I am sorry about the long wait, but here is chapter 31

Things were falling apart, things just weren't right, the gang was falling apart and even Two-Bit hated it. He and Steve had always gotten along, they were like brothers, they all were, but now he didn't want to be around any of them. Pony was depressing, Darry was too hostile and for some reason he couldn't call anything but jealousy, a part of him hated Steve.

He had liked Marcia as soon as he had met her that night at the double, then it had been Randy who stood in his was and he understood and accepted that, Randy was better than him. But Steve was just as low as he was, so why was he now the one in his way? It wasn't so much that he was head over heels for Marcia or that she was just the perfect girl for him to be with, it was just that Steve, his supposed to be friend, was standing in his way. That really pissed him off, when had he ever done anything like that to Steve, or anyone else for that matter? He wondered what it would be like if Soda were here. Always before Soda could smooth things over for everyone. Two-Bit supposed that Soda had gotten so much practice at home and he was so use to it, it just came naturally for him to do it with everyone.

Two-Bit didn't think even Soda could straighten out this mess though, too much had happened and too much had been said, they had all just grown apart having to cope with the same thing alone. He wondered what would have happened if Soda had come back and been just like he was before. He was sorry he had missed Soda's return; it would have been nice to have just sat in the same room with him. He wished someone would have even bothered to tell him about it; that was one thing that had him so hacked off at Steve at the moment. As it was he had to hear about it from Marcia and she glorified Steve with every detail. You would have thought Steve burst in with guns blazing. He knew that wasn't what had happened.

Two-Bit decided it was best if he just stayed away for a while, so he started driving his car and even though he passed the DX a couple of times and even his own house, he didn't stop.

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