Rosalie Hale laughed as Edward kissed up her legs. Her heart still fast as her body recovered from her high. Edward's lips moving up her skin and over where he'd just spent a lot of time on. His experienced tongue made her skin feel more sensitive, like a spark was running along her body. He kissed up her stomach and his hands ran up and down her legs. Rosalie moaned as he brought his mouth to each of her breasts. His teeth pinching her nipples and sucked on each in turn. Rosalie groaned as his hands went to in-between her slender, shapely thighs as he kissed her collar-bone. She laughed as he finally kissed her ear and whispered to her.

"You my dear are beautiful," he said. Rosalie loved his voice, it was as smooth as satin. Rosalie moved her legs and felt his hard erection rub along her skin. His fingers gently stroked along her pussy.

Rosalie closed her eyes as Edward kissed her lips. She could taste the remains of her own cum on his lips. Edward as long as she could remember was good at two things, sex and working towards his psychology and hypnotherapy qualifications. As he pulled his lips away she opened her eyes and looked into his. He smiled at her and dipped a finger into her. Rosalie moaned and put her hands into his bronze hair. She pulled his lips back to her and enjoyed how good his tongue felt along hers.

It was safe to say she had fallen for his good looks on sight. His brains and passion was something she discovered when he asked her out and was what she'd fallen in love with. When they were together time wasn't an issue, only how much pleasure they could create. His fingers knew where to go, he reached to the spots he knew would make her groan. Her legs flinched as he went deeper into her and added another finger. His thumb lightly brushed her clit and his other hand rubbed down her legs. He massaged her ass while she let his face go. She sighed, her body warm and a thin sweat across her skin from the hours they had already spent together that day.

"God I love," She said. Edward kissed her check before he replied.

"I love you too Rose, I wish I could spend every weekend like this," he said. Rosalie laughed and pushed up. She flipped him onto his back and crawled down. She kissed his abs and reached for his dick. He groaned as she licked up his throbbing cock and circled her tongue around his tip. She smiled when she stopped and rested her head on her hand, the other slowly rubbing his dick up and down, up and down.

"I guess I shouldn't be too good then…or else how will you concentrate in your lectures knowing I'm just back her, waiting for you…" she said. He laughed and put his hands behind his head.

"That is something I learnt to overcome in high school, after all you were sitting only two feet away back then," Edward said. Rosalie pouted,

"Ooooh, so little me doesn't concern you now mister university boy?" she said as she increased her pace and circled her tongue across his tip. He groaned and breathed through his nose in an attempt to control himself.

"Not…exactly, but sometimes we learn something very interesting and I have to put 'this' to the side of my mind…despite how soft or smooth or sexy you may be." Rosalie lifted her head away from Edwards cock and paused.

"I guess I'll just have to be very, very, very good and make it impossible for you to focus then." At that she lowered her mouth down and engulfed his cock. She took all of him into her mouth and made him moan. Edward closed his eyes and placed a hand into her golden hair. He gripped her hair as she bobbed up and down on him. Rosalie had stopped gagging back in high school and now Edward sometimes had to grip her hair to slow her down. His hips jerked upwards into her mouth. He opened his eyes and watched her suck him. Her own blue eyes locked on him and there they watched each other. She didn't stop until he groaned and thrusted into her mouth. His cum shot into her mouth and Rosalie swallowed it all. Her head went up and off his cock, a loose trail of cum dribbled over her lip and down her chin. She swiped her arm on her chin and licked the left over cum off. She moaned at the taste and happily hummed as it passed down her throat. As Edward lay there eyes closed in bliss Rosalie moved over on top of him and lowered herself. A knee bent either side of Edward, she leaned back and pushed herself down on to his cock. Edward groaned as his eyes opened to see Rosalie on him. She rapidly bounced on him and swung her hips. Her moans growing in volume through the smile on her face. Edward pulled himself up and thrusted back into her. He groaned and gripped her hips and sucked again on her delicious breasts.

Bella, Alice, Katie and Lauren laid on the bed. Each naked next to each other, each with one hand between their legs and the other on one of their breasts. They rubbed their wet pussies while pinching and massaging their chests. They moaned and whined as they masturbated. All their eyes were wide and focused. They were unable to not stop watching the pendulum. It swung above them, a silver chain with a disk of silver encasing a pink stone at its center. Fixed and addicted to its movement they watched. Rosalie sat in her underwear swinging it above them. She grinned and loved watching their faces as with each swing they watched entranced.

"That's it babies, just watch the pretty pendulum, just relax and focus on my voice and the pleasure it gives you," Rosalie said, her voice sweet and smooth. Lauren moaned and her fingers sped up rubbing herself.

"Just be quiet for me babies, keep watching the pretty crystal, relaxed and focused for me, relaxed and open for me," Rosalie said, her voice just how he'd taught her to be. The four girls beneath her quietly moaned, their lips wobbled at the urge to groan.

"Good babies…now let your minds go deep, with each swing the pendulum takes you deeper and deeper…deeper and deeper babies," she said. Alice bit her lip as she watched, she had undergone so much that the trance was making her desperately horny.

"Now my dears, I'm going to give you a mantra to repeat so listen very carefully. You can only hear my voice…only my voice matters." At that no other sound at the hotel mattered to the girls only Rosalie's sweet voice; it became the only thing they could hear.

