Fifth chapter.

Randy didn't sleep all night, he watched Soda sleep. He plotted silently. Ponyboy Curtis and his loser friend took the person Randy was closest to in the whole world, and now the person Ponyboy was closest to was lying defenseless on his couch. And if the nights passing events of Soda's incoherent rambling was any indication, he had no idea who he was. An evil, genius plan was coming together in the confines of Randy's mind. He needed revenge and had the perfect opportunity. The only thing worse than killing Sodapop Curtis and leaving Pony forever lonely, was taking him away entirely. Make Soda hate the little greaser and his friends. Replace Bob with Soda. Oh yes it was an evil plan, but brilliant.

Randy knew he couldn't do it alone, he would need an accomplice. So he called her and didn't tell her anything specific but told her to come as soon as she could.

Cherry did. She showed up at his door and went inside without knocking. She gazed down at the boy sleeping on the couch but didn't make an effort to inquire. Instead she turned to face Randy and waited patiently.

"How would you like to have Bob back?"

Cherry looked down then over her shoulder and Soda, "I'm listening." She said.

Randy smiled and he knew how it must look, Cherry drew back and inch.

"He doesn't know who I am or who he is or where he is, he only knows I'm taking care of him. He doesn't know who to hate. He is a blank slate waiting for an artist."

"Amnesia" She said quietly.

She understood, she and Randy could help each other, and they could work together to meet the ends they both wanted. Randy wanted revenge, she wanted to love and be loved.

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