Chapter 1

Mike Warren walking shoulder to shoulder with his TO. Agent Vincent Rossabi was one of the best Hoover had to offer. Mike left lucky honored to be training with him. Today was a big day out in the field. They had their guns and badges in view. They entered the building calmly. Security let them through with minor hassle. Soon they were back in the office of their perp.

"Times up, Davis," Vincent said.

The dark haired man closed his eyes before turning around. "Agents Rossabi and Warren," he sneered. Some guys might have been intimated by the powerful man. Not Vincent and not Mike. He kept the same cool, confident stance as his mentor.

Vincent caught Liam eyeing a drawer in his desk. "Don't do anything stupid," the senior agent warned.

"Why are you here? You've got nothing on me," Liam challenged.

"Riverside 401 ring any bells?" Mike asked.

Liam's face paled. "We found the house and the girls," Vincent stated. Liam ran to the side exit of his office. Vincent and Mike took after him. Mike out ran Vincent and caught Liam by his suit jacket. He yanked the resister back and then pushed him up against the wall. Vincent seeing the take down slowed his pace. "Cuff him, Mike," he instructed. Mike looked at him. "This is your bust," Vincent said.

"Liam Davis you are under arrest for kidnapping and trafficking," Mike began reading the man his rights. He grinned put the cuffs on Liam. Vincent and Mike walked Davis out to the car. Mike put him in the rear seat.

"Welcome to the big leagues," Vincent patted Mike on the back.

A beautiful creature stopped Mike dead in his tracks as he and Vincent walked in the bar where they were going to meet a couple more agents. There she was: a tall woman with soft features, and long flowing brown hair. Just his type. In a moment her chocolate brown eyes found his baby blues. How long the world froze for he was unsure. He was still standing in the same place when he had been when he came to himself. Mike regrettably had to break eye contact when Vincent and he were led to their table. Luckily he had a straight view to her and she to him.

Wow. Abby had not expected this when she agreed to go out with her friends for the office to let off a little steam. She had been so busy at work that she had no time for guys. Little did Abby know what would be walking through that bar door. "He's hot," her friend Serena whispered. Abby just nodded. She could get passed his handsome face or woman melting smile. Hot was an understatement. If her eyes went any lower Abby would have to stop herself from picturing the muscles underneath his powder blue dress shirt. Instead she grabbed a napkin jotted something down well he was settle at a table. Abby shoved the napkin in her purse.

"Earth to, Mike," Vincent chirped. His new trainee had his eyes fix over Vincent shoulder to bar and the beautiful brunette. Vincent was no fool. He had noticed her too and the palpable connection she and his young friend had jump-started. Sparks were flying across the room He couldn't blame Mike. The lady was quite stunning. She was no bombshell or vixen, but very feminine. If he were ten years younger Vincent would have given Mike a run for his money. "Why don't you go say hello?" he nudged.

"Don't we need to discuss our next move?" Mike questioned. While Vincent appreciated Mike's work ethic, he feared Mike would burn out if he didn't get a life outside of the job.

"No more work talk- today was a good day and it's time to celebrate," Vincent shook his head, "Raleigh and Piers are on their way." Mike stayed somewhere halfway between seated and . "Go get her, Tiger," Vincent urged. Mike didn't know what to make of this side of his mentor. He was not this easy going on the job.

The brunette smiled when Mike got up. The smile grew even wider when he headed straight for her.

"Hi," he greeted.

"Hi, I'm Abby," she held out her hand, "It's nice to meet you"

"Mike, I'm Mike," he almost let out a nervous laugh.

"This is Serena and Courtney," Abby made introductions. Mike tipped his head to the girls.

"Would you and your friends like to join us?" Mike inquired. He pointed over to the table where the other two agents Vincent had mentioned were now sitting with. Abby looked to her two friends. They both nodded.

"Sure," Abby answered for them. The girls collected their drinks. Mike led them over to the table with Abby by his side.

"Whoa, Mikey," Piers greeted.

"Who are your new friends?" Raleigh grinned.

"Serena," Abby's friend said. She instantly took a shine to the outgoing agent and sat next to Piers. Mike & Abby choose seats next to each other.

"What's the occasion?" Courtney asked sitting.

"We're celebrating Mike's first big bust," Piers beamed like a proud brother.

"Bust? You're a cop or something?" Abby asked.

"Yeah- kind of," Mike answered. That's when she saw Piers' badge.

"You're FBI," she said. He nodded hoping that wasn't a deal breaker for her.

Abby shivered at the chill in the air outside the bar. Mike took off his suit jacket and placed it over her shoulders. They were alone as her friends were still inside talking with Piers and Brian. Vincent had already gone home.

"Thank you," she said as they waited for her cab.

He looked her up and down. She looked good in his jacket. "I would love to maybe take you out to dinner or something sometime," Mike blurted out, "I mean- that is if you are interested." Abby gave him a good once over then handed him the napkin she had written on earlier.

"Call me," she replied. Abby stepped forward Mike leaned in. They met in a bright, yearning kiss. What a way to end the night.