"Now repeat after me…I obey, I cannot resist, I serve my mistress," she said. In unison the four girls clearly repeated,

"I obey, I cannot resist, I serve my mistress."

"I am a happy sex slave, I am an obedient fuck toy," Rose said.

"I am a happy sex slave, I am an obedient fuck toy," the girls said.

"I love my mistress and fellow slaves," Rose said, her own words were making her horny.

"I love my mistress and fellow slaves," the girls said.

"I cannot disobey my mistress, I would never wish to wrong mistress," Rose said.

"I cannot disobey my mistress, I would never wish to wrong mistress," the girls said as they let the words enveloped them.

"Obedience gives me pleasure, being a good slave is all I want to be," Rose said.

"Obedience gives me pleasure, being a good slave is all I want to be," they mindlessly said. Rosalie grinned to herself as she stopped the pendulum above them.

"Good babies, now keep repeating your mantra until it's so deep inside your minds you'll gently sleep until I, Mistress wakes you up," Rosalie said. With that the girls rubbed themselves as they repeated the mantra over and over.

"I obey, I cannot resist, I serve my mistress, I am a happy sex slave, I am an obedient fuck toy, I love my mistress and fellow slaves, I cannot disobey my mistress, I would never wish to wrong mistress, Obedience gives me pleasure, being a good slave is all I want to be, I obey, I cannot resist, I serve my mistress, I am a happy sex slave, I am an obedient fuck toy, I love my mistress and fellow slaves, I cannot disobey my mistress, I would never wish to wrong mistress, Obedience gives me pleasure, being a good slave is all I want to be."

Rosalie smiled as their eyes flickered as they slipped deeper and deeper.

"Your minds are mine babies, your bodies are mine now my dears," Rosalie said. One by one they fell asleep. First Alice, then Bella and Katie and finally Lauren. Rosalie watched them sleep and thought how lovely they were. She had been so jealous watching the videos of Edward getting all the fun with him. At least with Alice at the office she had been able to have some fun. Edward had taught her how to do it, he'd even got her a pendulum like his as a gift. They use to have so much fun together as he taught her how to entrance them. Rosalie had loved how he could do it, how he could just enslave them. The domination always made her wet. She'd let Edward do some hypnosis on her but it was always for fun, there was no need to alter her; the two had been perfect for each other. Rosalie would grieve for Doctor Cullen, even his name was something that turned her on. The day he got his doctorate she had had fuck him in the bathroom, the car and spent the whole week afterwards in bedroom with him. They'd even had more fun hypnotizing the maids to little sex toys.

It seemed only sensible to act like his secretary and hide their relationship. Her only regret was she hadn't swiped the videos away. In her rush she had forgotten them but at least she wasn't in any them.

Rosalie sighed to herself and watched her sleeping toys. She grinned and decided to test if she truly had learnt how to do it. She clicked her fingers,

"Time to wake up girls," Rosalie said. They blinked beneath her looked up at her. Alice grinned her eyes so happy to see Rosalie.

"Oh Mistress," she happily said sitting up. The rest followed suit, Katie brushed her orange hair back as she watched lovingly at Rosalie.

"I obey Mistress," Katie said giggling. Bella nodded as she immediately tried to look her best, despite being naked.

"I'll serve you Mistress, I love you and I'll be good," Bella said. Lauren smiled,

"All I want to be is a slave for you Mistress."

Rosalie reached out and stroked Lauren's cheek.

"Oh I'm sure you will…now girls what are you?" Rosalie said.

"We're your happy sex slaves," they said, Alice and Katie even giggled.

"Good girls," Rosalie said and Alice whimpered in the praise. The pleasure of mistress's encouragement running through them. "Now let's see how good you can really be, Alice did you pack the toys you have?" Alice nodded almost ready to drool.

"Oh yes, yes Mistress I did, I obeyed," Alice said.

"Well please go get them," with that Alice flung herself off the bed and out the room to where their bags were, only saying

"Yes Mistress."

"Now Bella, Lauren pleasure yourselves till I tell you to stop and Katie come to me."

As commanded Bella and moaned as they happily touched themselves. Katie moved forward and sat on her knees in front of her mistress. Rosalie grabbed Katie's cute freckled face in each hand and kissed her. Katie moaned at her first kiss by a women. Her mistress tongue made her moan, she didn't resist. Rosalie pulled Katie around and down onto her back. She broke her tongue away from Katie and grinned while Katie whimpered at the loss.

"Oh such a tasty girl…I hope the rest of you is just as sweet. Bella, Lauren stop now and come suck on Katie's tits."

When Alice came back she groaned at the sight of Katie spread out, Bella and Lauren suckling her breast while Mistress licked her out. Alice couldn't wait for Mistress to use the toys she'd brought. Alice didn't think about what life had ended or Doctor Cullen; only about her new life with her wonderful Mistress.

Author Note: The end, finished, complete, over. Sorry about the confusion earlier over the status of the story, this was only intended to be a oneshot but after I decided to extended I forgot to change it from Complete to In-progress until somebody noticed. I really had wanted to keep this story short and finish it quickly so the status wouldn't become a problem but never mind. I have no intention of continuing the story in any shape or form, in all honesty its been more of a hassle than anything else but I hoped people enjoyed it.