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Chapter 4- The choice

Piccolo had to make a choice, and he had to make a choice now. The choices was join gohan or die in about five seconds. The choice was very hard since gohan was the first person to ever call him friend, even while the others feared him and tryed to stay away from him, gohan was still there. Piccolo could not just leave gohan now, he had fought along side him for a long time, and he knew now that he will continue until he no longer was in this world.

Piccolo: So gohan what are you planning on doing now? Are you going to kill me or are you going to do something else with me.

Gohan: well Piccolo, that is up to you to decide. Do you wish to die now, or do you wish to join my cause and stand by my side, just like Vegeta.

At this Piccolo was shocked, he knew vegeta was not dead, but he did not know that he had already joined gohan.

Flash BAck

Gohan had come to CC to beat up vegeta like he did with the others and then kill him, but for some strange reason he felt that vegeta was a person that would like to join his cause, so he asked away. Vegeta was shocked at first at the offer, and Bulma, well she was another story, but Vegeta had accepted but only after he asked Gohan to wish back his home Planet. Gohan had pretended to have given it some thought, and then agreed with Vegeta. In reality this was gohan's plan all along. Gohan needed an unstopable army, and he knew just how to get one, once they were all trained properly. Once that was done, he took the dragon raidar and some other iteams that he might need, like all of Bulmas Data being one of them and left (not before telling vegeta to leave undetected and to take anything that was of value to him, and Videl.

Bulma had tryed to hide from gohan inside CC, she knew that gohan had lost his mind and she knew that she would be one of the people on the top of his list to kill. Bulma also knew that she did not have enough time to prepare something to stop gohan, but she did have enough time to send one last thing to her son trunks, this would be her last gift to him, that is until he left this world and she hoped it would not be very soon. Too many people have already been lost, so maybe, just maybe she can make a diffrence before she left this world, and it will be through her son.

Gohan knew that bulma was hidding from him, and he also knew that with her useing her security system that she can hide almost any where in the building with out him being able to pick up her Ki. Gohan also knew that he could take out the security system, but gohan was feeling lazy and tired, so he just decided to take the easy way out. Gohan flew into the sky and powered up a nice sized energy ball, and pointed at CC, and with a smile, he Shot his blast towards it. THe blast made a hole a few miles into the ground, but gohan was disapointed because he knew that he had been slacking off for way too dam long and he needed to train a lot harder, but he knew he would because of all the things he had taken from CC.

End Flash back

Gohan: So my old friend, whats it going to be, are you in or are you gone?

Piccolo: You know gohan, that is not really a choice, but then again you should know that from the start this question should have never been asked. You are my friend gohan, my first friend, and i will not let you have all the fun by yourslef.

Gohan: So i take it you are on my side, correct?

Piccolo: Do you really have to ask?

Gohan: Guess not, but i have something i need you to do while i take care of something.

Piccolo: And what might that be?

Gohan: I need you to find the dragon balls.

Piccolo shocked asks: why do you need the dragon balls, hell why even ask, i am sure i will find out soon enough.

Gohan with a big as grin says: Yes you will..

Change POV

Gohan gave Piccolo the dragon raidar and then set off on his little mission. He needed to have a little chat with a certin girl that he had left alive not to long ago. She still confused him, he could not understand why he did not kill her, but he just thought that he might as well get her to join him since he could not kill her, and he know exactly how to do it. She was going to hate her father so much that she will join him with out a second thought, and maybe with time she could be his ... no he could not think that way, but he could not help it. The saiyan inside of Gohan Demanded a mate, and it would be damed if it did not get one soon.