Here's the first chapter, written by Little-miss-laughs-alot



Enjolras stood behind the barricade after the inspector was taken away. He stood a bit away from of the other men, who were talking amongst themselves, trying to hide their nerves at the coming battle. He sighed as he looked at Marius, who had a worried expression on his face, which wasn't there before. Enjolras would have been lying to himself if he said that he wasn't worried; the national guard would be hard to beat, and many of his friends would be dead before the next day.

The leader was shaken from his thoughts by a cry of "There's a boy climbing the barricade!" from Joly. Enjolras spun around and saw a small figure in a trench coat being pulled over the top, just missed by a series of gunshots. The boy slid down, making their way to the ground.

Although Enjolras didn't recognize him, Marius obviously did; he hurried to the base of the barricade and helped him down, speaking urgently. Enjolras turned away, he was needed by the edge of the barricade, and even as he spoke to the others, he kept an ear out for gunshots.

"Oh my God!" Courfeyrac exclaimed, jumping up. The rest followed suit and gasped at what they saw. Marius was sitting on the ground, cradling the boy who had climbed the barricade. Except... it wasn't a boy. The one that Marius was holding so tenderly was Eponine Thenardier, who was bleeding from the chest.

"Oh no. Someone get Gavroche!" Joly murmured. Feuilly nodded and turned, but the young boy was already there. With a cry of despair, he made to run to his sister's side, but Enjolras held him back. He knew that Eponine was telling Marius something important, judging by her expression.

The girl took a shuddering breath of air before gathering all of her remaining strength and raising her head to kiss Marius. He returned it and she died with a smile on her face.

"Eponine! Ponine?" Marius gently shook her as if to wake her, tears gathering quickly in his eyes as she stayed still and unbreathing. Gavroche broke free of Enjolras' restraint and ran to his sister, crying. Everyone else was silent, but Enjolras knew he had to say something.

"She is the first to fall. The first of us to fall upon this barricade"

"She's not dead!" Gavroche corrected with tears in his eyes.

"Gavroche, I know it's hard to accept, but-"

"No! She's breathing!" At this, Marius put his ear near her mouth, listening intently. Joly hurried forward and checked her pulse before straightening up.

"She needs the hospital! Get some bandages! I'll help as much as I can, but she needs professional help." To Marius he added, "Take off your coat, we can use it to stop the blood until they bring bandages." The younger man did as he was told, pulling off his coat and handing it to Joly.

"She needs to be kept warm, we'll find a way to get her help soon. I promise."

"Thank you, Joly." Marius said sincerely, still cradling the girl, Gavroche next to him, holding on to Eponine's hand.


"The doctor is here!" Courfeyrac rushed over to the trio sitting on the ground, the doctor not far behind.

"Monsieur Doctoresse! Thank you for coming!" Marius said in relief. Eponine had become very pale, which made him even more worried. The bandages that Joly had put on were stained red.

"No trouble!" the kind doctor said, "No trouble at all!" He was, quite obviously lying. There was no way that getting through the streets that night was easy. "Let's get started."

"Will she be okay?" Marius asked after a few minutes of relative quiet. The doctor sat back and sighed.

"She has lost a lot of blood, but the bullets missed vital organs, so there is a good chance that she will heal from that. My only concern would be infection." He looked both boys straight in the eye. "I will give you directions on how to keep the wound clean. If it isn't kept clean, she probably won't pull through."