Transformers Belongs To Hasbro

Chapter 1

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Author's Note: Though this story takes place in the Movie Universe, the events are that of the movie but the style of the world itself is that of Transformers Prime

Nirvana sighed as she grilled yet another burger on the grill. Jet black hair was swept from her face as her forehead became wet with sweat. It wasn't the job of her dreams, but it was a job. Then again working at a rundown restaurant was never anybody's dream. She was just thankful that she could feed herself and her second half without having to steep to more nefarious duties. No, for two runaway orphans, a job, even a bad one, was just what they needed.

It had been ten years since she had ran away from the hell she called an orphanage. It was no place a child should ever have to call home. St. Anne's Home for Girls was the place. A supposed sanctuary for the unwanted and abandoned children that graced it's interior. Nirvana had been there most of her life. It wasn't until she was almost fifteen did the fateful day happen.

She had heard a soft crying sound that had pierced her heart. It had been strange for such a sound to effect her. Crying was a staple for almost all of the children and the sound was something she was used to hearing. But this sound... it was heart breaking. It had been when she had glanced in the bushes did she see the tiny blond child weeping. The little girl was one she had recognized as being a new addition. Her parents had been killed in a car accident only a few weeks ago. Nirvana herself had become an orphan when her parents decided drugs were a better alternative than having a daughter.

Her heart had reached out at the child. It had been like yesterday when she had taken her under her wing. Rose was a frail thing and was an easy target for bullying. It had been part of the reason Nirvana had found her in the bushes weeping. It was rare to find an orphan that once had loving parents, and jealousy was a horrible thing.

One day, Nirvana had realized that she would not always be there to protect her from such abuse. Her eighteenth birthday would be there soon enough and there would be no one to protect her little Rose from the cruelty that was other children. That was the day she had decided that she was leaving, and taking her adoptive sister with her.

Now here she was ten years later, trying to make enough to support herself and her sister. It was amazing how hard it was to find a decent job when you are twenty five with no diploma. This job sucked, but it brought home money.

Nirvana herself watched through a small opening to see her little comrade put on a soft smile as she waited tables. Rose was eighteen now and had stepped up to getting her own job to help out. Shoulder length blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sky were her features. She had not grown much and was still tiny. Nirvana watched as she brushed her pink side swept bangs to the side. The older sister could not of been more proud of how her sister had sprouted. Nirvana herself was quite tall and her long black hair with streaks of purple was swept into a bun held by two ornamental chopsticks meant for hair. Her eyes were beautiful with specks of gold that made them look as if they were bright golden. Time had done the girls both well.

A silent curse slipped her lips as she realized her daydreaming had caused one of the burgers to burn. She was quick to replace it with another. Life had not been easy but they made due.

"I'm very sorry, sir. B-But that's not allowed!" Nirvana heard a timid voice reason. The hairs on her neck instantly stood up. The conversation did not sound good at all. She was quick to look out the opening once more to spot her ward and see what the problem could be. Sometimes customers could be rowdy in a restaurant that served alcohol. It was part of the reason Nirvana worked in the back and not with the people.

Rose had a hold of the skirt of her waitress uniform as another man had a grip on it, trying to pull it up to reveal what lay underneath. Nirvana's blood instantly boiled. It wasn't uncommon for her little sister to be pawed at, but this man had pushed the line much too far.

"Come on, sweety. I'll even tip you extra~. How's that sound? Then you could buy yourself something nice, huh?" the man smiled, his teeth yellow and crooked. Rose opened her mouth to decline once more, but was caught off guard when someone jerked her skirt out of the man's grip.

"Who do you think you are, touching MY little sister?!" Nirvana hissed, fists gripped so tight that the knuckles were white. The man merely smiled.

"Do you know who I am, sweetheart? I make more than your life is worth. Maybe if you sat in daddy's lap, I could forgive you!" he laughed, his voice even atrocious. Patrons were watching, but it was one of those places that brought in the rough crowd.

Rose flinched as she heard the sickening crunch of the man's nose being hit. Blood rushed out of him like a waterfall and made the younger sister quite queasy. Their boss was quick to run up and his expression was terrifying. Apparently, that man was his brother. Nirvana and Rose both knew what was going to happen by the expression on his face.

The eldest grabbed Rose by the hand and walked out of the restaurant before the man could utter their termination from the workplace. Nirvana wore a soft smile as she realized that she left those burgers still on the grill.

Nirvana's teeth clenched harder the longer they walked to where their car was located. It was quite a distance away in one of those public places that allowed many cars to park at once without penalty. Yes, she had protected her sister but they were out of a job and she felt the guilt hit her like a wave.

"We'll find another job, sissy. It's not a big deal. Remember? We've been saving up. We'll make due somehow. I promise." Rose assured, nuzzling into her adoptive sister's side. She couldn't stand watching her sister so upset.

"Yeah, but I was the one that busted his nose. I let myself lose control and we might still have our jobs..." Nirvana huffed, gently petting Rose's blond hair.

"You protected me and that could never be a bad thing." the younger sister whispered, not wanting her to feel guilty any longer. Then something caught her eye that made her lose her thoughts for a single moment.

"Did you see that car?! It was so cool! It was yellow with a big black stripe. I know it was a little beat up but it was a really nice car." Rose gushed, eyes locked on to the car.

