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Feeling a pair of eyes on the back of his head Bilbo spoke without bothering to turn around.

"I happen to like my grey hairs, thank you, so you can just stop staring and plotting to erase them right now."


"I said no, Smaug! You DO remember what happened last time you refused to take my 'no' as final, don't you?" He could just feel Smaug pouting at the reminder.

"Yes. It was a hundred years ago and you went and joined the army and got yourself shot."

"Several armies, in fact- you can't stay in just one for a hundred years and not get odd looks- as well as getting a few medical degrees, and getting shot was hardly my goal; but at least you remembered this time, so that's something." There was silence for a time, but Bilbo knew his husband well enough to know that this argument was hardly over.

"I can fix your shoulder along with your hair, you know." And there it was, the real reason behind his sudden fixation on the few sparse grey hairs mixed with his normally golden ones.

"And I'm still saying no, Smaug! You've already put enough of your blood in me to slow my aging to a crawl, make me near unkillable and boost my height up to very unHobbit like standards- even went so far as to round my ears without consulting me, which I am still bitter about thank you- so if I say I want to stay the way I am for a while longer then you will just have to live with it."

"Fine. Just don't come crawling to me for comfort next time it rains and your shoulder starts hurting again." Smaug then threw himself down on the sofa and faced the wall, giving a full body pout to show his displeasure.

"Alright, I won't. I'll go talk to Gandalf- or is his name Mycroft now?" Bilbo said with a smirk, knowing just the reaction his words would get.

He wasn't disappointed.

"You wouldn't."

"He is always after me to go on another adventure, you know." Shooting up to a sitting position, Smaug began to rant against the 'no good Hobbit stealer!'.

"That pathetic old-" Pounding steps on their stairs interrupted what Smaug was about to say, and the steps were quickly followed by a silver-haired man in a suit who nodded at Bilbo before turning to Smaug on the sofa.

"There's been another one." Smaug perked up.

"What's different?"

"She left a note." Anyone who knew him could see the glimmer of excitement in Smaug's piercing eyes.

"Alight, we'll catch a cab and be along shortly." With a wave the Dragon dismissed the Man from his presence.

"Thanks, mate. John." Nodding his departure, Detective Inspector Lestrade of New Scotland Yard made his exit; and in his wake Smaug jumped up and punched the air in joy.

"Yes! Four serial suicides. It's Christmas! And we're not done talking about this." Smirking at his husbands back, Bilbo- John- argued back just to be stubborn.

"Yes we are, Sm-Sherlock. I said no, remember?"

"Irrelevant." With a long-suffering yet happy sigh Bilbo followed his Dragon out the door and into their newest lives as John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

Bilbo knew he would eventually give in to his husband of the last several thousand years, but he would hold out as long as he could. Make him work for it.

Who knows, maybe he could even get another wedding out of it. And he did so love standing up in front of everyone and declaring his eternal love for his mate, even if Smaug did find it boring to repeat the same ceremony every few centuries he would eventually agree.

Even if it wasn't for the chance to erase all of Bilbo's battle scars and signs of aging he would agree just for the honeymoon, he did so love being socially required to hoard all of his husband's time and attention for several uninterrupted weeks.


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