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Chapter 27

Several weeks and countless gallons of soup later, Abby stood by a recouped Mike while he sat on the exam table. Fiona checked him over, "How has your energy level been?"

"Better," Mike answered, "I still tire a bit easier than I'd like."

"I am clearing you to return to regular activities," Fiona said.

Abby held in a squeal. Mike grinned, "Thank you."

Fiona nodded, "Just listen to your body and don't overdo. Remember to take care of yourself- you've got good reason to stick around."

"That I do," he looked over at his girlfriend. When Mike got out of the hospital she had insisted he recover at her townhouse. He was very proud of Abby and how she juggled taking care of him with her training. Two weeks ago training ended and she took over the job.

"I'll leave you to get around," Fiona excused herself.

"See you later, Mom," Abby waved. Fiona shut the door. Abby clapped.

Mike got up. He slipped his t-shirt over his head, "Happy?"

"Very," she stepped towards him.

"Are you ready to go get your first reward?" Mike pulled her flush to him and held her.

"First?" Abby replied. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I get more than one reward?" Abby pursed her lips.

"You deserve many rewards," he kissed her thoroughly. The thought of taking her on the examination table was very tempting. They hadn't made love since he was shot. Mike pulled back. He was still not back to one hundred percent just yet. It was a two hour drive to the small family breeder that Mike had found to get their Kuvasz puppy and he'd need his strength so they could share the driving. One thing good thing about the time he spent recuperating it afforded him the opportunity to do research. The earlier information about the breed of dogs being hard to get turned out to be true. But that is was the type of dog Abby had set her heart on Mike would move mountains to make sure she got one. It was the least he could do after everything she went through.

Holding hands they left the hospital. They got into the car. Mike sat in the passenger side. He got out his phone, "It's, Mike Warren, yes just calling to confirm our appointment… we're leaving now… See you in two hours." Mike rattled off the address they had been given while Abby entered it into their GPS. Away they drove.

They spent the entire ride laughing and sing along to pop songs. The GPS had them pull up next to a house. They were greeted by an older man that introduced himself as Jack. "You must be, Mike," Jack shook Mike's hand.

"This is my girlfriend Abby," Mike introduced her.

"Pleasure, Miss," Jack tipped his head to Abby, "Won't you come in and see the puppies you came for?" He stepped aside and let them in.

"Are all of them for sale?" Mike asked to be clear.

"Yes, they are," Jack nodded, "The seven of them just turned eight weeks two days ago- it's our girl's second litter." He led them to a room where the puppies had been corralled. Abby entered first the men hung behind a step or two. "Those are my granddaughters," Jack motioned to the two young girls that were playing with the puppies.

Abby walked further into the room. Mike stood back. This dog was not his to pick. He wanted one that would bond with Abby. Abby petted one of the white balls of fur, but it quickly ran off to sit beside one of the little girls. Another puppy whose white hair was a little straighter than the others tentatively, but hopeful advanced toward her. "Hi there, little Fela," Abby knelt down. She spent longer than necessary petting him. Mike could see she was falling for that one. Of course it had to be the runt of the litter. Abby knew she should check out the other puppies before making up her mind. She got up and walked over to a group of the puppies. The second puppy stayed on Abby's heels. She squatted down to pet one of his sisters. He sat behind her and whined. He reached his paw out to her. When that didn't get Abby to turn to him the puppy came in front and wedged himself between his sister and Abby so he was the one being petted. "You are too cute," she scratched him behind the ears. The excited puppy barked.

"Is this the one?" Mike approached them. Abby held the puppy up with his face next to hers. She batted her eyelashes at Mike. "Yeah, he is," Mike laughed.

Abby pushed Levi's front paws out with her thumbs so they were more visible. "Look at these paws- he's going to be huge," she proclaimed.

Mike chuckled, "So what are we naming the little fuzz bucket?"

Abby nibbled her bottom lip. She had a mental list of names for the puppy, but looking at the puppy that choose her none of them fit. A family entered the room. Mike turned to acknowledge them. Abby caught the brand tag on Mike's jeans. It gave her the answer. "Levi," she said.

"Levi?" the corner of Mike's lips curled into a smile, but his brow furrowed questioningly, "Where did you get that from?"

Abby got up, puppy in tow, and kissed Mike's cheek, "It fits." They stood there for a few minutes looking at each other.

"You are not going to let him down until I pay for him are you?" he said.

"Nope," she pressed her lips together. That dog was hers. Mike pointed to Levi as they walked over to Jack.

"He's a sweetheart that one," Jack opened a nearby filing cabinet and pulled out a binder that held the puppy's records.

"I can tell," Abby said.

Mike got the cash out of his wallet and paid for Levi and Jack handed him the puppy's papers. "He's already registered with the AKC- all you'll have to do is get it transferred to you and get his name changed."


"Looks like someone is going to get spoiled," he noted how Abby cradled the puppy.

"That you can be sure of," Mike replied. Jack saw them out to their car.

They had brought a travel cage for the puppy, but Levi ended up in Abby's lap. She petted his head while Levi panted happily. Abby leaned into Mike's shoulder. Driving down the road he soaked in the moment. This was the beginning of a beautiful life.