheerful voice brought him out of his thoughts, "Hello, mortals, Garcia speaking."

"Hey baby girl, what do you have for us?" Morgan asked.

"Well, Sunnydale has a 30% death rate per year, 19% were ruled to be accidental or animal attacks, stuff like that, 7% were big masses, like the Sunnydale High Graduation of 1999, 32% of the people that attended were killed and some were never found," Garcia explained.

"Wasn't Sunnydale the town that couldn't speak for two days or something?" JJ asked.

A second later Garcia replied, "Yes, it was ruled out to be a town wide hoax, although six people were killed," Garcia made a face, "Their hearts were ripped out form their bodies, everyone claimed they couldn't hear screaming."

Well, that was creepy.

"Anything else weird?" Hotch questioned.

"Yes, actually. The Sunnydale Graduation I was telling you about, the school was blown up almost immediately after, but they built a new school four years later. The creepy factor? The 32% that died, 18% died from blood loss wit the same stab wounds. Another thing, a lot of people that are killed, are killed or found in graveyards," Garcia told them.

"A cult maybe?" Prentiss guessed.

"Nope, sorry sweetie, but no one has ever tried to start a gang or anything like that," Garcia said.

"Why not?"

"No idea. Sorry."

And with that, Garcia shut down the screen and the team began theorizing.

After a few hours of flight, the only reasonable thing they had come up with was that the UNSUB killed the people, only at night, which could be an insomniac, killed them, before dragging them to a dump sight.

This would be a long case.

Sorry its so short, this will be the shortest chapter (I hope).