This is going to be a 50 Chapter fic for SimbaNF.

I couldn't help the way I felt. Bob was my best friend; he was just some spoiled bully to them. I have tried to make it make since, and I almost had it when I was talking to that kid, Ponyboy, but when I'm alone it hits me again; the confusion, the hurt, the lonely, and most of all the anger. I know he would be mad at me if I just forgave the greasers and went on making friends with them. That would be like me saying he and his death meant nothing to me. I wish none of this had ever happened, and then I wouldn't feel like this inside.

Randy was sitting all alone in his new living room. The lights were on dim and he was just staring at the can of beer in his left hand. There were not words for what exactly he was feeling. All a sudden he slammed the can down on an expensive coffee table, beer splashed out onto the tabletop and rug. He shot up and swayed a little bit but did not stop. He walked so fast he was almost running down the side walk. He wasn't going any place in particular, just going, letting the dark and cool air rush in through his nose and wash over is frying brain.

There were cars zooming past and people turning dangerously in their seats to stair. Street lights got dimmer as he walked and more and more were busted, that was the first thing that made him realize he was walking north.

That was an introduction to the fic.

Hope you enjoyed it. Reviews will be appreciated.