Now what?

"What was that?" Danzo Shimura, corrupted councilman extraordinaire, asked. It wasn't quite a question though, more like a, 'How dare you!' The mummy man kept his hands tucked into his sleeves, but you could see his arms tensing.

Shikamaru replied, as relaxed and lazy as ever. "You heard me. Political immunity."

The two Leaf shinobi stared at each other, though on Danzo's part it was more like a glare. Though Shikamaru looked lazy as only a Nara could, those who knew him well (or messed with people's heads for a living) picked up the subtle signs of worry and tension in him. His hands, while in his lap, kept twitching, and coming together in a circle only for Shikamaru to break them apart. His shoulders were slightly raised, and his left foot couldn't stay as still as the rest of him. The most obvious, and worrying, sign however, was his posture. Shikamaru was sitting up straight and looking Danzo in the eye.

Ibiki observed the stare-down with an analytical gaze. Hmm. The kid speaks politician.

Though the room was crowded with over twenty people, the only ones who seemed to exist were Shikamaru and Danzo. At last, the councilman spoke. "Political immunity. Would you care to explain that?"

Shikamaru crossed his arms and gazed at Danzo flatly. "I think you'd like it better if I don't. But for your information, Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro here are the Kazekage's children. How d'ya like the sound of that?"

Danzo stiffened. He knows...

The councilman spoke again, more politely and carefully than before. "Well, seeing how the Lord Hokage seems to think you aren't impostors, I can't override that decision." He paused, and his next sentence was more worrying than any threat he could've made. "I don't know what to think of this time-travel story, but the council has decided that you'll all be demoted to genin besides Hatake, Maito, and the captain. Luckily for you, the chunin exams have been postponed until tomorrow. Good day." He turned and the door slammed shut behind him.

"That leech's broken the privacy seal." Ibiki growled out.

The clan heads and the Hokage, being more knowledgeable in that matter, glanced at each other holding a silent conversation.

Sarutobi, flustered and frustrated by the events of the day, commanded. "All of you time-travelers or whatever it is you call yourselves, you're on gate duty! Now! And everything you know of the future is an S-class secret!" He waved them out the door, and the mob streamed into the hallway.

"What?!" Naruto exclaimed.

"All of us?!" Kiba yelled.

"What- yes, go!" The Third Hokage shooed them out and closed the door on them.

The hall was silent after that door closed. Chouji was the one who asked. "So... what now?"

"The Wise Hokage has Given us his Trust!" Guy shouted for all to hear. "He has Entrusted us, a possible Threat from his Point of View, with Something as Important as Gate Duty!"

Lee cried tears of joy as he followed up. "Yes! The Miraculously Alive Third Hokage has Trusted us, and we Shall Complete our Duty! To the Gates!"

Guy and his mini-clone jumped out the nearest window and sprinted to the gates.


"Well, now that they've taken care of that..." Kakashi began. "Who's up for a picnic?"

AN: I'm so so sorry for the short chapter! I've been working on my other fic, The Memories that Could've Been, and that's caught my focus for now. This is going into a temporary hiatus, which I don't think will last longer than a month or two. Please forgive me, but I'm not abandoning this yet!