Chapter 1

Sam was deep asleep in her bed while dreaming about Freddie Benson when the redhead bursted in and...

Cat screamed, "HEY SAM!"

Sam was still in dream land

Cat screamed, "WAKE UP!"

Sam didn't answer

Cat said, "Get off your butt you idiot!" but she didn't realize that the Sam she was looking at was just a realistic effigy on the couch.

The actual Sam woke up and got a tennis racket for revenge on the 'Get off your butt you idiot' comment

Cat bent down to check on Sam the effigy which the real Sam was right behind her and...

Sam kicked Cat right in the center of her butt

Cat collapsed on the floor

Sam said "Now, get off your butt"

Cat said, "I'll never do that again"

Sam asked, "What'd you need kid?"

Cat said, "Well you know about the MLine 2"

Sam said, "You mean that game console that costs like $300?"

Cat said, "Yes, guess what?"

Sam asked, "What?" with a smile

Cat said, "They are selling it a month earlier!"

Sam dropped her glass of Orange Juice on the floor and asked, "WHEN?!"


Sam got so excited that she kicked the sofa and it fell backwards

Cat said, "Let's go get in line!"

Sam asked, "Why? There's a store like 5 miles away?"

Cat said, "Well, they are selling it day after tomorrow in... You wanna know?"

Sam sad, "YES!"

Cat asked, "You sure?"

Sam said, "YEEESSS!"

Cat asked, "Are you sure you are sure?"

Sam said, "YEEEESSSSS!" in a slightly annoyed tone

Cat asked, "Are you sure you are sure that you are sure?"

Sam said, "YEEEEESSSSSSS!" with her violent side overtaking her kind side.

Cat asked, "Are you sure you are sure that you are sure about being sure?"

Sam got so annoyed that she kicked Cat in the knee.

Cat screamed, "Ow! Sorry!"

Sam stopped and crossed her arms

Cat said, "Ok, so the early sale is in... NEW YORK!"

Sam asked, "Are you insane?!"

Cat said, "No, but you are for saying that!"

Sam held one of Cat's shoes and a matchbox and said, "YOU SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME AND I'LL BURN IT!"

Cat said, "Oh, Please don't! That cost me $40!"


Cat said, "By plane!

Sam asked, "You know how much that costs?!"

Cat said, "Yes!, Around $500"

Sam said, "You are really insane"

Cat said, "Well, it will only cost us $20!"

Sam asked, "How?!"

Cat replied, "Goomer is friends with the pilot!"

Sam said, "Let's pack!"

Cat said, "I already packed our stuff" as she held their suitcases"

Sam said, "Cat, You're a genius!"

Cat said, "Gracias!" as they head outside

~4 hours later~

Sam asked, "Why is Goomer driving us to an airport that is 4 more hours away"

Cat said,"It's the only one going from LA to NY"

Goomer said, "OK,I'm done" and got off

Cat asked, "What about us?"

Goomer said, "Sam will drive you"

Cat said, "YAY!"

Goomer said, "Sam and Cat, if anyone steals Rosie, you're paying for it"

Cat said, "Okay"

Goomer said, "Bye!"

Sam drove Cat

Cat asked, "Who's Rosie?"

Sam said, "This truck!"

~2 hours later~

Sam was taking sharp turns on the road

Sam said, "Cat, switch"

Cat said, "I just got my learner's 2 weeks ago!"

Sam asked, "How many more hours do you still need"

Cat was about to talk when Sam said, "Who cares?"

Cat said, "Sam, my glasses are cracked. So I can't use them"

Cat eventually got convinced to drive for 2 hours

~30 minutes later~

Cat was driving in the rain while Sam was fast asleep