Chapter 2

The Plunge into Fame

L.A Airport: Security Line

3 Hours Later

"Let me go!" Sam yells as a security guard tackles her to the ground. A crowd standing behind the metal detector takes video on their phone. Another guard swabs the contents of Sam's carry-on. Cat stands next to the dirty blonde and crouches, shaking and terrified.

"Sir" That guard sighs, examining a Buttersock with a wand: "There's nothing poisonous; it's 100% Butter"

The guard tackling Sam raises his eyebrows: "They're socks full of butter? Just butter?"

Sam nods, doing her best as she's tackled to the ground and lies on her stomach: "Yep. It's a Buttersock"

"A buttersock?" Both guards scratch their heads: "Why in Bibble's name would you make a Buttersock?"

Sam sighs: "You know the saying: Reject tradition, embrace modernity"

Cat gets up and plays with her hands: "It's the other way around, Sam"

"Right" Sam exclaims: "This was the most kid-friendly weapon that I could use on iCarly"

The guard tackling Sam pauses like a monument. A couple of seconds later, he exclaims: "You're from iCarly"

"Yeah! iCarly!" a passenger exclaims, standing behind the metal detector.

"Uhhh...yeah" she replies as the guard gets off her. When that happens, Sam breathes loudly, relieved.

"Autograph! Autograph! Autograph!" the entire passenger line behind the metal detector chants: "We want autographs! Autographs! Autographs!"

Cat impatiently checks her watch: "Come on, Sam! Our boarding ends in 10 minutes!"

Sam shrugs and removes a marker from her pocket: "I'll see you in the plane! Momma's gotta make her fans happy"

Cat rolls her eyes and gathers her belongings: "That's a lot of fans, especially for a web-show that ended 2 years ago"

Sam counts the number of fans demanding autographs: 20

"It might be 2014, but iCarly lives on" Sam replies before the redhead yanks her by the arm: "Ow!"

"Sam! Come on!" Cat jitters and panics as more folks photograph her and the dirty blonde: "We have 8 minutes left!"

Sam grabs her carry-on duffle bag and rolls her eyes: "You are such a party pooper"

The Plane

1 Hour Later

Sam and Cat sit next to each other. Sam is watching TV on the airplane monitor; Cat plays on her PearStation Vita.

"Finally. We made it" Cat sighs and rubs her exhausted eyes: "That drive felt so long!"

"Yo!" Sam exclaims, completely ignoring Cat's comment: "They put iCarly on here! How sick is that?"

Cat sighs and bangs her head backwards.

"As I was saying, that drive felt long" Cat stretches: "How long you ask? 7 years long to answer your question!"

"I wasn't asking" Sam shakes her head: "Now can you quiet down for a moment? I'm watching iCarly"

Cat rolls her eyes and continues to play on her console

To be continued

(Authors Note: Thanks for reading! In 2014, I always meant to finish this fanfic, but never got the time. 7 years later, here I am!)