Nirvana chuckled as she followed where she was looking. It was almost already driven off but she could make out what Rose was looking at.

Somehow though... the car didn't look like it had a driver. Nirvana shook the thought out of her head and labeled herself as being ridiculous. Why would a car have no driver?

"Yeah, it was a nice car, sis. Now let's go find our piece of crap car." she laughed as they approached the covered parking area. Rose was slow to pull her eyes away until the car had completely drove away.

The car was deep into the parking lot but it was an easy one to find. The model of the car was lost to them but Nirvana liked to call it their piece of crap as fondly as possible.

"I am just ready to go home and lay on the couch and not think about the day." Nirvana sighed, finally reaching the vehicle. Rose nodded her agreement as she waited for her to unlock the car. The screeching of tires jolted their attention as they saw a newer model police car speed by.

Rose was quick to look at Nirvana. Her older sister had a distrust of police that she did not understand but it made her nervous to see her sister on edge like this.

Nirvana slowly relaxed as the car drove out of sight. All she wanted to do was go home, take a shower, and drown out the days events.

Those plans were put on hold as she shoved a hand in her pocket to fetch the keys. Her eyes slowly widened as she realized that the keys were not there.

"Shit!" she hissed, frantically looking into her other pockets, desperate to find them.

"What is it?" Rose asked, her tone timid at her sister's increasing anger.

"I left the damn keys back at the restaurant!" Nirvana replied, exasperated at how horrible their day had been. She gritted her teeth as she lightly hit her forehead against the car window.

"It's okay! I'll just go back and get them. Maybe he'll let us have our jobs back after he's cooled down a little bit." Rose naively, prepared to walk the long distance back.

"First of all, he's not going to give us our jobs back because he's a slime ball. Two, there is no way in hell I would ever let you go back there alone. Third, there's no telling what they would do to you if you came back all alone. They're not good people. I told you that before we started working there, sis. I'll go back there in a bit." Nirvana sighed, knowing her heart was in the right place.

"Okay..." Rose whispered back.

They both jumped as the sound of squealing tires and wild shouts caught them by surprise. Rose looked terrified as she ran to Nirvana's side.

"ARE YOU USERNAME LADIESMAN217?!" a loud voice yelled, echoing around the area. The girls both exchanged a bewildered look as the sounds grew louder.

"Do you think someone is getting hurt?!" Rose asked, tears forming as the sounds terrified her. Nirvana moved her head to where the sounds were coming from. It was a likely possibility.

The sound of a smashing car and shattering glass filled the area. What the hell was making that much noise? Then they saw it. It was a huge black mass of metal. It had a body, two legs, two arms, and a mouth full of razor sharp things that could be considered teeth.

"I-Is that a giant robot...?" Rose gulped, her legs nearly giving out.

"I...I think you're right... Is that a guy underneath him?!" Nirvana nearly shouted, seeing a young man pinned to a car by the gigantic robotic creature. She gulped as she knew what was expected of her. They couldn't just leave the man to die.

"We got to help him, sis..." Rose said, coming to the same conclusion.

"Hide behind the car... Maybe I can distract him enough to give that guy a head start on an escape..." Nirvana whispered, creeping along the cars to keep herself hidden. Out of all the crazy things she had done in her life, distracting a giant robot took the cake.

Rose followed her directions and took cover behind their own busted up car. What were they thinking getting fixed up in this?

Barricade was bearing down on the human male when he felt a piece of metal hit the side of his helm. He looked around and saw nothing but the vehicles the humans used to get around. A growl simply rumbled his throat as he turned back to his prey at hand.

That was, until he felt an ever bigger piece of metal hit in the exact same spot.

"Show yourself!" he roared, optics scanning the entire area. The minute distraction was enough for the man to scurry away and take off running again. Barricade gnashed his dentals as he narrowed his optics at the retreating ladiesman217. He turned to pursue again and end this little game.

But then he stopped. He smelled the human creatures that were in hiding. Two young and female humans that he could smell the fear dripping off on them. They must have know the prey if they were willing to interfere with his mission.

"You have made a grave mistake, little fleshlings." he hissed, stomping forward as he smelled out the creatures. There was one he could smell the fear on the most, making it easier to track the creature. As he grew closer to the hidden target, he could smell the increasing fear on the other. They were comrades.

Rose covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut as she heard the sound of approaching giant footsteps. They caused the ground to shake with each step. Her heart felt as if it was about to jump out of her chest and tears slowly trickled down her cheeks.

"Please don't come here... p-please don't come this way." she pleaded quietly to herself. Then the footsteps came to a stop. It felt like an eternity as everything stood still.

A scream escaped her as the car she used as cover was flung away. The metal beast bore down as he halted every attempt for her scurry away until she was trapped with the creature bearing down on her. She could see her own terrified reflection in the robot's eyes.

"What do you know of that other human?!" it yelled, it's face mere inches from her own.

"I don't know!" she sobbed, trying to appear smaller to the giant beast. Her answer seemed to enrage him, since she was assuming it was male, as he slammed his fist next to her head.

"Get the hell off of her!" Nirvana yelled, terrified but willing to die if it meant for the creature to spare her sister. The creature turned it's head to stare at the new addition to the situation. The robot lumbered to it's feet as it tossed Rose toward the eldest sister, causing them both to crumple to the ground.

Nirvana held her sister close as she saw the giant hand reaching closer until it blacked out all light around them.