"My God Sodapop, can't you learn to throw better?" Darry said as he leaned over to pick up Soda's jacket that was laying on the floor inches from the sofa.

"We can't all be masters like you. Some of us are merely human, Superman." Soda said then slurped his chocolate milk.

"Maybe you can just learn to pick it up out of the floor? What would those people from the state say about your house keeping?"

That was normal Darry-Soda dialog. They weren't rally cross with each other, they just had different priorities. It was true that Soda was an awful housekeeper, and that Darry stressed a little too much about such things. He had relaxed some in the last few weeks though.

It was very quiet this particular night, nothing exceptional going on, and that was good thing. It was nice to have some part of normal back no matter how small it was. But maybe if it had been the real normal, from two months ago, Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade would be sitting in the living room with the three Curtis boys. They were all trying hard not to think about that.

Ponyboy had been mostly quiet since it happened, that was understandable. Right now he was just sitting at the table reading a book. It was probably one he had read before, and he was probably blocking the whole world out and trying to fall in to the world on the pages.

Soda didn't like seeing his brother like that. "I'm in the mood for ice cream. How about ya'll?" He asked looking mostly at Pony's bent head.

"Yea that'd be real nice, 'cept the freezer's as empty as it was when you said that yesterday." Darry blurted begrudgingly, not necessarily at Soda, but none the less in a very negative tone."

Soda wasn't going to be detrude though, ice cream was going to put a smile on his little brothers face and that was his one and only goal at the moment.

"Well hell, it don't take but fifty cents to fix that, and just so happens I got fifty cents." He said as he stood up, and then made for the door.

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