Chapter one
I stood and watched the fight. I was outside the dome,but i still stood and watched it, even when the killer light shot through the dome and killed the adult. I stood and watched as the boy and girl soundlessly burned each other to death. Then when the boy and girl fell to the ground I started to smell fire and I started to gag on the smoke that was getting caught in my throat. Then after about two seconds of silence someone shouted:
"The fire, everyone run!"
Them there was a huge stampede and kids run passed me in a mad rush, all of them trying to get away from the horror of the dome. Some of the kids ran towards their parents outstretched arms, some ran into the burger place to get food and some just flat out ran, as far away from the dome as possible. I then blinked and turned around. I saw kids hugging thin air, some of them pulling back with confused faces then a look of horror came upon their faces . Then some ran out of the burger place shouting:
"The adult disappeared, it's happening again!"