The Pretties didn't like to acknowledge that their perfect city wasn't actually perfect. Everything was supposed to be utopia, everything the rusties ever dreamed about, but things still happened. Husbands still beat their wives. People still raped people. The only thing that made their city better was the fact that everyone was pretty.

There was so much corruption among their people and they didn't even know it. Children were unknowingly raised to block out events that weren't considered normal so such events were forgotten. Nobody questioned when someone disappeared, thinking nothing of it and erasing them from their world. Nobody was indispensible, nobody existed that couldn't be erased. Nobody questioned.

Ericka Cooper was a sweet littlie, only seven years old with a baby face and big blue eyes. She was often seen in her parent's yard playing with her dolls. Her long brown hair was pulled back in twin ponytails that made her look all the more angelic. She was a natural pretty, one in a million. Pretties stopped on the sidewalk to stare at her and gush about how beautiful she was, Uglies despised her for never having to wait for the surgery, and other littlies disliked her for being the teacher's pet, but still nobody questioned. They didn't question why Ericka was continuously taken to the hospital covered in bruises from head to toe and long gashes on her back. Nobody questioned why the Cooper's house always smelled of blood. Nobody questioned why Ericka screamed in the middle of the night, waking her neighbors. Nobody questioned because nobody wanted to admit that there was still a problem.

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